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Miracle on a Spaceship

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Fri Dec 14, 2018 10:16 pm
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CaptainJack says...

@LadyBird twirled around in her office chair to face Senior Knight @blueafrica, the current head of the holiday decorating committee. The other knight was covered in glitter, spare bits of foil tinsel, a small bit of colored glue on her helmet and a few foam stickers on the side of their glasses.

“So I assume that the proceedings are going fairly well, judging by the state of your appearance?”
“You think?”
“Any issues?”
“Well aside from the goblins in the brig, everyone is in the holiday spirit.”

Lizz was suddenly reminded of the space goblins they had captured a few weeks ago during the beginning of the new Space Force Initiative, a probable mistake, but the Knights had little to do on the yws earth.

“Well they do have different holidays than us. I guess jesus and a donkey don’t look all that attractive to people who look like frogs.”
“Frog jesus.”
“Not what I was going for. Call Knight @alliyah and Dame @Vervain into the office on your way out, we need to take care of the basement issue.”

Before Blue was out of the door, Lizz had already started assembling her light armor and decided to ask for the Secretary Squire to change the message.

“Add @Kale to the list, this should be their sort of thing.”

@concord joined her in the hallway and walked for a long ways of service corridors before they tried to shout over the holiday music that Blue had screaming from every speaker on the ship. It was certainly...festive.

“What can I do for you?”
“Write an article.”
“What do you want it to be about?”
“Then it’ll be about aliens. Now go and tag everyone.”

Lizz jumped down to the next level before waiting for the response. There came a long series of grumbles and screams from the passageway but it was just the choir trying to practice. It was an entirely different series of sounds that came from the prisoners.

“Howdy partners.”

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Sat Dec 15, 2018 6:18 pm
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alliyah says...

Knight Alliyah stomped into the make-shift Great Hall of the Spaceship, noting there was plenty of green left over from the last weaponry ceremony for Knight Shikora (@Shikora) and Knight Londone (@Elisabet), there was however a striking absence of the holly jolly complimentary red color though.

Knight Alliyah made a note in her checklist to make sure the admins were invited to The Great Holiday Hullabaloo. Hmm @Rydia and @Meshugenah would surely take offense to the absence of red from the decorations.

**just then**
Knight Alliyah heard a ghastly commotion and what sounded like a cross between a @Wolfical howling and a @EagleFly screeching out. "What was that!?" Knight Alliyah spun around and nearly ran into @LadyBird who was similarly absorbed in her checklist.

"Just the choir practicing Alliyah, don't worry about it, they'll be at full volume by the Hullabaloo. I'm sure."

Knight Alliyah wondered to herself if it was truly the volume that needed correction, but this was not a matter she wanted to get into with so much other important matters to attend to.

Suddenly the doors of the Great Hall opened with their usual flourish, with Knight @elysian and Knight @Querencia standing in the doorway, holding what looked like a very annoyed ball of grey fur, with a santa cap rather than a helmet placed upon its head.

The two Knights looked thoroughly exhausted and distressed.

"What in Commander's Name is going on here?" Knight Alliyah asked.

They looked to each other, then the ball of fur, then Knight Elysian spoke - "Well we found this guy strutting around the Goblin Barracks with a Ginger Bread key in his paw."

Knight Querencia started in, "And we seem to have misplaced all the prisoners."

Now @LadyBird was looking thoroughly exhausted and a bit distressed, "And how may I ask did this Raccoon get into this space ship?"

@ReviewBuddy spoke up now, "Review Buddy's the name, I ... was trying to deliver my Daily Review Challenges and Tips and... seem to have gotten a bit lost."

Knight Alliyah shouted, "But why are the prisoners gone?"

ReviewBuddy hopped quite quickly out of Knight Querencia's grip and dashed out of the Great Hall.
maybe i make up colors for poetic cadence, but i don't think i can ever love someone who doesn't understand that teal is a different color than dark cyan

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Sun Dec 16, 2018 3:24 am
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EditorAndPerks says...

Knight concord strode through the hallway, thinking of some of the folks they should tag and see if they were awake on the ship. Some users were needed to round up the lovely goblins they had been trying to communicate with a common tongue. Unfortunately, their languages were a little too different in trying to meet in the middle of their barrier, so Concord had to give up after a while.

They hummed aloud, picturing some fellow Knights and friendly people who could round up the goblins quickly. The first name that popped up was Knight @Messenger, who popped back onto the spaceship after some time at his respective learning area. Concord could sure talk about how stressful their own education had been, but that was for later.

They jogged along the ship, turning the corner and nearly running into a conversing pair of knights - @AkeliaTaske and @Featherstone. From what Concord heard, they appeared to be discussing present wrapping techniques: probably in preparation for the upcoming Secret Santa that was happening among the spaceship crew.

"So," they said, knocking on a wall by the three of them. "Didja want to help me with finding our visitors?"

"I thought Knight @alliyah and Dame @Vervain were getting onto that," AkeliaTaske answered.

"Well, then, meh." Concord pouted. They wanted to help find them. Now, what were they supposed to do?

"We can get started on some presents!" Featherstone said. "Or you can help me practice with my hawks!"

Feather's hawks were known to be the most fierce yet amazing creatures across the immediate galaxy.

They also seemed to really dislike Concord, but never when their trainer was around.

"That's, uh, ok." They smiled. "I don't think I'd be much of help."

With that, Concord waved goodbye to them. Maybe they could catch up to what Knight @manilla was up to. They could also try to find @ShadowVyper and chat for a few minutes. They hadn't seen them in a bit.

The closest person to their current position was probably their fellow Editor-of-the-Spaceship-Newspaper Knight @EternalRain. She was always nice to talk to.

Either way, there were plenty of people to speak with and plenty of things that could go wrong.
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Castle Grounds Consultant

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Sun Dec 16, 2018 4:04 pm
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manilla says...

Knight Manilla tensed, before opening the door of the ship deck. Something was a bit off from the jolly jingly-mood of the holiday. It was soon heard that prisoners, possibly containing removed users, had been misplaced. That, and along with shiny new Christmas greeting cards to send, Manilla was probably having another busy day.

"What about the decorating?" Manilla asked.

Knight @Hattable gave a reply with a small yawn. "Decorating's still going on."

In the not so far distance, a raccoon was DJ-ing a remix of Mariah Carey's Extra Festive All I Want for Christmas Is You. Manilla had seen that raccoon around somewhere.

Along the ship's perimeters where knights on a holiday vacation, Santa's elves, goblins (that bit you if you didn't give them candy before talking to them), a Good and Naughty list, and half-set up decorations.

They heard something shuffle beneath their feet, and immediately, Knight Manilla pulled out an iron sword and prodded at that spot. "Did you hear it?"

Hattable furrowed their brows. "What?"

Manilla shook their head. "You know what? Never mind. Probably just one of us."
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