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Determination + Persistence = Anything

About Featherstone9086

Well, there isn't really much to tell. I'm a teen from the US who loves fantasy and can't live without it. My passion is for birds, and I'm well on my way to an ornithology career. Here, you'll see me roleplaying, making bad puns, and being a nerd.

As I said, not much to say- but here I am and here I will stay.

See you around!

Knight Feather


Ornithology (the study of birds), birds of prey, falconry, dragons, gryphons, and reading/writing fantasy, zoology. I will also role-play 24/7- no kidding.



"Do not try to be pretty. You weren't meant to be pretty; you were meant to burn down the earth and graffiti the sky. Don't let anyone ever simplify you to just 'pretty'"
— Unknown