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Of course there must be something wrong / In wanting to silence any song." - R. Frost

  • herbalhour
    Jan 18, 2024

    happy birthfay!

  • IcyFlame
    Jan 18, 2024

    Happy birthday!

  • did I just post a review for the first time in over two years
    it's more likely than you think

    in other news: WHEN DID THE CHAT ROOM COME BACK?? WHAT???

    fatherfig welcome back, and a while ago aha
    Apr 18, 2023

  • Happy Birthday! ^-^

  • winterwolf0100
    Jan 18, 2023

    Happy birthdayyy!!!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday :)

  • happy cake day!

  • Happy cake day!

  • Welcome back! Happy existence!!!

    Featherstone thank you!
    Aug 20, 2022

  • ya boi just fit 1 4x8 sheet of plastic and two 4x4 sheets of plywood into the back of his car and I'm considering this my achievement of the week

    Mageheart that's incredibly impressive and you should absolutely consider that your achievement of the week
    Aug 18, 2022

  • ooooh hi! welcome back <3

    Featherstone EEY thanks, how've you been??
    Jul 2, 2022

    Omni i have been swell :D rp month is currently in full swing so things are a bit hectic for me

    how have you been?! i havent seen you around here in awhileee

    Jul 2, 2022

  • Ljungtroll
    Jun 19, 2022

    Heyyy welcome back!!

    Jun 19, 2022

    Ljungtroll I'm fantastic!! Finished my first year of college, looking forward to the next. And you??
    Jun 19, 2022

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  • ChieTheWriter
    Mar 23, 2022

    been a while fam. how you been? hope things are going alright. miss talking about all the birbs.

    Featherstone CHIE sorry for the delayed rsponse, it's been forever since I've been online! I'm doing really well, I've got a summer job breeding California condors which has just been amazing, and I've been working with my hawk to get her dorm-ready before I go to school in the fall. How are you?? What've you been up to?
    Jun 18, 2022

    ChieTheWriter doin good, I've got my vet tech degree and take the national exam in July. I've just accepted a new job on a farm that's easy and pays great and has benefits and all (makes me feel like I've gotten old). I've been working horses for some folks and still hanging around rping and trying to find some amigos locally to teach me to play dnd. Have gotten to hunt some (deer) but it's hard to find people to show me the ropes. We adopted a pup who needs to be a bird dog and I'd love to learn to track and hunt with a bow and overall just become a ranger so yeah. Life's been going.

    And dorm ready? Like you can take her with you to college????

    Jun 18, 2022

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  • Happy Cake Day!!

I don't think so alliyah, but don't quote me on that.
— TheBlueCat