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  • Poetry » Spiritual, General
    Re: i am just an astronaut stuck in space

    Hello! Here for a review! I love poems, so this caught my eye. I like the font that you did, really shows the mood of the poem. I also like ...

    Aug 26, 2017

  • Short Story » Realistic, General
    Re: Dandelions

    Hey! This is great. I love dandelions myself and I never knew they were wildflowers. That's pretty cool. I like in the beginning how you point out that people don't ...

    Apr 17, 2017

  • Poetry » General, General
    Re: All the things I've never said

    Hey LucyTheBrave, I like this poem. I like the repeated "things like telling..." And I really like the ending. I think your flow is off, just a little, maybe you ...

    Apr 17, 2017

  • Poetry » Dramatic, Lyrical
    Re: Thoughts

    Hey, Just want to say straight up that my review is not to hurt your feelings in any way. :) I think you need to pick either the 2nd to ...

    Apr 16, 2017

  • Hey, I love poems and I love the way you did the lines. It adds a cool look to the poem. You said at the beginning your poetry wasn't as ...

    Apr 16, 2017

  • Poetry » Realistic, Lyrical
    Re: Anxiety

    Hi, This is a great poem, but it sounds a little suicidal. But I get those feelings. I am not going to judge you in any way. I think this ...

    Apr 15, 2017

You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot stop Spring from coming.
— Pablo Neruda