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11:35 Procrastination

by AndName

It's 11:35 and I don't want to write.

But I have to.

Get my three pages done so I can lose myself to sleep.

My eyes hurt, I need rest.

But I need these three pages even more.

I'm on page one hundred and change.

I can't stop now.

I've got a story that needs writing.

I need writing.

Like I need to breath. Sometimes more. To center myself.

Get everything out, craft something out of nothing.

Even if it's crap.

I've got to create.

If I'm lucky, I'll be done by 1:00.

I've been sitting here, mindless, thinking of everything, for thirty minutes.

And I'm so tired.

But I've got to write.

It's 11:40 now.

And this is me merely putting off the inevitable.

Dragging it out, an excuse.

After I've pushed through on hard days like this where it feels like a chore, I feel like I can do anything.

Like this means something.

About myself, my willpower.

Because even if right now I procrastinate

Stare at the blinking cursor.

Think I can't. That what I'm saying doesn't mean enough.

Isn't big enough.

I've got to create

I've got to write.

I'm going to do this.

I can do this.



I'm done.

Three pages.

She shoots, she scores.

I'm a writer, I write.

Now I sleep.

Tomarow it begins again.

But hopefully easier.

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Tue Mar 31, 2020 11:20 am
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LittleLee wrote a review...

Hey, nice poem!
I don't have anything to point out as flaws in this poem, except that some lines are way too big. That causes a negative visual impact on the reader, but that is about it. I don't think you need to change anything else.
I think the main thing about this poem which makes it so good is how relatable it is to most people. So many of us have experienced what you've written about.
"Get everything out, craft something out of nothing.

Even if it's crap."
This line cracked me up, because I feel like this on the last day before any assignment! I would suggest removing the full stop just here though, because the sentence would sound better if it continued.

I absolutely love the ending. The timings you mentioned were also quite relatable! The thought repeating the ordeal is putting off but very true.
Great work! I hope to see more of your poetry!

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Thu Mar 05, 2020 12:10 am
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alliyah says...

Ah this poem is certainly relatable. I like the quick direct lines - I think it'd come across a bit more polished if you split up some of the really long lines, but it's a clear and nice poem with a theme many can relate to.
(Tomarow should be Tomorrow)

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Wed Mar 04, 2020 7:15 am
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Hkumar wrote a review...

Hey @AndName

You chose a very interesting topic that most of us have to deal with. Being a student it's more likely to get this habit of procrastination whenever it comes to completing assignments and preparing for exams.(at least in my case it's very true :p )You have written very well about how the narrator is getting tired of his work but is pushing himself to finish the task. It was interesting that you were giving the details of time in the poem.

Well there were some minor spelling issues as well like you spelled 'tomorrow' wrong.
Then somewhere in the middle

That what I'm saying doesn't mean enough.
Isn't big enough.

I don't know but this line did not go with the flow. It threw me off. (besides instead of 'that' it should be that's). May be it could be just me,pardon me if it felt wrong to you.

I saw your post and felt you faced some formatting issues as well with the spacing. Try using shift+Enter in the publishing center for providing singled space lines and then for changing the stanza just press enter. It worked for me. If the problem is not solved you can ask again anytime.

Some of your lines were way too big like this one here
After I've pushed through on hard days like this where it feels like a chore, I feel like I can do anything.

May be just try splitting it up to maintain the flow.

Besides all this I really enjoyed your poem. I liked the ending as well. It was really interesting and a joy to read it.
You have got a lot of potential.
Keep writing! :)

AndName says...

Thank you! As for why I included the time is that this poem was actually me procrastination in real time while I was putting off writing in my book XD
I see what you mean about breaking up that one line and the flow being off on the other. I'm not entirely sure what's blocky about it but it might be two two repeating 'enough's

As for the stanzas, I did hit enter but when I published it everything scrunched up together :/ It's not that big a deal, i'm not going to worry to much.

Again, thank you!

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Wed Mar 04, 2020 3:57 am
AndName says...

This one lost all formatting as well :/ Please disregard!

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