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Lost in limbo

by tropicalmango

Cutting through dark brackish water

Fickle waves tilting us back and forth

Forever at mercy of tide and current

Once this bright and livid ship

Carried the dreams of a life to be

“I’m going overseas to work!”

“Don’t worry, Ma and Pa, I’ll earn lots of money, buy a big house in the village!”

Reality broke it clean in half

Leaving an empty soulless vessel

Drifitng aimlessly in ocean vastness

Hopping from port to port

Never staying longer than a day

Never setting anchor firm

Never feeling land’s warm embrace again

Cursed to sail the cold seas forever

The family’s faces

My hometown’s flavours

Fading away

Into a bland slate of grey


When can we go home? 

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Sun Jul 30, 2023 2:49 pm
vampricone6783 wrote a review...

In the pursuit of dreams, the narrator was put in peril. The narrator wanted to have a good life, but the world’s waves crushed them and pushed them so far off from course, the way back home even looks unreachable. All dreams of all time, disappeared into the darkness, into the nothingness. How will they come back, if ever?

I hope that you will have a fantastic and beautiful day and night.

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Sat Jul 29, 2023 5:45 pm
OrabellaAvenue wrote a review...

Hi! This is a Orabella, here to review.

This is quite a depressing poem... but still interesting and well-written! I'm kinda bad at guessing messages behind things, so can I ask, why can't this person go back home? Like, what is stopping them? They seem to be going "from port to port". Are they lost or something? Are they dead?

I actually have a lot more questions, but you don't have to answer them. I do like mysteries of poems. I had to look up brackish water, and now I'm curious on where this person is? If it's not as salty as the sea, than where could this person be? Maybe it's just a certain section that's not quite as salty as others?

So, this person went overseas to find better work, where they want to provide a home for their family. But they never arrive. Correct? This reminds me of other historical stories. When settlers or refugees came to America, and either their ship sank or it wasn't actually as good as they thought it would be.

This whole poem sets the mood perfectly from the first line, and it immerses me in this grim world. Thanks for writing this and sharing.

Keep writing!

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tropicalmango says...

Hi, thanks so much for the review! So I'm from Singapore, and this is an ode to the many migrant workers we have here. Many of them left their villages and hometowns in other countries to come here and work, filled with many dreams of a life to be. But when they actually came, many were faced with many problems, such as mistreatment, being oastracised, sub-optimal living conditions etc. But most of all, many of them struggle with a sense of identity, giving their hearts and lives to help build a foreign nation. Even in Singapore, it still feels like they still don't have a home, as they can't connect with most of the locals or don't have friends here, hence why they still feel like they're at sea, drifitng around aimlessly. Yet, they have to work hard to earn money for their family and stay for long periods of time, many unable to afford the other way back, hence why they slowly forget their old identity.

OrabellaAvenue says...

Ohh, that's so interesting! (And oh my gosh so sad) So most of it is a metaphor. I see. Well, you explained the feeling of what you just said so well in your work. Thanks for explaining this! ^^

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