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    Nice job reviewing this month!

  • The very first Halloween tale! (I will post it as a work soon):

    Tale One-The “stilt-walker” clown

    It was Halloween night in the town of Cherry Brook. The streets were alive with Trick-or-Treaters eager to earn their prize. Houses were decorated with grandiose Halloween decorations, each car more grander than the last. There were parties being held for the older children who weren’t quite ready to give up the holiday’s festivities yet.

    But not all of these adolescents were attending parties. A good portion of them were headed towards the Cherry Brook Halloween Festival, full of skittering monsters and spine-chilling Haunted House attractions.

    Among this group of teens were three girls named Annora, Alarica, and Aisling. Annora and Alarica had been to the Halloween Festival since they were thirteen. That year was Aisling’s first time going, at sixteen.

    All three of them felt a burning excitement that could only come from the possibilities of Halloween. Would they be frightened? Would they have fun? No one knew!

    Annora was driving a navy blue Honda pilot down the road, Alarica sitting next to her at the passenger seat, Aisling sitting in the back. All three were looking out for the glowing orange and black LED gates that would let them in to a world of spooks.

    There was nothing…nothing…

    “There it is!” Aisling said, pointing to the front car window.

    The girls at the front of the car cheered when they saw the welcoming gates, with the glow bulb ghost sitting on the tippy-top.


    “There are only two rules to this adventure: Number One: Stay close to us. This is a very big park and people get lost easily here. If you stay with us, everything will be fine. Number Two: Have fun! This is your first time here, we want you to enjoy yourself!” Annora said. They had driven through the gates and parked themselves in the parking lot.

    Aisling nodded vigorously. She understood every word Annora was saying. She’d stay close and have fun. It wouldn’t be too hard, right?

    The girls opened the car doors and stepped outside, breathing in the cool, crisp October air. Waiting for them was the Cherry Brook Halloween Festival, calling out to them, begging them to enter.

    Aisling was more than ready.


    Aisling was in awe of the entirety of the park. There were houses beckoned to be explored, food stands and restaurants covered in the hazy scent of greased food, and monsters of a wide variety. Aisling saw ghouls, witches, vampires, and…

    And a clown on stilts.

    He looked to be the same age as the girls, but Aisling couldn’t tell with the makeup and how high he was.

    The clown waved at everyone, bending down once in a while to smile at the guests and gain a scream from him.

    The girls only turned to each other and giggled. He was just like any other Halloween performer, what was there to be afraid of?

    “Hi there!” Aisling said, waving up at him.

    The clown whipped his head towards her voice and grinned, white teeth clashing with his purple lips.

    Aisling smiled softly. It was nice to see people having fun on Halloween, even if it was only to strike fear.

    Speaking of which, where were her friends? They were supposed to be with her, but all Aisling saw was crowds of people shoving past her, desperate for Hallowed fun.

    “Annora! Alarica! Where are you?” Aisling called out.

    No one seemed to notice her and if they did, it was just to give her a dirty look.

    It wasn’t her fault that they were lost! Why did everyone look at her like she was trying to ruin everything? All she wanted was to have a spooktacular night with her friends, she didn’t want to lose them.

    The monsters were prowling through the night, laughing and leering. For the first time in her life, Aisling didn’t feel connected to the monsters. She felt like they were mocking her. They could see the distress on her face, could they not? They knew that she was panicking, from how her eyes darted left and right, how she kept calling the names of her friends.

    “I can help!” An insanely cheery, inappropriately optimistic, helium voice said behind her. Aisling jumped at the loudness of the voice before turning around.

    It was the stilt-walker clown. Up close, she could see that he was around her age, as well as the details of his appearance.

    His curly, almost girlish, highlighter blue hair framed a smooth, pale, thin face that had purple lipstick that outlined his lips like a heart and red snake eyes in rose pink rings, the markings going down his eyes matching. His nose and the dots on both sides of his cheeks were poinsettia red. He wore an orange and black jumpsuit with long sleeves that had white lace on the collars. His boots were high, black boots tied up in many strings.

    He was beautiful, in an awful, interesting way.

    “You can help me find my friends?” Aisling asked, trying her best not to stare.

    “That’s what I said, isn’t it? Now come on, let’s go!” The clown said, turning around to lead the way.

    Aisling looked around her. Not a single person seemed to notice her and the clown. They were all distracted by what the park had to offer, not caring for their fellow neighbors.

    She shrugged and decided to follow the clown. Sure, every movie said to never follow clowns, especially when they were scary clowns, but she needed to find her friends. Besides, it was Halloween night. Lots of people were dressing up like scary clowns. It didn’t automatically mean that they were evil.


    Aisling and the clown were far from the hustle and bustle of the park. They were in the forest that was teeming with trees that were only an inch over the clown’s head. Aisling trusted him enough until he took her to the forest, because how on Earth could her friends be there?

    She turned around, about to make a run for it, but then the clown said:

    “Stay right there.”

    Aisling was burning, boiling with blood at the moment. He had the audacity to lie to her and tell her to stay right where she was? As if she was some obedient little girl?

    “Why?!” Aisling asked hotly, turning her head around to face him. Out there were monsters, but at least they wouldn’t lead them to the woods.

    “Your friends are lost in the forest. It sounds like a lie, I know, but it’s true. This is my third year here, so I don’t know if this has been going on since this place was created, but from what I’ve seen, people went missing. I didn’t find them until November first. I always found them dead, in this forest. If you follow me, we can save your friends.” The clown said.

    “That’s a great campfire story, but in case you didn’t notice, I’m looking for my friends.” Aisling said through gritted teeth.

    She turned around on her left heel, about to storm off, until:

    “Wait!” The clown called out.

    Aisling turned around on her left heel again, but only to face him.

    “What?” Aisling asked with bite in her voice. If he was just going to waste her time again, then she’d run away as fast as she could.

    “I’m not like the other monsters.” The clown said.

    “Yes, of course you’re not, you’re a clown!”

    “No, I mean I’m not like them.”

    From the folds of his jumpsuit, the clown produced a magician’s black baton. He stretched it to the size of a cane. At the end was a sharp, silver blade, like that of a sicle.

    The clown lifted the bottom of his right jumpsuit leg slightly with the sicle.

    “These aren’t stilts that I’m wearing. This is my natural height.”

    “That’s ridiculous…” Aisling said, but she still peered down just to be sure.

    What his jumpsuit leg revealed weren’t wire black stilts, but a pale, thin ankle.

    He released the sicle from the jumpsuit leg.

    “I come here to have fun and to be accepted. Here, no one will think twice about my appearance, because I’m supposed to be unsightly. When the time is over, I come here, to live until next Halloween.”

    “Now that you know what I am, do you trust that your friends are here?” The clown asked.

    Aisling nodded. He was a literal monster clown, but he was offering to help. He told her the truth. She would find out for herself later if she was to live or die.


    They had been walking for a while until they both stopped in front of an iridescent, web-like rope that was off the branch of a tree. As weak as the rope looked, it was wrapped around the waists of Annora and Alarica, somehow pulling them down into the Earth. No screams escaped from their mouths, for they were covered in the web-like substance.

    Aisling was about to help them, but the clown pushed her aside.

    “Stay back! It takes humans away!” The clown said, running towards the rope.

    He looked as though he were struggling to untie them, that the rope was fighting against him. He gritted his sharp teeth as he worked through the knots, the girls dangling helplessly on the rope. Aisling bit back a cry, waiting anxiously for her friends to be free.

    It only took a few seconds and the girls were freed from the rope, in the clown’s arms. The rope hung limply from the tree, a sweet snake.

    He tore off the webs on their mouths, the sound akin to a band-aid being peeled off.

    After that, the clown set them on the ground. The girls ran towards Aisling and hugged her.

    “I…I don’t know what happened! One minute, we were with you and the next minute, we were being pulled to the ground by this…this…this really odd rope and-“

    “It’s okay. We’re all together now, that’s what matters.” Aisling said, cutting off Alarica.

    The clown, as frightening and questionable as could be, helped her find her friends. He saved their lives. Without him, she may have never seen them again.

    “Thank you, um…”

    “Candy Necklace. My name is Candy Necklace.”

    Aisling giggled softly, for she couldn’t help herself. His name was Candy Necklace!

    He didn’t seem to mind, though. He only beamed at her with his lovely white monster teeth.

    “Well, thank you, Candy Necklace. I’m Aisling.” She said.

    She didn’t know how to explain it, but she had a feeling that they would meet again.

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    vampricone6783 Finally, after so long…it came. The month of October came.

    All can rejoice.

    13 hours ago

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    vampricone6783 Her dog is sewed onto her arm.
    Sep 29, 2023

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  • Can we all please do a Halloween roleplay when the time gets closer?

    AilahEvelynMae YES PLEASE!!!!
    Sep 28, 2023

    GengarIsBestBoy *literally breaks out of a wall*

    Sep 28, 2023

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  • Alessia (corrupted angel) (from my story titled “The freedom of the ghosts”):

    A corrupted angel is something I came up. In my universe, when someone dies and they become a corrupted angel, it means that they are too evil for Heaven and too good for Hell. They can be pulled either to Heaven or Hell by an unseen force. Their fate remains undecided.


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  • October is getting closer. With each passing day, my time is getting nearer.

    Prepare for spooks, prepare for scares.

    GengarIsBestBoy You, you get it!
    Sep 25, 2023

    vampricone6783 :>
    Sep 25, 2023

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