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The Brother

by keeperofgaming

I saw him in his light.

A kin with no fight.

One of mine a faithful.

With the resolve of a turtle.


I sat in my darkened pit.

Throwing myself a little fit.

Why... why did I lie.

To his face, under the sky.


Who can judge me now.

Me who worked like a plow.

Unending and very tired.

Even in the life I admired.


I loved my self and no other.

Rejecting all, even my brother.

I followed their words, every one.

But not one helped, none.


Now my kin lies in heaven.

His happiness is leavened.

My loaf is sour.

As my mind goes on hour to hour.


Why did I reject the cries.

Hiding deep within my lies.

I understand now, what to find.

But it is too late, and I'm treated in kind.


The Darkness where I stand.

Is what I chose, my command.

This is my new life.

In death, in pure strife.

Is this a review?



Monster is a relative term. To a canary, a cat is a monster. We're just used to being the cat.
— Henry Wu, "Jurassic World"