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Boogeyman—A Prose Poem

by GengarIsBestBoy

This poem is a prose poem, which is made up of paragraphs rather than stanzas, and may not adhere to grammar rules found in regular prose. Hope you enjoy it!


A creak of a floorboard, a growl under the bed. A flash of a shadow, a tap on the window. Was the closet door open before? You can’t remember.

It’s already here—it always has been, actually. It is born from the deepest, darkest abysses of our collective consciousness, and has existed for as long as we’ve had fears.

To call it the Boogeyman is not quite right, for it is no man at all. It can morph into whatever horrible abomination it pleases. Every time it appears, it’s a little different—like an unfathomable tangle of writhing tendrils—or endless rows of gnashing teeth that grind together like cogs in a murder machine—or stringy black hair draped over a face that’s stretched too thin—or a long, crooked nose covered in repulsive warts.

As children, we're told it's always just out of sight, waiting to pounce when we least expect it. We’re told that it’ll snatch us up if we don’t behave—and it works. But as we grow older, as our hair becomes grayer, we realize the truth—that the Boogeyman is a creation of our minds, an inner demon that never goes away, an unrelenting force that makes our own brain turn against us.

It does not just instill fear—it is fear. It is the horrible nightmare that makes you wish you’d never slept. It is the unshakeable dread when staring into the void. It is inside all of us, always—it always has been.

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Stickied -- Tue Sep 05, 2023 12:06 am
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GengarIsBestBoy says...

Here’s me going on a tangent for some reason:

As a prose writer, I think prose poetry just works better for me than regular poetry.

There are times where I want to write a story, except I don’t want to write a story with a plot and all that—I just want to describe a disembodied concept in extreme detail. I never really knew you could just do that.

I kinda feel like a door has opened up in terms of creativity. I’m definitely gonna do this more often since it’s literally the cat’s pajamas

GengarIsBestBoy says...

or endless rows of gnashing teeth that grind together like cogs in a murder machine

you all should know that this is an mcr reference

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Wed Sep 06, 2023 5:45 pm
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wonderinthewings wrote a review...


First off, I have to say I LOVE horror where the monster is fear itself! It feels so much more personal because each person's fear is unique. You can really weaponize the reader's own imagination.

Despite that, you still use such vivid descriptions! I love how you've written this!

Anyway, sorry if this is a little choppy, I'm kinda new to the site. I hope You have a great day!!!

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Wed Sep 06, 2023 3:58 pm
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

I like this! Yes, The Boogeyman never quite goes away, not even as we grow. It twists into more adult fears, but all the same, still the same feeling of fear from when you were a young child. I wonder why it’s called The Boogeyman when it’s really just a creature. A creature that creeps in the darkness…lurks…hides.

I hope that you will have a beautiful and lovely day and night. Goodbye for now.

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Sun Sep 03, 2023 10:32 pm
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Roxanne wrote a review...

Aloha @GengarIsBestBoy!

Beyond my beloved horizon, I'm setting sail into uncharted pages with an itch for adventure. Through binoculars, I spy with my little eye a chilling prose poem titled “Boogeyman” that deserves a good review.
So without further ado, let us begin. [cue the creepy music]


I. It all begins at the beginning
“The Boogeyman” radiates an eerie and ghostly atmosphere right from the very beginning. The first paragraph is enough to create a sense of unease and curiosity, something that drew me in with a creaking floorboard and mysterious shadows.
This captivating “story” that is being told through the poem immediately grabs the attention of the reader, setting a tone for what’s to come...

The title presentation is extremely effective in piquing the interest without giving too much away. It leaves room for intrigue and not to forget, mystery. Themes of fear, the unknown and the power of the human imagination are introduced skillfully.

II. The Door to Improvement
Since you are writing a prose poem, you can enhance the use of imagery and sensory details to create an even more spine-chilling experience for the reader. Strengthen the emotional tension throughout the poem, this could also help to create a stronger connection with the reader.
These suggestions are offered with the intention of boosting the poem’s depth and impact, so I hope they are helpful.

III. Confetti Moments!
I did share some points of improvement, but it does not mean that the poem isn’t great. they are merely to help you improve the poem.
So I really must admit that I absolutely loved it. It is always so twistingly amazing to read a thriller story, but a “thriller” poem? I mean, that’s just remarkable. The fact that, as children, we are always told about the boogeyman must be relatable for many. And the quote at the end, which you also used in the second paragraph is just hair-raising.

IV. When All is Said and Done
“Boogeyman” has great potential, and your writing style makes it even better.
I’ve also written some chilling stories myself, such as the Midnight Chronicles and the The Dark Truth E.1, therefore I’m glad I stumbled upon your poem. I absolutely enjoyed reading it. Maybe think about a sequel, or other prose poems like this one, I'd love to read them.

V. Seek Inspiration Beyond
Feel free to check out some stories of @vampricone6783, The Watcher by @LuminescentAnt and loads of other poems of @alliyah for some extra inspiration and ideas to spice up your own "storytelling"!

That's it, that's all.
Hoping the review has been of value to you!

Yours in Puzzling Shadows,

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Sun Sep 03, 2023 8:49 pm
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ariah347 wrote a review...

Hey there! First, this brought me right into a horror film just through how it is written, so bravo! I enjoyed the sentence: "It is born from the deepest, darkest abysses of our collective consciousness." I don't want to make a blanket statement for all, but I believe many people know who the boogeyman is or have heard of it. This sentence encompasses that. I enjoyed the third paragraph, which describes how this entity takes on different forms. Each description is equally captivating and terrifying. The way that this goes from childhood nightmares or fears of the dark due to creepy stories to the realization that it is a figment of our imagination, made up and rooted in fear, was great. This reminds me that our minds can be manipulated by fear and to live is to feel. I really enjoyed this. It is only my second experience here on YSW with prose poetry, but I would love to hear this spoken out and recited; even without rhythm or rhyme schemes, it was an easy and enjoyable read. Wishing you well wherever you are in the world. With love, A♡

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Sun Sep 03, 2023 6:04 pm
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LuminescentAnt wrote a review...

Hey Gengar! I'm here to leave an extra quick review on this prose poem!
This is actually a really interesting prose poem! I didn't expect the ending, I kinda thought the whole poem was gonna be like, "The boogeyman will haunt you forever and then you will die!" But I liked how you incorporated the lesson!
I loved the details you wrote about what the Boogeyman was like,

like an unfathomable tangle of writhing tendrils—or endless rows of gnashing teeth that grind together like cogs in a murder machine—or stringy black hair draped over a face that’s stretched too thin—or a long, crooked nose covered in repulsive warts.

There's a lot of imagery, which is great in this kind of poem, and you had so many different descriptions that were really different from each other.
The ending lesson wrapped up the poem really well. A good closure to a poem is really important and sometimes hard to write, which you did a great job at. The ending teaches us that even through all the stories we tell ourselves and our children, the Boogeyman really represents our inner demons, the ones that prevent us from doing things.
Overall, this was a great poem with a lesson at the end, and descriptive details. I hope you write more poems in the future. (By the way, sorry if this review sounds weird, there was a kids TV show playing in the background.)
Happy Writing!

alliyah says...

YoUR REView banner is IMMACULTE!

"Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?"
— Albus Dumbledore