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"We can either settle this like women, or I can kill you and take your stuff, up to you."

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About FalconryGirl (formerly featherstone)

Hello YWS! You can call me Fea, Feather, Falc, Falx, or really whatever else that has to do with feathers or falcons :P

I've been around since October 2016, originally dropping by to get some help with my writing (fantasy novels). I soon joined the Knights of the Green Room and made my way around the Randomosity tab, and discovered some of the old role-play clubs that had been inactive for a long time.

Deciding I wanted some RP, I made my own, the Role-play Geeks, and to my delight it was quite successful. I became addicted and became a part of the wonderful community here :D

See you around!

~ Falx


Ornithology (the study of birds), birds of prey, falconry, dragons, gryphons, and reading/writing fantasy, zoology. I will also role-play 24/7 :wink:



Surround yourself with people who are serious about being writers, and who will tell you, ‘Hey—you can do better than this.’ Who will be critical of your work, but also supportive. And who will not be competitive in a negative way.
— Isabel Quintero