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Adventures of an AL Beta chapter 9.

by Lexus2017RX350

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for language.

My eyes slide open, when a rush of pain floods through my body.

I groan, Jesus fucking Christ my head hurts. Half of me wants to get up and make breakfast, but the other half is telling me to shut up and stay still. It almost feels like there is someone else inside my head, I wish I could talk to them but I doubt they will listen.

I lick my lips and decide that just sitting my hungry ass down wont get shit done here.

I'm sitting upright now. The effort of doing so actually makes me dizzy, but I will myself to move in the general direction of where I think the kitchen might be. I have no real clue where I am as I have just been sitting in a bed for a day. Walking down the short hallway that leads to the other side of the sweet, or what I would assume is a sweet based on how amazingly nice it is, I finally find the kitchen after bumping into countless walls and shelves. This place is crazy nice, super soft carpet and velvet chairs, there is a line of couches next to a HUGE TV. The kitchen is an exposed outlet to the rest of the place. On my way over I passed a few rooms, of which I assume house the grouch, and the ass. 

I swish my body over to the fridge and grab a carton of milk from cold, cold heaven. Sliding back over to the counter I look up at some well furnished cabinets, "alright" I grumble as I reach up.

There must be some cereal in here right? Opening the cabinets I find some Oat Quakers, Daaaaaamn they have the good stuff here. the sexy guy with curled hair stairs back at me, I lick my lips and pull him down to the counter, feeling a little gay while doing it. Opening the box I sniff, the delicious smell is indescribable, I pour the cereal into a bowl I find in the same cabinet. After I finish pouring the milk, I look for a spoon somewhere around the kitchen. checking a few cabinets I find what I am looking for and stick it in the bowl too. I finish it all by pouring the white gold into the bowl.

after I am done gawking at the deliciousness unfolding in front of my very eyes, I pick up the bowl. I shuffle over to a nice little spot on the couch in the living room and dig in, "holy hell man" I gush. I don't really know why I remember this one cereal so well, but boy does it taste like heaven. after I finish I turn on the TV, "the news is next" some unnamed broadcaster says, the image on the TV changes to an image of the sun and they start talking "we have found the location of the-" they keep talking but I really don't care what it is about, seeing that ball of fire makes me furious for some reason. I stand up and press the power button. 

What have I been doing? why the hell had I been complying with all of this bullshit? My mood just went from pretty fine to pure anger in seconds. Orange lights in a funny pattern show up under my skin, "this damn robot garbage" I get to my feet and walk down the hallway to the other door I assume to be the exit, I was right. I bust open the door and start walking down the staircase that leads out of the main building. On my way out a woman asks if I am okay but I ignore her, all of a sudden I am outside. even though it isn't night anymore its dark out. cars drive by me in the street.

walking down the sidewalk I start to feel hot, people are looking at me terrified as the orange lights under my skin get brighter. I am having trouble seeing straight as my eyes seem to be shooting in every direction involuntarily. All of a sudden my body feels like it's on fire, I can see everything at once. I see smoke exploding from my body before it happens. In a huge rush of extreme pain smoke comes out of my eye sockets, pores, and ears. I fall to the ground, I am sure people rush around me to see what is going on but I can't see at all anymore. 

I feel even worse than I did when I woke up hours ago, I am in a hospital bed with doctors peering their ugly heads at me. "so it seems like his body rejected the implants AFTER the implants were injected, his body is going back to normal but it seems like something really doesn't want the implants in there." says a doctor out of view. I let myself fall back asleep since consciousness is nothing but pain right now.

I wake up later feeling at least a little bit better, I wait until they let me leave. 

I am outside again, the cold air blows over my skin. I still feel achy and sore but I move forward, a car is parked in front of the hospital clearly meant for me to get inside. I sigh and get in. On the way there I looked out of the window, they tell me I am on my way back "home". I know what they mean but if we are being real I don't really know what my home is. The buildings pass by the car in a blurry mess, they look like fireworks flying past me. 

The car slows to a halt and I stop looking through the glass. It feels like being torn back into reality when I walk out of the car. Before me stands the building I had just ran away from a few hours ago. The building is grand and colorful, with a huge assortment of letters at the top that read "Cybernetic dorm housing" I look back down at my feet as I open the door knowing that I will have to explain to Hinsa and Xavier soon. I climb my way back up the stairs taking a better look at the inside of the building. There is a front desk that sits ironically in the back of the lobby. There sits the lady that asked if I was okay earlier. I look more, the building is tall and has multiple floors clearly holding more cybernetics, though I am pretty sure only a portion of the place is full. There is a little waiting area beside the desk down in the lobby with some couches and fine carpet, most of the stuff here is has a sort of silver lining, lets hope that that doesn't mean I am missing any of the real silver lining when it comes down to it.

After I get done looking at stuff from the top of the stairs I frown at the door nob that leads to my room. I walk inside expecting to see Xavier or Hinsa waiting for me, but no one is at the door. I continue inside and find Xavier making eggs in the kitchen, Hinsa is watching TV where I was earlier. 

"Oh hey Cooper, I am glad to see you up and walking." Xavier says in a light tone. 

Hinsa turns around seeing me for the first time and smiles 

"Hi Cooper! how was your time out!" Hinsa asks without even a tinge of anger. I just look at them like they are crazy.

"You just don't care that I tried to leave?" I say incredulous.

"huh? OH, you thought we would be mad? Nonono of course not. You are allowed to leave, I mean anywhere you go on earth finding you would be able to be found. You can go anywhere you want." I blink, open my mouth and then close it. 

"you never answered my question Coop." Hinsa reminded.

"Oh, uh... yeah I had a pretty good time I guess." The lie slides right through my teeth.

"I see you found the Oat Quakers Cooper." Xavier says cracking a rare smile. I just nod and walk over to the couch where Hinsa sits, I find a nice comfy spot on the recliner that is pretty close to the couch. 

after a half an hour Hinsa and Xavier finished their eggs. 

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Sat Mar 11, 2023 2:06 am
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Irishpride13 says...

I like the feel you make it fell like your in night city some how in a experiment augmentation house. not sure if that what you where trying for but it felt nice

Lexus2017RX350 says...


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Sat Mar 11, 2023 2:04 am
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Irishpride13 says...

very cyberpunk i like it i don't know what to say except i like it

Lexus2017RX350 says...

Just you wait, I am going to have a lot of variety in places later. no spoilers though.

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9 Reviews

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Sat Mar 11, 2023 12:39 am
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Lexus2017RX350 says...

Yes! I finally got a night to write something! I have had next to no time on my computer so I am so glad I could get this done in what short time I had. I hope yall like it!

Lexus2017RX350 says...

Oat Quakers ;)

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