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Garbage Chute

by mb1221

“I don’t want this baby!”,

I heard her cry.

The cool air outside the worm womb

electrocuted me

blending with her motherly sobs.


Sorry, she said

Then embraced me tight

as her salty tears burned my cheeks


I sensed movement

Slow, steady paces

A metal clicked,

and I was free


Life is a freefall

A hasty drop that hits me

from all four sides.

It’s dark…

It’s cold…

A little humid

like a drying wound.


At the end of the fall,

there’s light.

My eyes pop open

A dead goldfish,

A brown banana peel,

A smashed drink bottle,

And a pair of old socks.

As I ask myself,

“Do I belong here?”,

the world stinks,

and I cry. 

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Mon May 13, 2019 12:40 pm
GigiNicole17 wrote a review...

Hi, mb1221!!!

I'm Gigi, here with your first review.

First off, great job!!! Remember in the dialogue to use quotation marks, which you did for the most part, there were just a few places where you didn't. I like the imagery and the personification you used when comparing the Garbage Chute to the pregnancy. I thought that was an interesting take. I like that you showed the speaker's insecurities, making it real and raw emotion. Great job on that. Overall I think you did extremely well.

Keep Writing! <3

~Gigi, The Jesus Freak :D

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