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  • Short Story » Horror, Mystery / Suspense
    Re: untitled

    This was fun to read, in a creepy Lovecraftian sort of way. The ending was intriguing. I obviously don't know much about the larger narrative context here and where this ...

    Feb 26, 2019

  • Poetry » General, Spiritual
    Re: An Atheist Almost Admits...

    Beautiful, angsty piece. I would have loved to see more of a focus on the grave of your grandmother, as that seems to be the main tangible emotional anchor to ...

    Apr 8, 2018

  • Poetry » Fantasy, Other
    Re: nameless

    I wonder who the person being addressed is—a mentor, a part of yourself, a deity, a fabrication? Anyway, this was enjoyable to read and I like that your theme is ...

    Jul 30, 2014

  • Yo, seems like cC got most of the small stuff but here's some more I found: “It’s a Maori thing,” he said, the first syllable rising gently as his mouth ...

    Jun 29, 2014

  • Poetry » General, General
    Re: escapism

    I enjoyed this, thanks for posting. I liked the subtle storytelling and the homely atmosphere. The last stanza was fantastic. In stanza one I didn't like the contrast between "goodness, ...

    Jun 5, 2014

  • Poetry » Narrative, Culture
    Re: Live Album

    Your diction is well-practiced and pleasant to read. I would imagine this would sound even better read aloud. I don't really see the purpose of all this. The end was ...

    Jun 2, 2014

  • Poetry » Realistic, Culture
    Re: Dedicate Yourself Girls

    Okay, but be wary about where your bounds lie as an advocate of gender equality. Too many feminists, historically and contemporarily, forget their ideals and forget their audience and end ...

    May 30, 2014

  • I like this. I like the storytelling and the allegory, and I'm glad you were able to free yourself from this weight you've been carrying. The last section was unexpectedly ...

    May 18, 2014

  • Poetry » General, General
    Re: picture perfect

    This feels repetitive and unimaginative, to be blunt. In fact, it seems to reiterate the same theme of troubled love throughout all three stanzas; at the end, I am fed ...

    May 17, 2014

  • Poetry » Lyrical, Romantic
    Re: Deleted 41

    I read it. I liked it for its purposefulness and its straightforward direction. It's not particularly thought-provoking in that sense, but subtlety is more of a literary virtue than a ...

    May 11, 2014

  • Poetry » Realistic, Romantic
    Re: i. p a r a c o s m

    I rarely review anymore, but I was in a literary mood (it's a thing), so I'll walk you through this one. he sits at the edge Who? The edge of ...

    Mar 16, 2014

  • Short Story » General, Realistic
    Re: a sickle in the dust

    Your writing has a practiced rhythm to it that is so distinctly rooted in poetry that it's hard to really take this seriously as a piece of prose. The diction ...

    Sep 25, 2013

  • Poetry » General, General
    Re: Crossword

    the obvious has been filled in and the blank cells taunt your memory as you wonder if you ever knew the answers. You reach the summit, which you know is ...

    Jun 7, 2013

  • Short Story » Horror, Historical Fiction
    Re: His Eyes Were Not His Own--part 2

    I think there needs to be a stronger connection between part one and two. As what I'm certain is intended to be the central conflict is emerging, his earlier conference ...

    Jun 6, 2013

  • Short Story » Horror, Historical Fiction
    Re: His Eyes Were Not His Own--part 1

    Some notes: He opened his mouth, a gesture reminiscent of a yawning toad, and emitted two booming syllables: "Reminiscent of" denotes similarity to something in the beholder's past, and, as ...

    Jun 5, 2013

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