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Rose Lip

by racket

There was a girl. She had a name. Rose Lip. She had short hair, and a cute nose. Or long hair and an ugly nose.She had the brightest eyes, or the dullest. They were blue, they were green, they were gold, they were brown. She was African. She was American. She was Japanese. But ethnicity doesn’t matter, just what she was. She is her, just as you are them. She was short, she was tall. She was black, she was white. Or she was in between. Who can say? After all, Rose lives there, or over there. She knows no one, but everyone. Who is she? Or more, what is she? Or even more so, what are you? Who are they to ask such questions? Who are you to ask them? To know who Rose is, ask her! Not me! What she was, and what she is will always be the same. None of her classifiers matter. Who am I to call her Rose Lip?

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Mon Oct 19, 2015 2:35 am
mkphoenix wrote a review...

Hellooo racket!

You had me a vignette. Absolutely adore these.

Alright, next, wow. This is truly remarkable. It was just beautiful. Nothing has made me think so much in so long.

I didn't see any problems with it honestly.

But I loved how you were able to write like it was the character talking, so casual, yet so formal. Not everyone can do this without it sounding super cheesy, but you did it. And amazingly, if I might add.

Hopefully, you see this and you can check out my writing if you fancy.

Please, please, please never stop writing,

racket says...

Thanks! And, yeah, I will look you up next time I get to reviewing! I'm glad you liked it. Thanks, again, for the review!

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Mon Apr 14, 2014 7:16 am
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anonymou5 wrote a review...

Bravo! This thrilled me. I think everyone who reads this is going to get the message right away. It's a beautiful way of conveying it. If anything, I'd keep it as it is. I respect the fact that you wrote something this short and got me worked up at the same time; this doesn't happen often.

Well done... I think you should continue writing and never give up.

Never judge Rose by her lips, people. She knows what she's doing. We all know what others seem to neglect.

Best wishes,

racket says...

Thank you! I haven't written anything in a while, so to have praise like that makes me want to write a whole lot more!

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Mon Apr 14, 2014 3:53 am
Sharef wrote a review...

Very good, I have the feeling I got a message from what I just read it seemed that you were trying to address an issue we have in this world, a good and creative way I don''t have any real cons to mention but you could have tried to not put all the words like this it kind of makes it hard for people to read, but other than that real good job I like it

racket says...

I'm sorry, please explain what you mean by that.

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Sun Apr 13, 2014 11:52 pm
MooCowPoop says...

This is reaalyy ciol. I like how you find distaste with labeling and instead tell the reader to come up with his her own thoughts about who pr what a person might be.

There's a small tense problem in the eleventh and thirteenth sentences (is should be was).

I really like this vignette. Goid job!

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