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Within My Blood (Chapter 7)

by myjaspercat

It was dark and rather chilly, which was unusual for Kentucky at this time of year. Guinevere had to constantly pull her jacket tighter and tighter together to shield herself from the biting winds. She has been working under Dr. Harrison for well over a couple months now and all she had become was some kind of glorified errand boy. In-fact, two minutes before she was supposed to leave Dr. Harrison came to her and asked her to walk a file to the police station around the corner. He said it really had to be delivered that day but she knew better, the case was no more than a confirmed natural death. No matter though, she still did what he asked, no matter how much she wanted to choke him out. He was her mentor and if she wanted to get anywhere she would have to listen and follow all his instructions. Dr. Harrison was her gateway into a life she always wanted and dreamed of.

Turning the corner, Guinevere could see the large Bluehaven police sign hanging above the door of the station. She just had to walk in, drop off the file with the receptionist and turn around and head back to the hospital. It was that simple, yet, as she continued to walk down the sidewalk she could feel eyes on her back. It sent pinpricks down her spine. Turning around she looked behind her, nothing. Her brow creased, weird she thought, Guinevere could have sworn someone was following her. Turning back to the police station, she jumped, a small squeak escaping her lips. Where an empty sidewalk once stood was a man, his head down and his lips mumbling something softly.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you.” Guinevere apologized, moving to sidestep the man.

He moved with her, his movements so fluid it felt like a dance to Guinevere. Still, he didn’t speak nor did he raise his head. Puzzled Guinevere tried to sidestep him the other way and again, he continued to follow her with his dancelike movements.

“Excuse me, but I really need to get around you.” Guinevere took a step back, confusion mixing with fear.

Finally he looked up, eyes cold and dark met Guinevere’s and she shrunk even further. “I can’t let you do that.” The man replied stepping towards her.

“I’m sorry?”

“I can’t let you go.” The man said again. This time he spoke slower, but with a power that caused Guinevere to take another step back in shock.

“I-I don’t think I understand what you mean. Please sir let me pass you, I’m sorry if I got in your way.” She started to cry, panic boiling beneath her surface.

“Please don’t make this any harder than it has to be.” He lunged forwards. Before she had a chance to react in any way, strong arms wrapped themselves around Guinevere, pulling her to the ground, a hand pushing itself against her mouth, muffling her scream.

Within seconds a light blue van pulled up to the curb and the back opened with a loud thwack. He pulled Guinevere to her feet as fast as he could, ignoring her punching and kicking, never letting the hand fall from her mouth. When he got her to the back of the van, he pushed her inside and closed the door so fast it knocked him back a bit. He scrambled around to the passenger side and hopped in, slamming the door as well.

The light blue van pulled away from the curb just as quietly as it had the day it sat along a quiet street on an even quieter morning, its engine nothing but a slow hum against the night. Just as before, no one saw it appear or leave, as if it was an invisible beast that lurked along the shadows of Bluehaven, Kentucky. Turning onto main street, the van fell into line with the rest of traffic before it turned again and disappeared from sight. The only evidence that Guinevere was ever on her way to the police station was the small, manila file that lay open on the sidewalk, papers fluttering in the wind like little birds. However, the case wasn't that of a natural death because two words stuck out against the stark contrast of the white paper: determined homicide.

Christian looked at his brother, shock twisting his face as he continued to drive towards the motel. He didn’t understand what the hell his brother was thinking since three days ago the last catch they had brought home had escaped, getting lost in the woods before dying. It was the first hunt in ten years that they accidently let someone get away and it had brought so much attention to Bluehaven that Lazarus had told everyone to lay off the hunting until things started to simmer back down. His brother continued to look ahead of him, ignoring the judgmental looks by Christian.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”Christain finally said, slamming on the breaks. “You know we can’t take her back to the motel right? Dad will be so pissed. He told us no more for a while, why the hell did you decide to take her? And right by the police station, are you asking for a fucking death wish?”

“Will you just drive already? I’ll explain everything when we get to the motel.”

“I’m not taking her to the motel you dumbass.”

“Well we can’t take her back now can we? She's already seen the van and my face. You have no other choice but to fucking drive so do it!” Christain shook his head, he knew his brother was right, no matter how much he didn’t want him to be.

Regretfully, he started driving again, slowly turning off onto an obscure dirt road hidden behind a bunch of trees. Nothing but a small wooden sign staked into the ground marked the road: Wolff’s Family Motel, it read. They continued to drive along the hidden path, yet the darkness of the night sky settled down around them. It suffocated the air that pressed against the walls of the van, trapping them in a metal shell. Christian continued to drive, his knuckles turning white as he gripped the steering wheel.

Jasper could feel her soft hands tense up as they turned the bend. They were a few more miles from the family motel and Ashley had started to shift uncomfortably in her seat. It was common knowledge that the Wolff Motel was an unfavorable destination and it made quite a few of the locals nervous as they drove the heavily wooded road leading to the stay away. However, Jasper needed his family’s approval before he continued to form a relationship with Ashley, more for the fact that he felt like there was something off between the two, rather than the fact that his family actually cared. Besides, he was the stranger who invaded the small Kentucky town. It had been a little under a year since the Wolffs brought Jasper home with them, and they had been more than welcoming throughout the entire process. He just felt that he had to repay them for all their kindness and generosity.

They turned another bend and again Ashley shifted uncomfortably. Jasper looked over at her, she was sweating. Tiny droplets rolled down her temples. He could almost taste the saltiness of her skin when he breathed in and it made his mouth water as he craved her touch. She was beautiful and the last few weeks with her had felt like a luxurious sin, yet he couldn’t keep seeing her in secret any longer.

“Are you ok?” He asked, squeezing the top of her knee. She was drumming her fingers on the door.

“Yeah I’m ok,” she replied, “just a little nervous is all.”

“You’re going to be fine I promise. They’ll love you.” Jasper squeezed her knee again. He wanted her to love his family just as much as he did but he knew that if they smelled the fear that rolled so sweetly off her skin, they’d tear her to shreds.

“Are you sure? No one’s seen your parents in years. How do you know they’d love me? I’m nothing special.” Ashley twisted her fingers through her hair over and over until one of the brown locks tangled and refused to budge.

Jasper could see the motel by now. His grip on Ashley’s knee tightened and he took a deep breath in. He had to be stronger than this if he was going to set a good example. “You ready dear?” He asked, pulling into one of the numerous unoccupied parking spaces.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” Ashley breathed in deeply, her heart racing against her chest. It really was no or never and as she stepped out of Jasper’s truck her gut twisted into a million little knots. Something kept telling her to turn back but she refused to listen, it was all just the local superstitions bubbling up inside her.

“Good. Now let’s go find my Parents.” Jasper kissed her cheek, interlocking his fingers in hers, leading her through the front doors. 

Guinevere flexed her hands in an attempt to loosen the rope that they tied around her. They were monsters, both of them, she knew that she hadn’t even caught a glimpse at the driver but if he was anything like the other man she’d definitely be in hell. Guinevere tried her hardest to recall every detail of the man who had attacked her in case she somehow got away and needed to tell the police. Even though those chances were looking slimmer and slimmer as they continued to drive deeper in the opposite direction of town.

He was tall, or at least significantly taller than her and he stood hunched over like an old man. Likely in an attempt to hide his real physical attributes. She didn’t notice when she first saw him, but up close he had a scar on his cheek. It extended from his right eye to the top of his lip and was dark and jagged, the same way it would be if it was crudely stitched up by someone with unsteady hands. And his eyes, they were the thing that stood out to her the most. They were so dark and devoid of light that they had sent chills down her spine. She flexed again, her skin burning underneath the nylon. Every time they hit a bump in the road the rope tightened around her wrists and it cut into her skin. She had no idea where they were going or how she would ever find her way back again and it terrified her.

They continued to bounce along, the darkness of the night closing in and settling into the hull of the van. Guinevere tried to shift her weight to relieve the stress off her hip but gave a small yelp as the van hit another bump and her body bounced with it. She was tired now, her fear getting the best of her. Guinevere figured that they had been driving for about an hour now but she couldn’t be sure, her phone kept buzzing periodically in her purse which was thrown to the side but with her hands bound to the floor she couldn’t reach it. Suddenly the van stopped and her body slid along the metal floor, coming to a stop with a slap against the side. It knocked the breath out of her and she tried desperately to regain it before they came for her.

Guinevere could hear the men getting out of the van now. Their heavy footsteps crushed the leaves outside. They were arguing, she knew that much, but their voices were too quiet to understand and even though she tried to soften her breathing, Guinevere’s heartbeat rang too loud in her ears. The talking grew louder as the men walked around to the back of the van, the metal handles turning slowly. Bracing herself to fight, even in her compromised position, Guinevere shifted enough to get a hearty kick at whoever was on the other side. She really hoped it was the man who grabbed her, his face sat at the front of her mind and it continued to fill her with rage.

Light streamed into the van as the door opened, the soft glow coming from a building behind them and barely illuminated the outline of a different man then the one she saw before. Probably the driver, that asshole she thought.

“Welcome to the Wolffs Motel.” He said, jumping into the van and pulling a bag over her head.

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Tue Jun 09, 2020 6:26 am
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EditorAndPerks wrote a review...

Hello there again! I’m coming to the end of the currently posted chapters, and thus will be the last requested review, at least for right now. It’s been interesting to read this, and so I’m glad you asked me to read as much as I wanted to. Fun, fun!

Let’s get into the story then. Huh, I must infer that you like adding new characters into the fray, regardless if they live for more than a chapter or not. Hmm. Guinevere seems like a decent character here, with clear motivations on moving higher into the (investigative field, I think,) or something related with science, so perhaps forensics? Either way, I find her cool, and I definitely feel bad for her that she gets captured by the people I know call the Murder Family.

I wonder how all of these disappearances/deaths are going to influence further investigative works into maybe this family, or the fact that there is a certain pattern to all of these crimes? I just wanna ant to know more about how the outside world would view this small town - besides just the one body that the public found in the woods. How have people not caught onto all of the deaths? I like the fact that the folder has “homicide” as a detail since I’m sure that will come up later.

Oh my gosh! Ok, so Jasper is confirmed to be a part of the Murder Family, if the “Wolffs Motel” seems to be owned by a family member. Alright, I’m glad with this reveal, but I’m also dying (no pun intended) to know about how many years in the past/future Jasper is living in, but the connections drawn here are curious! Plus, what kidnapping Guinevere means in the wider scheme of things, especially concerning murder and death and bodies.

Interesting way to finish this chapter, and I’m interested in knowing what comes next!

myjaspercat says...

the Wolffs Motel is owned by the family and yes Jasper is apart of it. The reader is supposed to make these connections a little sooner through the help of the flashbacks but seeing as I've completely eliminated chapter 5 until the foreseeable future im really glad you were able to make those connections. Once 5 is put in im hoping it would be a little easier for people to see. Most of, if not all of the flashbacks (which I've realized some didn't transfer well stylistically from google docs) are supposed to follow Jasper back from when he's in high school. In the main prose of the story he's about 23-22 years of age.

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Tue May 12, 2020 7:19 am
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potter4life wrote a review...

This is a really nice book but you can try to improve it in some ways.

Its kind of exiting,and the ending was quite abrupt! Cant wait to read the next book that you write.
So I liked how you named the people,they were interesting,but try to use show not tell because that can also improve your writings a little.
You can also try to elaborate a little more to explain more what was happening and engage to make it more intresting because it was a bit hard to understand when i was reading.

you can also try to put in a little more of thoughts on how all of the people were thinking, so that makes readers understand more on the way it is.

like here is a bit of an example.

“Excuse me, but I really need to get around you.” Guinevere took a step back, confusion mixing with fear.

Finally he looked up, eyes cold and dark met Guinevere’s and she shrunk even further. “I can’t let you do that.” The man replied stepping towards her.

“I’m sorry?”

“I can’t let you go.” The man said again. This time he spoke slower, but with a power that caused Guinevere to take another step back in shock.

“I-I don’t think I understand what you mean. Please sir let me pass you, I’m sorry if I got in your way.” She started to cry, panic boiling beneath her surface.

“Please don’t make this any harder than it has to be.” He lunged forwards. Before she had a chance to react in any way, strong arms wrapped themselves around Guinevere, pulling her to the ground, a hand pushing itself against her mouth, muffling her scream.

you can make it a bit more elaborative because this part was quite exiting!

Also a bit more of encoragement,The middle part of the story was really nice and exiting also the part where the man you know put her in the car,you can elaborate a bit on that to make it better:]

i am trying to like give you some idea on how i read it so i hope it helps you:]

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