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Randy Savage Concept Rap

by RandySavageElbowDrop

I'm a Tuesday Night Titan,
the Macho King.
Punks from all over
try to take me up in the ring.

They can't,
they're all weak.
Delivering a monster smackdown
week after week.

Straight savage,
didn't plan it,
German suplex
felt around the planet.

Screw Hulk Hogan,
I'm the true hero
straight out of Ohio
watching the universe go wild!

Bam! Chop!
Swoosh! Smack!
Ric Flair
is whack!

I'm going to snap you,
Slim Jim ya!
Bow down to the Macho Man,

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Thu Aug 20, 2015 9:08 am
vertigo1 wrote a review...

Unfortunately I probably don't get the WWE references, but in terms of rap it's quite good and I enjoyed it.

Bam! Chop!
Swoosh! Smack!
Ric Flair
is whack!

The last two lines seem a bit random after the whole bam, chop, smack thing, I mean did you Macho Man beat him or what?

The use of references(or at least the once i spotted) is smart, however I'd try to use double entendre here and there, a bit more wordplay, but it's good as it is.
I love the last lines.

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Tue Aug 04, 2015 5:11 am
DeepCrystal wrote a review...

Hmm, I never read a rap before. I don't know what I can offer you in terms of critique. Then again I am tired from a long day's work and right now I am just reading. But honestly this is really really funny. It's taking me a little while see what this is a satire of, but it is oddly thought-provoking. Nice work R.S.E.D.

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