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Elephants have Wrinkles

by LilPWilly

Elephants have wrinkles, wrinkles, wrinkles

No one knows why

All the stars they twinkle, twinkle twinkle

Way up in the sky

Christmas bells they jingle, jingle, jingle

And no one knows

Why you aren’t mine

I gave you my time my life

I’d die for you

Well, remember me like elephants

I’ve heard they’re true

to their family

That’s what’s happening

You’re a part of me like Adam Eve

I want you on safari

Take you to Africa pack it up

Take my hand and don’t look back at them

I don’t know y

But I know u

You never lion

You take my pride and

Flip it with your smile

You be looking wild

Acting like a child

We’ve got miles to go and only one person to hold

So what’s the hold up

Whenever I show up

We’re ready to go

But never to grow up

Want me on the radio

We’re Hoping I blow up

But we know that

Just us is enough For us both

My folks can’t control us

And they know it

Let’s go

Got our trunk full for a road trip

Every time we see the road dip

We hit it like the same way we rollercoasted

Alone together on the coast

Like we’re supposed to be

Without you I’m a ghost of me

I see your frown

Whenever I see your parents posts

I’ll turn it around

Take you on a vacation get lost

Make the most of it

Bump that Stoney - -

Post Malone we’ll make it post apocalypse

We’ll chill in a Millenium

itchin for Zion that’s all it is

We’ll be together after all of this with all the kids

If we go too soon we’ll just Tom Holland it

But can you get more celestial

I know you really the best girl

Better than I can ask for

Passing Bora Bora on our way to Zihuatanejo

We’ve been there before

We’re tasting the world and overjoyed that there's more

What’s an eyesore

Seeing so many views

that we’re getting used

to life on the shore

Why do elephants have wrinkles

I guess it’s so we can see them

All the quirks yeah they’re pleasing

I can’t wait till we’re seasoned

So I can see yours

and understand why I think wrinkles are my thing

Your wrinkles are my thing

Elephants have wrinkles everywhere

On their trunks, ears, hips, knees, toes

That’s where the feeling goes when I see you

One look I knew I’d be true

I just want to please you

I’ll see you soon

Surprise you with tickets for two

We’ll drive until the skies turn blue

Do you think it's worth finishing?

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Fri Feb 05, 2021 3:37 pm
Linguistic wrote a review...

This is really interesting, it just has no stakes. Like, I'm not sure why it was written or why I should listen. It seems very factual (ex. "Elephants have wrinkles") and makes me wish you evoked more emotion. I like the repetitive lines, but it makes it more juvenile, less sophisticated.

The items in the song just don't really relate. Elephants, Christmas bells, "I'd die for you," etc. What's tying it all together, and why are elephants important to the two character's relationship?

Also, don't rely too hard on rhyme schemes. Many great songs have loose rhymes, like "sky" and "survive" -- because they don't fully rhyme, it sounds a little more natural and less nursery rhyme, verses "two" and "blue."

Great start, but I wouldn't personally listen to this song.

LilPWilly says...

Haha I don%u2019t blame you lol this was a challenge, so the elephants thing was kinda required. I wrote this Christmas week, so it just found it%u2019s way into the lyrics. Thx for the advice

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Fri Feb 05, 2021 2:21 pm
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Nightingale06 says...

It's really humorous. Yes you should finish it, it talks about romance in a way I have never seen before😂😂❤.
At first it seemed like a rap to me, you know. "You be looking wild acting like a child" cracked me up. Nice one❤.

LilPWilly says...

Thank you lol means a lot%u2764%uFE0F

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Fri Feb 05, 2021 1:23 pm
Haileyg21 says...

I did an extra comment on accident can one of the MODs delete this for me? Thanks

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Fri Feb 05, 2021 1:23 pm
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Haileyg21 wrote a review...

HIYO! Hailey here for a review! this is good I loved it. And yes it is worth finishing!
The way you worded it works so well and I love that its about elephants and wrinkles. I read the title before even clicking and Laugh thinking "Now I have to read this and review it!".

"Post Malone we’ll make it post apocalypse

We’ll chill in a Millenium

itchin for Zion that’s all it is"
this was my favorite part and the part i think was the best. Honestly please write more its so good. And thank you for sharing this with the YWS community. It was a pleasure reading this amazing work!

LilPWilly says...

Thanks Hailey!

Haileyg21 says...

Np it was good so I felt like saying to you it was! But keep up the good work!

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Wed Feb 03, 2021 4:55 pm
LilPWilly says...

For some reason, it won’t let me edit the correct breaks in. There's supposed to be space for the chorus after let's go, and after your wrinkles are my thing. The chorus is built in to the beat, so check that out at the link above.

Sometimes hitting shift enter helps lessen line breaks; you could also us these things "~" to put breaks in between stanzas.

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