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by loveissourgrapes

Why do girls like boys?

Why do girls like boys that wear glasses

Boys that are musically inclined

Boys that are polite

Boys who love their moms

And are close with their family

Boys who are kind hearted to women

Boys who love children

Boys who paint, who love art museums

Boys that picture everything around them

Boys with great fashion sense

Boys who match their MBTI

Boys who are savage yet still cute

Boys with fluffy hair, and brown eyes

Boys who are 6 feet tall

Boys with a good healthy built

Boys that like cats and dogs

Boys that like iced Americanos

Boys that like basketball or soccer

Boys that are God-fearing

Boys who love the sunset and sunrise

Boys who love the beach waves

Boys who aren’t scared of the dark

Boys who read and write

Boys who look like anime boys

Boys who are unrealistic

Boys who are just a part of your imagination

But in reality, no boy is like it

You search around the world

For the man of your dreams

Like those celebrities who set images

You have a parasocial relationship with

Why do girls like that?

Why do girls can’t find the

Man of their dreams?

It is me, I am girls 

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Mon Jul 10, 2023 6:11 am
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epotts1 wrote a review...

I absolutely adore this! This illustrates perfectly that there is no set standard for men-we like all men...they don't have to be perfect. For me it was Derek Shepard from Grey's Anatomy, or Jim Clancy from Ghost Whisperer. Basically an unrealistic prince charming disney creation. I think you've established that we all do it, and we are all universally connected as girls in doing so. This was amazing! I wish I could share it on facebook haha. GREAT JOB

loveissourgrapes says...

Thank you! You can share it on Facebook, just DM me here the post c: love you stories too <3

loveissourgrapes says...


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Sat Jun 10, 2023 1:15 am
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Valkyria wrote a review...

Hello, I hope you're having a wonderful day! I'm here to leave a quick review on your poem!

First off, as a girl who has crushes on multiple fictional boy characters, this was very relatable. It's a rule in my house that I won't fall in love until I'm out of college (partly out of my religion), and as such, my standards are really high.

I love that your poem showcases all the traits that a dream boy would have. All these traits that are actually impossible for one person to have. And you call that out with the "Boys who are just a part of your imagination." Then, you go on to say that those types of boys are unrealistic. As the reviewers below me said, your poem keeps girls' heads on straight.

Good job!

loveissourgrapes says...

Thank you! c:

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Fri Jun 02, 2023 6:48 am
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alpacaboss wrote a review...

Hello! This is your friendly neighborhood alpaca. Dropped by to leave a quick review. :)

Although I don't think I've had a severe case of falling for fictional men (yet), I could relate to this because my standards on men (as potential partners) can be pretty high. The poem is a great reminder for us to set realistic expectations and focus on the "non-negotiables" or ideal partner may have. Non-negotiables are those traits that our partner must have and it's a deal breaker if they don't. Personally, some of my non-negotiables of my partner include him having the same faith as me, being loyal, being assertive (standing up for himself and me), and etc. Back to topic, your poem reminds us to keep our priorities straight, which is a wonderful wakeup call back to reality. The list of traits you listed is like a splash of water in our face for us who have impossible standards HAHAHAHA

Overall, this is a great read! I also like the poster btw (is that what you call it? hahaha anyways) Keep it up! Hope to see more of your works soon. :D

This is alpacaboss, signing off.

loveissourgrapes says...

Thanks for the review! It is a cover art, I mean that's what YWS calls it hihi.

alpacaboss says...

Okay nice, I learned something new today hahah
Thanks for the info, too! Great job on the poem :D

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Thu Jun 01, 2023 11:14 pm
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KaiaJersaga wrote a review...

Hi, I'm here to leave you a review.
Well, you mentioned quite a list here, and I can't say I agree with everything on it, but I do get the general concept-girls always wish for what they can never find. They want their future husband to be absolutely perfect. After all, as you explain eloquently here, the boy lives in a girl's dreams.

I really like how you start with all these features-physical, mental, and spiritual that a girl wants in a boy, and then you end with the realistic conclusion that such a boy does not exist anywhere but in the girl's head. Boys aren't perfect, but neither are girls. The best place for a perfect boy is in fiction and in the imagination. Sometimes, I think it's good for girls to be reminded that the man of their dreams doesn't really exist. There is no perfect man or woman. Everyone has flaws and mistakes-even the ones that an individual is most attracted to.
So, even though I think this might be incredibly stereotyped, I do think there is a lot of truth to this.

And the part about MBTI? I kinda disagree. I think if I found a boy with my personality type, I don't think we'd be able to communicate. I think most people are actually attracted to the complete opposite of their personality. I mean, there are definitely exceptions (I suppose you probably are) but I think a lot of people like a change in personality. But, it doesn't matter. I get it. After all, I do have my heart set on one particular Myers-Briggs type, so there's some truth to the fact that girls want a particular personality, indeed!

Overall, good writing here. You do definitely have some wise words here, and it's impressive that your style conveys such wisdom in only a few, easy-to-read-and-understand lines.
Keep up the good work, and don't lose hope!

loveissourgrapes says...

Thank you! This is a poem about my ideal type and I wrote this to remind girls to snap back out of reality. One day or when the time comes, they can meet someone that is really meant for them c:

KaiaJersaga says...

Yep, and then they need to know what to expect!! Good job writing!

Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.
— Roy T. Bennett