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Review Spotlight for May 2019

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10 Reviews

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Sun Jun 02, 2019 6:01 am
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Big Brother says...

Review Spotlight for May 2019

Top 5 Reviews:
Re: Here comes the sun: A Loki Romance by @papillote
Re: scream by @LordStar
Re: Typhoon - Chapter 2 (2) by @FlamingPhoenix
Re: As Sharp as Broken Glass by @Butterfly7
Re: Are You Proud Of Me? by @Toboldlygo

Top 10 Reviewers by Points:
@Toboldlygo with 6673 points earned
@FlamingPhoenix with 4879 points earned
@Liberty500 with 4745 points earned
@JabberHut with 3125 points earned
@Dossereana with 2818 points earned
@Morrigan with 2375 points earned
@fraey with 2150 points earned
@JadeLotus with 1845 points earned
@CorvusQueen with 1519 points earned
@seekingthetruth with 1513 points earned

Top 10 Reviewers by Reviews:
@Toboldlygo with 53 reviews
@Liberty500 with 46 reviews
@FlamingPhoenix with 41 reviews
@JabberHut with 30 reviews
@Dossereana with 27 reviews
@seekingthetruth with 26 reviews
@JadeLotus with 25 reviews
@Morrigan with 19 reviews
@CorvusQueen with 18 reviews
@FabihaNeera with 16 reviews
@Leviari with 16 reviews

Top 10 Reviewers by Likes Earned:
@JabberHut with 27 likes earned
@Toboldlygo with 26 likes earned
@FlamingPhoenix with 23 likes earned
@Liberty500 with 16 likes earned
@Dossereana with 14 likes earned
@CorvusQueen with 10 likes earned
@Panikos with 10 likes earned
@seekingthetruth with 9 likes earned
@LordStar with 9 likes earned
@Morrigan with 7 likes earned
@fraey with 7 likes earned
@TropicalRain with 7 likes earned
@shieldmaiden with 7 likes earned

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155 Reviews

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Sun Jun 02, 2019 6:36 am
Toboldlygo says...

How are top reviews determined?
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933 Reviews


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Sun Jun 02, 2019 6:40 am
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Iggy says...

@Toboldlygo top reviews are determined by the amount of likes a review receives. So if you click one of the five reviews that are listed above, you’ll see that they have 1 or more likes on them.
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