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Love is..

by GigiNicole17


It's the way I dream about you every night

It's the way I know I can't live without you.

It's the feeling I get when you message me back

It's the butterflies that flutter when you "heart" me

It's the day I'll never forget,

when you told me that you liked me back

when you said you wanted to be mine, and wanted me to be yours

when you whisper in my ear the words forever.

when I see your name appear as online.

when you didn't have to tell me for me to know you love me.

The first time you told me you love me,

I felt like a breath of fresh air.

I could finnaly breathe in and know

that it came from your heart

I love you...

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Fri Mar 15, 2019 6:37 pm
Anma wrote a review...

Hello Gigi!

Is that okay if i shorten your name that way??

Soooo... I love it!

The lyrics flow well, and the verses are well put in as well.

I don't see any spelling errors or anything like that.
there's is feeling in it witch is good. The words really bring out the message of it.

Its actually very romantic, its a wonderful piece.

I hope to read more from you!

Sincerely Anma

GigiNicole17 says...

Thanks so much! <3

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Sat Mar 09, 2019 2:43 am
Swetachowdhury0 says...

Amazing and awesome... Great work... Really liked it....

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31 Reviews

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Fri Mar 08, 2019 5:25 pm
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Swetachowdhury0 says...

Amazing and awesome... Great work... Really liked it....

Bellarke says...

I told you, Gigi

GigiNicole17 says...

lol, thanks

Yup %uD83D%uDE0A

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Fri Mar 08, 2019 4:02 pm
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Honora wrote a review...

Hey Nicole! I don't know anything about poetry so forgive me if I say something out of ignorance...
I only noticed two things that were a little off. The verse "when you didn't have to tell me for me to know you love me," the message is good so don't change that. I just had a hard time reading it. It didn't flow like the rest of it did so maybe find a way to reword it. :) On the verse just below that one, "when you whisper in my ear the words forever," should it be word instead of "words" since you only said forever?
Other than those things, I really liked it! One thing that I've never liked about poetry is that the message is always hidden and you're never sure what exactly the author was trying to get at. This one is very clear and I think it is one that everyone can relate to in their own way. :) The first four verses were my favorite. Those are the ones that struck out to me and the ones that I can relate to. :) Well done!

GigiNicole17 says...

yo, Honora!

Thanks for the review. I really appreciate all the advice.

Honora says...

Yep, no problem! It was really good. :D

GigiNicole17 says...


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Fri Mar 08, 2019 3:01 pm
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Bellarke wrote a review...



That is all that I am right now.

I dont know what to say other than THIS IS AMAZING!! I LOVE IT!!!

I am literally smiling so much right now.

I do not see anything that you would not like about this, I love it. It is the sweetest thing anyone has ever written for me!!!!!


~Sorry for my weirdness.

GigiNicole17 says...

what you said was perfect! *not

Bellarke says...

I hoped it wasnt.

GigiNicole17 says...

it wasn't

Bellarke says...


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