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Developing Black Girl Magic wasn't easy

by GigiNicole17

I’ve grown up in a privileged neighborhood for forever. I originally came from a more I want to say “ghetto” but I’ll say less privileged area. When I was adopted, I began to think differently about myself. Because I was surrounded by kids of a different color, they began to treat me like that. I was the only Black person in my class for years. All my teachers told the kids to say “African American” and I personally hate that terminology. It makes me feel less than, to be honest. It took me a very long time to develop just a liking for my skin color. My mom would press my hair to make me fit in more like them. It wasn’t until the 7th grade that I barely started to realize that my skin great to be in. It was uniquely mine, and nobody else had it but me. In 7th grade I was bullied because of my skin color, so my progress was very limited. I began to see myself differently. When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t like what I saw. I saw someone who I thought didn’t matter. I let what others say define me, and my thoughts about myself. Those bad thoughts became worse. I thought terrible things about myself. That eventually turned to suicidal thoughts. I began making plans to take my own life. I stopped eating, and had much less energy. I was wearing bigger clothes to hide the fact that I was loosing weight. I didn’t want anyone to know. My parents didn’t find out until someone found a note I had written saying that I was going to kill myself, and It had a date, and the entire plan. They reported me to the school’s principal, and she called my parents. They had this long talk to me about what those words really meant. They took away every possible threat to me. They didn’t start me in therapy until they found out I wasn’t eating. In 8th grade, nothing got better. I was moved to my zoned public school because of a teacher’s comments about my physical appearance(which obviously helped none). At the zoned public school, I struggled to fit in. I began to really stop and think. I knew that I didn’t want to live like that. I wanted to have a life, a husband, a family. I really decided what I wanted for life. Normally people say “I found ____” but I’m saying that dance found me. I turned to dance to relive everything, and I joined clubs I found interests in. I started writing, and look at me now. Theater was also an outlet for me last year. I was able to combine the talents I already had with the things I didn’t know I had. When high school hit, I didn’t think I was prepared. Turns out, I was way more prepared than I thought. If you told me last year that I would be the Vice president of Student Council, or that I would have an amazing best friend: I wouldn’t believe you. Here I am though. And nobody’s stopping me from getting anywhere; not even myself.

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Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:36 pm
LadyJackalope wrote a review...

First off, this is really deep and personal. Thank you so much for being willing to share it. I would like to add that as a (very) white person, I think black girls and women are just absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure you've heard this so often it doesn't mean much any more but you should be really proud of your color, some of us are in awe of you!

Mechanically, I saw very little wrong with this but I'll point out what I did find!

I originally came from a more I want to say “ghetto” but I’ll say less privileged area.

This comes off a bit clunky and messes up the flow of the piece a little bit. Rewriting it along the lines of, "Originally I came from a less privileged area, I almost want to call it 'ghetto.'" You could probably make it even smoother than that but that's the first thing I came up with.

My mom would press my hair to make me fit in more like them.

This one's pretty minor. It's just a tad redundant here as "fit in" and "[be] more like them" both put across the same idea.

It wasn’t until the 7th grade that I barely started to realize that my skin great to be in.

"That my skin (is/was) great to be in"

(which obviously helped none)

Again, your word choice is just a tad clunky here, something like "Which obviously didn't help much" might flow a little bit smoother.

I turned to dance to relive everything,

I'm guessing this is supposed to be relieve?

Overall, I admire you and this piece. I'm really happy to hear that things are better for you <3 It's so heartfelt and personal and brave, you can really feel the emotion. There were a few mechanical errors but they mostly had to do with keeping the flow smooth. I hope this was helpful!

GigiNicole17 says...


Thank for your review. I really appreciate all the sweet comments you made. Let me tell you, I am my own worst critic, so anything you said was far better than anything I've ever told myself, so you're good on the corrections. I will be working on the mechanical errors, so thanks for the tips. You were extremely helpful. I'm really glad you liked it.

I'm glad it was helpful! If you ever need any help reviewing your work just tag me and I'll be glad to help as best I can!

GigiNicole17 says...

okay, thanks!

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Tue Feb 12, 2019 4:48 pm
EverLight wrote a review...

This is a great piece. I found no errors.
I think this proves why Teachers (Or the community in general) should do more about bulling. No wonder so many people commit suicide. They are treated like crap. And saying ''oh just ignore them'' doesn't help. Of course their is many reason why one would kill themselves but I think this might be overlooked.
I'm glad you found yourself.

GigiNicole17 says...


Thanks for the review!!! I'm glad you found no errors. I submitted this for a bullying competition at school for that exact reason. People often look over the problems. I'm glad that I found myself as well. Thanks, bro!! :D

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