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Adventures of an AL Chapter 10.

by Lexus2017RX350

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for language, violence, and mature content.

This is the second time I have been on a big airship in the past three days. Looking outside I feel buoyant, I mean buoyant as in I don't usually fly through the air I don't think. Outside the window we raise above the surface or crust. We are heading over a mountain range pretty close to what seems to be the field that encases the Quartz Quadrant. Crystals line the sides of the floating island. We landed in a mountain range nearby atop a snowy mountain. As we step outside I get a look at the crazy fucking view. It's freezing and snowing. The mountains look like a painting of wild strokes of white and gray. I turn to Xavier waiting for him to say something... But he doesn't. The airship flies away again and us three just stand there in the cold. After a minute I start to feel warmer, I'm sure that it's just this weird robot bullshit.

Xavier is gone and back in an instant, he appears in front of me and flips backward, slashing me with his weird conductor peg-leg thing.

"Jeez okay, lets go then. You wanna see these hands?" I say kind of ticked.

I am bleeding a little bit but I seem to be fine, Hinsa just seems to be standing still letting me and Xavier continue. Blue lights appear under the skin of X and electricity begins to emit from the conductors on his legs. I react just as fast as he comes at me. When I dodge the aerial attack from above me he looks stunned. I try to counter but he jumps back, the slash from his kick a second ago had created an enormous crack in the mountain below me. I go at him and grab his face, I spin in the air three times before smashing him down into the snow. The impact sends a rupture down the mountain as snow, rock, and dust fly up into the air. Xavier, while still surprised at my slam disappears in an electrical torrent. Instead of trying to guess his next move I jumped over to the next mountain leaving a crater in the mountain I was on before. X shows back up seeming to have lost me, I try to get a handle on how to fly correctly as it seems like I am able to with my abilities. I take my opportunity to jump X, and with speed that rivals light I knee him in the back. He spits blood and the blue lights turn off, he is sent flying and crashes into a canyon between the mountains sending more snow and rock flying upward into the air just to hit the ground again.

I can take advantage of this and swiftly try to grab hold of him again, but he ducks under my attempt to grab him and the lights come back on. I am too slow to dodge the incoming slash of electricity. I get thrown back into a rocky wall creating another crater. The pain is searing but I recover. "Hey Xavier! How do I use those funny lights?" I ask with a tinge of annoyance that he never gave me any explanation.

"It's just something that you feel you know?" Hinsa responds for Xavier.

"Sure, that helps a ton Hinsa." I say 100,000,000,000% sarcastic.

Even though I don't think this is going to magically change everything and let me do what I want, I try.

The best I can do is think about the sun again. At first I didn't think it did anything. But as Xavier gets ready to attack again I see it coming and dodge the barrage with ease. I counter attack and send him to next week. Next week as in: through a mountain.

The rock collapses and all I can think about is Hinsa's jaw being absolutely dropped after seeing what I had done. Xavier isn't done though, I can see the blue light through the massive dust cloud that obscures the hole left in the mountain. The lights fade off of me but Xavier is still going. As he exits the cloud I see that his left arm has been taken clean off, but of course he doesn't need that. He looks at me, he, being bloodied and beaten. I myself have some cuts but so on I have been by far doing better physically.

"Cooper, I could go on but this being just sparring there is no need. Hinsa you are up next, and if we have time we will go up against Cooper together." Xavier says. X teleports back to the original mountain we started on, I don't really know what other word to use than teleport as he moves so fast it might as well be teleportation. The original mountain is cut in half, and mountains nearby are totally fucked up.

"Ok Coop! I will say, I am not quite as good at handling these powers as X but I'll try..." Hinsa says unsure of herself.

She comes in swinging, but my eyes start to move in every direction super fast again, and I dodge with ease. I whip around and swing my arm in an arch. She dodges but I expected she would. Rock flies up in the aftermath of my punch but I raise my leg into the air and slam downward with my foot. She clearly wants it to be her turn so she counterattacks before my kick lands. She pulls a small Tonto from her legs, and strikes. Am I the only one who uses my hands around here? I get cut on my left shoulder but I move on. I jump back a bit so that I can have some room to talk. "so, aside from our little abilities, is there any way I can... do energy attacks or something? Like I dunno some kind of Getsuga Tenshou, or like Ransengan?  I mean I am cybernetic so I expected big lasers 'n shit." I say curious.

"What, so splitting mountains isn't enough? I mean there are sort of bursts of energy that you can learn with time, but first you need to learn the names of the attacks. Not to mention they aren't the same for everyone." Hinsa responds.

"Okay okay, I get it. Big lasers are for later" I say with a snarky tone.

I immediately returned to the attack. Hinsa responds by initiating her boost. Purple lights appear this time.

"I'll warn you Coop, you see this Tonto? Well my power is poison, and it travels mainly through this blade." Hinsa explains.

"I don't care for explanations." I say before going at her.

I totally ignore what she just said as I feel a burst of want for battle. The orange lights appear again under my skin as I attack. I can see everything coming before it happens so her attacks are useless. I grab the collar of her gray army shirt and pummel her face, I hit until the lights disappear. More excess mountain flies through the air with every strike. But eventually I over do it. The lights under my skin fade and smoke emits from my body like when I was on the street earlier.

When the smoke clears Hinsa is laying sprawled out on the ground in a heap.

"Good fight man." She mumbles. I think that it might have been a little fast, and it is clear that my two squad mates are very surprised at my very fast learning ability... Or that fact that I already know so much.

After about 10 minutes I managed to get Xavier and Hinsa up together.

"Let's have a change of scenery, near the range there is a sort of rocky desert area. It's on a different island but I personally like it more." Xavier says.

I nod,

"that's great 'n all but are you all really in shape to fight again?" I ask.

"Well, I think you need a big open space so that you can get a better feel for your power." Xavier responds.

I nod a second time.

"alright. Are you guys going to come or am I just gonna go by myself?" I ask having had second question.

"I think we'll come, unless Hinsa wants to object." Xavier says.

"I'll come." she mumbles.

X calls the airship back and we move to the more dusty island. I jump out and with some minor fixes so do Xavier and Hinsa. Hinsa climbs up onto a tall rock to watch, and Xavier finds a nice shady spot. The surrounding area is dusty and sandy with a hot sort of hue. Rocks stick up from the ground.

I practiced for a little while, finding that I already seem to have a lot of fighting experience. If the fact that I beat Xavier and Hinsa earlier didn't tell me that already.

"Okay Cooper work on tha-" Xavier gets cut off mid sentence, I mean cut off literally, as five guys with swords appear out of what looks like thin air, and slash at Xavier.

Xavier dashes away and yells "Demi's!" I take that to mean Demigod since they had mentioned that to me earlier. They wear fluffy white outfits and masks, they almost look like Eskimos.

"Cooper, Listen. We are not in shape enough to take on a Demigod, let alone five. You have to do this. We will help as much as we can." Hinsa says running by me.

"Divine Intervention: Cross slash!" One of the Demigods yells in the middle of the other four. His sword emits a white light and he slashes twice across the air leaving huge white streaks. The streaks start to head toward me. The ground is cut into pieces while the attack moves. I jumped out of the way. One of the Demigods heads for Xavier and another for Hinsa, that leaves me with three to deal with.

I jump at the first one in the middle, he disappears, almost in the same way I move. I use the momentum I was going to use to attack the middle one to turn and try to hit the one on the left. He tries to block and counter but misses, I gut punch him sending him up into the air. The one on the right yells something again.

"Divine Intervention: Holy Arrows!" Five golden glowing arrows surround the Demigod and then start to head at me. As I dodge each one they explode in a golden torrent of power behind me. I managed to grab hold of the one who had just attacked. I slam his head into the ground and then toss him into a nearby rock obliterating it. One of them managed to sneak up behind me.

"Divine Intervention: Burning Thrust!" He manages to burn me with his slash but failing to pierce me. The three of them manage to regroup and start to attack with coordination. All three of them yell now.

"Divine Intervention: Triple Cross Slash!" they all do the same attack as before but since they are all together it is three times stronger. I can't dodge this time and am sent flying. I have lost control and am spinning through the air. The pain is bad, but the armor under my skin keeps me from real injury. When I crash down I check my surroundings. I am next to the Quartz Quadrant. Pillars of green rock tower over me.

But I don't have time to look at all of this as the Demigods are already here, this time joined by the other two... Indicating that they managed to defeat Hinsa and Xavier. They will pay for that.

The lights under my skin begin to burn brighter than they ever have. The heat in the limbs of my body causes the air to bend around me. My eyes flick around my sockets like pinball's. I lean forward ready to attack.

ready, set, go.

I launch myself into the air and use one of the Quartz pillars to kick myself toward them. Disoriented at how fast I moved they are powerless to do anything about my incoming attack. I shoot my leg upward and get ready to slam down with my foot. I hit one of them directly in the skull, putting him out of the fight for good. The other four are blasted off from the explosion that the kick created. I chased down another one of them since the one I had kicked was on the ground bleeding out all over the place, his head had been smashed in like a rotten pumpkin. I grab the hood of one of them and pull them back. they try to counter by using one of those dumb Divine Interventions but I hit him before it matters. It's clear I broke their jaw as they stumbled to the ground in a heap.

"two down, three to go." I whisper to myself.

The next one I go after is kind of small with a girlish figure, They slash, miss, and then get slammed. They scream in pain as I rip their left leg from their torso. two more now.

For this one I grab their mask. I rip it off to see what these Demigods look like. It's a man with a terrified look on his face. I am surprised, he looks just like any other human. He tries to get me off of him with a slash, but I see it coming. Before he even realizes, he's dead. His nose cracks and breaks under my fist. His body is sent into one of the pillars. There is one left now.

"Divine Intervention: Life Hanger." He says calmly. A large shadowy substance emits from his sword. "This is my final move. You have slaughtered my comrades, you shall pay." These are the only other words that any of them have said beside Divine Intervention.

"This Intervention creates three hooks around my sword, if you are stabbed by this Intervention; get ready to have your insides torn inside out.

I watch on as what he says happens, three prongs that look like fishing hooks come from the top of his sword still glowing with that shadowy gleam. I don't pull back, I am ready. This will go the same as the fight with Hinsa. I rush forward, but to my surprise he's fast.

"you know what they call this technique? Why can I move so fast? It's called godspeed. I can see that you use something similar, but you must understand that you are not developed enough to use any sort of speed technique properly." He says smiling ear to ear. He tries to counter my bull rush moving the prongs behind my back ready to pull and pierce me. But what he doesn't know is that I saw this coming a whole minute ago. I whip around the prongs and reappear behind him. I think I have him but he starts talking.

"Hah! You think I can't use other Interventions while using this one? How pathetic. Divine Intervention: Holy Whips!." He yells. I jump back but it's useless. Four snow white ropes appear from the ground and snap around my arms and legs. He manages to cut me the slightest bit on my forearm before I get free. "It's too late, just that tiny cut will be enough to stop your heart in a minute flat. I am stunned at this thought, but then I use my brain.

What if I just tear off my arm? I smile. 

"I'm not done with you after all! Hahahahahaaahaha!" I scream with laughter.

The Demi looks on in terror and confusion as I tear my arm from my body, blood and robotic tendons fly through the air as I pull my arm from its socket. I ignore the pain, hell I feel better than ever.

Then I have another thought, if he is going to use some sort of final move... SO AM I! I roar as I move all of the energy in my body to my remaining arm. The lights disappear at first, but then they light up in a blinding white. quick bursts of light that almost look like the flash of a camera shot from my arm. I wind up a punch even though I am a good few studs away from him.

Finally I pour everything I have into it, and then the earth disintegrates right before my eyes.

He is gone, no one will ever find any remains of him. His family will never know what happened to him.

Good for him though that it was quick, since I definitely could have made it more painful.

three canyons lie on the earth. 

"What a mess." I mutter before I break into a million pieces.

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Sun Jul 02, 2023 12:47 am
vampricone6783 wrote a review...

Cooper was able to fight the Demigods, but now Cooper is all alone. On top of that, he broke into a million pieces. He could get teleported to somewhere else, possibly to fight Gods. Maybe him breaking apart means something else. Maybe he won’t get teleported. But I don’t know if all of his fights will be won. I’ll check back for any updates on this story.

I wish you a fantastic day and night.

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Sun Jun 18, 2023 8:05 pm
IcyFlame wrote a review...

Hey there Lexus!

I'm back for another quick review this Sunday evening!

The biggest thing I'm struggling with here is still the time jumps. We had a few in the previous chapter that I found made it harder to follow, and here again at the start of the chapter it's a little hard to work out what's going on. It would be helpful to clarify both the setting and context at the start just so your reader doesn't have to work quite so hard to catch up.

The action scenes were exciting to read and I love the worldbuilding that you've put into this story! The pace does jump between the fight scenes and the rest of the chapter quite abruptly though, and could benefit from some better pacing to help ease the flow.

I also agree with mint that it would help to have more depth to Cooper in a lot of these fight scenes. They're fun to read but I find I'm not really super invested as is. I'd like to see Cooper's growth and learning process gradually rather than telling the readers directly that he's a fast learner. I do love the breaking into a million pieces at the end though - the drama and tension from that one line is well created and it makes me interested in the next chapter!

Hope this helped!



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Thu Jun 15, 2023 10:06 pm
Spearmint wrote a review...

Hiya! It’s mint, here with a review! ^-^ So I’ve skimmed the previous chapters, but I’m still a little bit confused, as there seems to be a jump between the previous chapter and this one. I was able to gather that Cooper, Xavier, and Hinsa went out to train, but some clarification or lead-up might be nice. It could be as simple as one of the characters asking Cooper if he wants to train, then transitioning to this chapter.
Overall, though, this chapter was exciting. It was full of action, and there seems to be quite powerful abilities in play (like, they just casually pulverize mountains?? that’s pretty cool xD). While it’s fun to read these fight scenes, something that I think would be awesome would be if you could add more depth to the narrator, Cooper. It seemed too easy for him to defeat all his sparring partners and enemies, and I think it would be more relatable to the reader if Cooper had some weaknesses as well. For example, maybe he gets overconfident and slips up, or he’s suddenly struck by a fragment of his memory and freezes. I think you have a little bit of that at the end, where he destroys the last Demi and breaks into pieces, but I’d be more invested if Cooper had a couple of flaws earlier in the story. :] Speaking of the ending, though— I am definitely invested in that! If the Demis have defeated Hinsa and Xavier already, who can help Cooper? What will happen next?
Ooh, here’s one more thought before I get into specifics. I would appreciate it if you gave some more depth to Xavier and Hinsa as well. Like, what are the main characteristics or experiences that differentiate them from each other? Also, I get that they’re kind of side characters, but I really want to see someone put Cooper in his place… And they’re supposedly more experienced, so I’m thinking there would be some trick they could use to gain the upper hand in a fight. >.> So yeah, I think you have the foundations of a great story here, but I would love to see more depth to the characters. C:

Now for specifics!

Xavier is gone and back in an instant, he appears in front of me and flips backward, slashing me with his weird conductor peg-leg thing.

"Jeez okay, lets go then. You wanna see these hands?" I say kind of ticked.

I think you do a good job of conveying Cooper’s voice, both through his actual dialogue and his thoughts, like “weird conductor peg-leg thing.” He seems like an interesting guy. Now, if he had a few flaws, that’d be even more interesting… =P (I could see him being arrogant, or maybe not the best with people.) I think you do hint at that a little, with him not listening to Hinsa, so I hope you develop that more later on.
This is also just a small grammar tip, but sometimes your commas are in the wrong places. For example, the first paragraph here shouldn’t have the comma connecting two phrases that could be stand-alone sentences. I would separate it like this: “Xavier is gone and back in an instant. He appears in front of me and flips backward, slashing me with his weird conductor peg-leg thing.”
In the second paragraph, I think you could add a comma between “I say” and “kind of ticked.”

Blue lights appear under the skin of X and electricity begins to emit from the conductors on his legs.

Now that’s a cool description. :] Your whole fight scene was super good, and I could see it in my head, playing like a movie.

"What, so splitting mountains isn't enough? I mean there are sort of bursts of energy that you can learn with time, but first you need to learn the names of the attacks. Not to mention they aren't the same for everyone." Hinsa responds.

Ooh okay, so I liked this section with Hinsa explaining. I personally would like to see a little more of that, because I’m sure she has a lot more tips and insights to share!

"Divine Intervention: Burning Thrust!" He manages to burn me with his slash but failing to pierce me.

I find it very funny that they say “Divine Intervention” before each of their attacks. XD It feels a bit like a video game.

"This Intervention creates three hooks around my sword, if you are stabbed by this Intervention; get ready to have your insides torn inside out.

I’m a little skeptical of this part, as explaining exactly how you’re going to kill your opponent is generally not a good idea. Knowledge is power and all. =P But I do like that this Demi seems like a tougher opponent!

"What a mess." I mutter before I break into a million pieces.

Dun dun duuun. That was very dramatic. 0.0 I’m assuming Cooper’s not dead (he’s the main character, after all), but that’s gotta hurt, and I honestly have no idea how he’s going to come back from this.

I enjoyed reading this, and I would love to read more of your action scenes along with some more character development! Keep writing, and have a fantastic day/night! =D

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Sat Mar 18, 2023 5:26 pm
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Lexus2017RX350 says...

Divine Intervention: Enjoy this chapter!

Also check out my new cover! Made it myself!
Don't worry, an actual cover will be made in the future. This is perfect for now though.

life is so much better with tater tots
— AilahEvelynMae