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My Little Rant on famous books

by stygianmoon17

I've got a mostly popular opinion when it comes to books- well except for Romance which I just loathe. 

But there are a few exceptions of famous books I've read that I've either never been able to finish or just finished and was like ".. this is shit"

(some spoilers) obviously)

BOOK 1: The Mortal Instruments (First Volume) 

The book looked great, the synopsis made it seem as another YA story, kinda like the Percy Jackson books, the cover was breathtaking and it simply looked like a fun ride. I never mad it past the first five chapters tho.

The action is great, the moment you read a sentence of those you're just sucked in and before you know it, you've read three full chapters of action. But it's the characters that turned me away. From what I remember there is a main girl and a main guy, then there's a guy that sings bad poetry, a demon with blue hair and a girl and a guy shadow hunter (they're like demon hunters). But that's basically it. Because the problem with these characters is that they've all got the same traits- they're sarcastic, and they're witty, and they always have great comebacks. That's literally it. None of them has any distinctive trait, none of them talks or speaks or acts or holds themselves in a distinctive way, and so in the end you just get bored of them. It might seem fun, eighty characters that are all sarcastic, but it gets boring really fast and you never care for any of them. So yeah, pretty terrible characters. 

BOOK 2: Gone 

Not sure if it's that famous of a book, but this one MUST be on this list. I fricking loved the idea, it looked fun, it looked terrifying and it looked absolutely great! The problem here is again the characters tho. 

Main girl is nerdy, likes reading books, is smart 

Main dude has the BEST power, the STRONGEST power as well, (he has the power of light btw) he becomes the leader for no reason other than the bad guy tried to kill him and he survived, he saves everyone, he survives death, he's athletic, everyone says he's good-looking, aaaand that's it. 

These main characters are basically summed up to : a Mary Sue (or a Gary Sue, I think that's the male equivalent) and a walking cliche.  

The bad guys are even worse, 

Main bad guy, can't remember his name but he's the MC's brother, 

so his deal is that he manipulates his school, takes control of another and forces people to serve him, strips them of their powers and just does all these terrible things- for no reason. Literally. I think the author tried saying he was that way since birth that's why her mother gave up on him.. but that's bullshit. If you can't come up with a reasonable backstory or reason for being evil enough to TAKE CONTROL OF AN ISLAND and basically become a dictator, then I'm never gonna take him seriously. 

There's a lot more bad guys, but the one I want to talk about is Drake. Yeah he's the only name I remembered lol. 

He's the best thing in his book, he's like the reincarnation of evil. He's a psychopath, he kills people for fun, he loves just seeing people suffer, but he hasn't got a power which makes him a bit.. relatable I guess..? He's actually the only character I genuinely liked since he seemed more humane, and had reasons for his actions unlike cardboard cutting no1 and cardboard cutting no2. But I'm almost 100% certain of what will happen to him further into the books.                                     Gone readers tell me if I'm wrong, but he's gonna become a vessel of evil after the person he works for rejects him or something, and he's gonna let the big evil thingy (it's not given a name in the first volume) take control of his body with the promise of him becoming the most powerful person alive. I'm almost certain that's what's going to happen. I mean I might be wrong, but it's what seems to most logical seeing how cliched this book is. 

LAST BOOK (I know people are going to come murder me for this one but..

HARRY POTTER, ALL of the books 

I'm SO tired of people saying it's a masterpiece. Yes it was, when we were eight years old and didn't know any better, and people who have never read fiction before might think it's the greatest book ever as well- but it's not. 

So why do people love it ? 

Because of the characters ? There's nothing original to them. Harry is literally a Mary Sue, he's unkillable and just survives the most unlikely things. Hermions is the cliched nerdy girl that gets a makeover- and since even the author said Hermione was based off of herself, it's kinda logical that nearing the end of the series she just becomes perfect. And Ron is the upbeat, comic relief. 

Because of the plot? Dark forces that want to take over the world, for no reason I might add, and a prophecy about a boy is what defeats it ? Wow. So original. 

Because of the subtle messages ? Yeah put a cape to Hitler and call him Voldemort, don't call them Nazis but Death Eaters and change the Jews to Muggles ? So subtle, I never would've noticed. 

There's literally nothing creative about Harry Potter, it's a good child's book, but it's not a masterpiece. People liked these books because they were an introduction to the world of fantasy, and to those who have never read any fantasy before will probably think these books are incredible. 

I'm not trying to sound edgy by saying how a book everyone loves is bad, but people who have read books after books will know that it is nowhere near what a good book can be. You can love it, but don't sound so shocked when people say they don't like it- it's premise has been overused, and not everyone stayed stuck in their eight years old mind of loving eight years old worthy books. 

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Mon Feb 15, 2021 5:29 am
mordax wrote a review...

I have never read Gone, but I have read the other two, and I've got to say... I completely agree. Mortal Instruments got on my nerves so fast, and I had friends that convinced me to finish it, and I was disappointed through every minute of it. The main girl was the definition of "I'm not like other girls" and "I'm quirky and sarcastic" and everyone loved her for it despite the fact that every other character was the same way. Not to mention some incredibly disturbing plot occurrences in the later books which only made a bad series, worse.

As for Harry Potter... Yes. All of this, yes. It was so revolutionary partially because the fantastical world and concept was a relatively new one. But the plot itself was not. As for the character, I agree with you completely. There was not one character that truly captivated me for the entire series. In fact, even characters that were meant to be role models and ideal, *cough* Dumbledore *cough* were horrible. Dumbledore was meant to be this gentle and loving headmaster, but all I saw was a manipulative old man that forced a young boy into deathly situations with little to no guidance. And he was loved for it.

I see that you loathe romance, and I once did, too. What I've come to learn is that I loathe certain romances. Particularly the romances that the entire plot revolves around and the relationship is extremely toxic. What I do love, is a book with a legitimate plot and a healthy, side-plot romance. I don't know if you have ever read Sarah J Maas, but she is one of the reasons why I once claimed I loathed romance. (This opinion happens to be an unpopular one and I am often attacked for hating on her books)

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Sun Feb 14, 2021 4:25 pm
ImaginativeAlice wrote a review...

Well I don't say you are wrong but Harry potter is a loved book, It may not be a masterpiece but people are connected with those books, its characters, the hogwarts school. That's why people love it. It may not be the best book but people have a soft spot for it that's why people ignore the errors it has. Tell the truth haven't you atleast once read the harry potter book when you wanted to go away from this world, to a world of magic and happiness.

Okay I am getting quite sensitive. It's okay you don't like harry potter it's your opinion.

nah I know, I've got a soft spot for HP in my heart, it's just so frustrating when people constantly expect you to say it's a masterpiece and to have no other opinion on it..

Yeah! I think it's okay to other opinion

*to have*

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Sun Feb 14, 2021 2:54 pm
Stormbreaker says...

but I agree Gone is pretty terrible character-wise

I was expecting this.. thanks for the review..? If this can be called a review xD

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Sun Feb 14, 2021 2:37 pm
HarryHardy wrote a review...

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night(whichever one it is in your part of the world),

Hi! I'm here to take a bit about the first two things you mentioned I've never read so I won't be talking about those 'cause I just don't know...but umm I'll talk about what you've put down for Harry Potter because I have read those...several times...repeatedly.

Anyway let's get right to it,

Hmm...well firstly, you loathe Romance which is quickly becoming one of my favorites to read soo dang...we disagree strongly in the first line itself...but each their own...there was once a time where I did in fact loathe romance so that can happen...xD. Okay now that that's out of the way, onto HP.

Hmm...well on the first count I would agree honestly, back when I first read this I loved it...and is definitely aimed for least the first couple of books are...then it took a bit of a turn and that's kinda where it got a little messed up in my opinion.

Umm...characters...gonna say I would agree...out of the lot of them My favorite character is Hermione but I would agree that yeah she's not the greatest....and well if you analyze the way the lot of them act....its a are boring but then that kind of works for the target you get older and read it again, you start to notice how not great they are...which is what happened to me anyway.

Umm...the be fair, a lot of books have the same plot and Jkr did kind of come out with this quite a while ago so a bunch of books are technically ripping Harry Potter off is a pretty standard...but then I guess again it works for the target audience but yeah not for everyone.

Hmm...yeah...Harry Potter at its heart is always going to be a children's book and I think that's its strong points anyway, the later parts just kind of ruined it for me when things became a little less for children. And honestly I would probably have more points to say how HP is many plot holes and loose ends and character inconsistencies...but I do still have a soft spot for it and I think that's really why a lot of people love it.

Most of the folks that really love HP do so because they read it when they were young and a lot of us treasure our childhood and hence treasure the book despite the glaring errors we see as we grow up...probably someone who starts reading HP later in life wouldn't really enjoy it all but that's just how it is. Yeah...well that's my opinion anyway...feel free to totally ignore it.

Aaaaand that's it for this one.

Stay Safe

thank you so much for the review !!

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