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Dear You

by WanderlustStardust

Dear You,

You are just a thought in my head. But maybe that’s alright. Nobody knows you, and that’s okay too. We are small beings in a huge universe. This is what I believe. This is what I love you for. We’re going to change the world one day with our love. Not a “big deal” sort of love, but the love that is quiet, unaltered, almost secret but is known by hundreds. And to those of them that force us together like we aren’t already, then screw them, because they don’t understand us. We are quiet. And that’s fine.

Everyone is born with a pair of wings when they’re first born, and they learn to fly and touch the stars. When two Gems fuse by dancing, they never stop dancing. Everyone sees the world differently; therefore, there are seven billion different worlds in existence. I have galaxies growing inside of me, and stars in my eyes, and music in my head, and the golden flecks of dark blue and light yellow that flow freely through my bloodstream, and all the stories in my head are about to burst out like the seams of a pillow with the fluff inside -

And you make me happy. You are perfect. You are different and that’s amazing. In a world where everyone is out to get you and you feel like you’re the most hated out of them all, you find a way to be positive and still stay smiling. You are wonderful. Just because you have nightmares about the world around us doesn’t mean they come true. Don’t be afraid of that.

I love you to the ends of the Earth, to the far reaches of Home. You and I together make one, and you and I together make them. We shouldn’t be able to but that’s why it’s so refreshing. Because it’s impossible. And we can do it.

I’m sorry that I can never be there for you more than half an hour at a time.

I’m sorry that I’m not there at all.

You’re not real, and that kills me every time I think about you.

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Wed Jan 31, 2018 7:58 pm
nightmarenoodles wrote a review...

Hey hey! I'm Noodles and I'm here to review this amazing work that I heavily relate to.

No, seriously. I run at least four sites so I can write fanfiction.

Okay, but anyways, this work is so amazing. I cannot fathom the words to describe beautiful imagery you used to describe your relationship with this character, and the "Everyone is born with wings..." phrase is possibly one of my favorites I've read. Ever.

The twist at the end was amazing. I definitely was NOT expecting that, but I relate to it so, SO much. I love it. I have nothing negative, honestly, and I really like the way it was relating to a show and/or another character from something that's within a time frame, if that makes sense.

I just wanted to let you know that this was super duper amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. 10/10. Wow. I'm definitely reading more from you if you post it!!!

<3 Aaaa thank you so so so much!!

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29 Reviews

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Wed Jan 31, 2018 4:33 pm

Aaa thank you guys so much for all the support on this!! <3

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Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:24 am
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Valkyria wrote a review...

Hiya! It's your friend Sally reviewing!

This is a very beautiful short story. The monologue is powerful and it provides such descriptive images.

When I read the beginning and down, I thought the narrator was talking about her love, who was a physical person, but you really caught me by surprise at the end. I shall not repeat it here, but if I am not mistaken, I think I know who you are talking about. We can talk about it in class tomorrow. Anyway, the way you shaped your words was so majestic, especially how you talked about the galaxies and the light blue and yellow flowing through your bloodstream.

I know you know this, but as always I relate. Fictional characters are my best friend, and I create my own character just so I can jump into those worlds and go on Pokemon journeys with Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, or save Middle Earth with Aragorn and Frodo.

Fictional characters also inspire us to be better than we were before. What I mean is, our actions will reflect off of the protagonist's actions.

That's all I have to say now. This is a beautiful, majestic story and I adore it!

%u2764%uFE0F%u2764%uFE0F Yes I wrote this about him aaaa

He%u2019s so adorable and so hated by the rest of the world and it breaks my heart(s)

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Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:00 pm
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wendylau98 wrote a review...

Hey there WanderlustStardust! Here for a quick review. If I said anything offensive, feel free to reply me or PM me. I won't bite.

SO, I hope I do become one of the hundreds to know this quiet unaltered love.
Those who force us together. I like the way you say that they are people in the world that do not truly understand what love means, their definition of love is true, but so is yours. yeah, screw them!

Everyone born with wings. Cute, but I do hope it didn't just end at dancing. There must be why the wings disappeared over time. or am I taking it too literal?

There's a whole universe inside of us! Amen to that!

THE TWIST!! you're not real? No!! I need closure!

Ookay, that will be the end of my review!

Keep up the work on short stories WanderlustStardust. Hope to see you soon!

Aaa thank you!

And yeah, the wings/dancing thing was a little unclear haha

I did write this when I was sad and just wanted to get my feelings out so,,

But cool thank you

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79 Reviews

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Tue Jan 30, 2018 7:21 pm
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CateRose17 wrote a review...

Hands down the most beautiful short story/letter I have ever read. I loved the way you used your words and bent them under your will. You are raw, you are a galaxy in yourself and I find that intriguing and powerful. The line " and the golden flecks of dark blue and light yellow that flow freely through my bloodstream" is so majestic and bright and exploding, like a crescendo in a pianist's performance piece. Then you go down in a quiet descrescendo with the line right after that: " and all the stories in my head are about to burst out like the seams of a pillow with the fluff inside." You brought me down from the peak of a galaxy that you are to a more human and relatable perspective that is quiet, humble and ordinary. So much contrast is so wonderful and I loved that about this piece of work.



%u2764%uFE0F thank you!! I really appreciate this review omg

I never saw my words as music, but yes, I guess you%u2019re right; this is a piece being performed, and my words being my music... maybe I should write a poem about that ;^)

But anyways thank you!!

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Mon Jan 29, 2018 7:46 pm
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Holysocks wrote a review...

Hello there!

This was a very intriguing piece. What drew me in originally is the title- I used to address my journal entries "Dear you", in the thought that I was writing to either a fictional character or someone in the future or the book itself or something else entirely, so I was interested to see if yours was similar. And it was in a way, I felt.

It's unclear to me whether this character is a character that you write about often or if he/she/they are just an ideal friend that's been created and is being longed for. It's interesting how we create perfect people in our minds for ourselves, and hope and pray that someone that fits that criteria will show up at our doorstep. I used to think that was kind of crazy way to think- like there was no such thing as soul mates or the perfect or "best" friend. But honestly, I do think it's possible now; because of recent events in my own life. No one is perfect, that's for sure. But hold onto your ideals with all your might. You don't have to settle for anything or anyone.

At times it actually sounds like the narrator has a huge crush on a story character that they've created, I'm not sure if that's what you were intending.

Something I thought that might make this letter a little more relatable or easier to follow is if there's a little more info- not too much, just a little. And around the areas like:

I’m sorry that I can never be there for you more than half an hour at a time.

Why can the narrator only be there for the character only half an hour at a time? It seems like an odd thing to say, and odder that we had no context to it before. Is it because the narrator can only write for half an hour at a time? Is it because of something else? There's a few things like this through the work that are just kinda thrown in there and we're not really sure what they're from or why they're there. So some context on those things - just a little bit - might go a long way.

Other than that, I quite enjoyed this. And I found the ending quite sad, actually, because I have definitely been there wondering if there's anyone out there that understands me or wants to understand me and wondering if there's someone that could measure up to my ideals. Keep it up!


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Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:57 pm
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Radrook wrote a review...

Thank you for providing this fascinating monologue directed at a fictional character that you are in the process of creating. Creating such characters is indeed a fascinating adventure. We as writers use memories of many individuals, experiences , and sometimes meld them together in unique way into a composite personally.

At other times the personality might be predominantly of one person we knew who left an indelible impression. The impression could be of many sorts, such as fear, humor, confusion, pride, foolishness, compassion, love , envy. All of these can be used in our attempt to provide our characters with uniqueness.

We also take bits of ourselves and exaggerate those parts or minimize them as needed. In fact, sometimes we might begin our stories with absolutely no idea how our MC is going to develop and they suddenly seem to take on a life of their own. The subconscious mind kicks in to take care of such things and then we are on auto pilot.Reactions come naturally because they cannot be otherwise. Our characters become real people and we go along for the right as both creators and spectators in the writing adventure.

That is what you brought to my mind as a writer as I read your composition and I appreciate that you reminded me of just how thrilling it is to take part in such creative process.

This report, by its very length, defends itself against the risk of being read.
— Winston Churchill