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Mrs. Fowell's School of Witchcraft and Mayhem (s1, ep4)

by foxmaster

S1, ep4

The Vamp


Sylvie and Beatrice walk down a misty, creepy path with overgrown plants everywhere. Finally, they arrive at a door, and Sylvie creaks it open-


There's a bunch of leftover furniture, and cobwebs everywhere. It's dark there, and the most creepy thing is that there's literally nobody there. Wall paper's peeling off and dust clouds the air. Sylvie fishes out her phone and turns on the flashlight. She whips it around the room and sees literally nothing.

Beatrice: Looks like we have to walk in.

Sylvie: no, I'd rather.. stay here.

Beatrice begins walking down the hall and Sylvie rushes after her in panic. They get to the end of a hallway and then pause. 

Sylvie: did you close the door?

Beatrice: yes, I did.

Sylvie whimpers, and then suddenly, the door creaks open from there. The girls pause, and then footsteps echo down the sitting room, to where the girls are. Sylvie begins hyperventilating. And then- they hear the wallpaper being RIPPED off the wall! 🧛♀️😱

Sylvie screams, and a voice says,

Voice: Sylvie, is it you... the person who summoned me?

Sylvie whimpers some more and then says, "It-it's the vampire,"

And then she drops her baggage and races into the nearest room. Beatrice sighs and races after her. Crashing echoes behind the girls and Sylvie puffs, 

Sylvie: NOT a school for good and kind magic! 

Beatrice: I prefer this.

Suddenly, the girls enter a library with dusty books. There's no exit. Just an entrance. Squeaking sounds from the hallway, like a whole lot of bats. Sylvie screams, Beatrice smiles mistily, and then Sylvie begins tearing books off the walls.

Sylvie: How do we get out of here?! 

Then, after clearing  whole shelf, she accidentally knocks off an old bust of an ugly man, and a bookcase swings open, revealing an staircase. Sylvie Beatrice into it, who stumbles, and then Sylvie jumps into it, and slams the bookcase closed. 

Both girls pant hard and Beatrice looks through a small crack in the plaster keeping the books from falling and the room being revealed. A whole horde of bats flies into the library before a person walks in. The person has pale skin, sharp teeth, and Beatrice can't see the person's features because the person's face is covered by their hair. The vampire smiles, before all the bats begin tearing the books off the shelves and generally destroying the library. It won't be long 'till they get back to Sylvie and Beatrice.

Beatrice: run.

The girls race down the stairs, and then get to an old wine cellar. It's stacked with crates of old, reddish stuff. They hear the passageway being opened, and Sylvie jumps onto a few crates and tries to heave open the window. Beatrice grabs an old metal bar and tosses it to her. It hits Sylvie in the face, before she catches it and rips the window open. She clambers out of it, and then Beatrice jumps out of the window, as agile as a gazelle. 

The girls land on the dry leaves out the window and Sylvie immediately slams it closed. Sylvie and Beatrice stand up, panting hard, and Sylvie motions to get out of there. 

They race out of the gates. Beatrice is holding her one suitcase and Sylvie stares at it. 

Sylvie: My Backstreet Boys funko pop was in there,

Beatrice: Nobody cares,

Sylvie: about you, 

Beatrice sighs and the girls walk down the road. The vampire seems to have disappeared, thank goodness. Soon, it's the middle of the night and the girls seem to have gone no where. And the next thing they know, they're staring at a hiking trail. It's dark, with very creepy trees.  There's a sign in front of it:

                                    The Mayhemial And Witchcraftial hiking trail-

                                                 Dedicated to Leona Fowell

Sylvie: doesn't this seem like a test?

Beatrice: this is a trap.

Sylvie: oh, yeah. Watch me gooooooooo!

Sylvie steps onto the trail and gets a few feet before realizing that Beatrice isn't following her.

Sylvie: NOW.

Beatrice sighs and follows her down the path, and they're a few feet from the trail before they suddenly hear a bloodcurdling SCREAM.

Sylvie: what was that?

Beatrice: This is like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one.

Sylvie whimpers yet again, before she finally gets to an old, wrought iron fence. Another sign:

                                                Private Property,

                              No trespassing. Trespassers will die.

Sylvie groans, and says, We're not going here, are we?

Beatrice: we shall.

Sylvie: why?

Beatrice: Well, this obviously isn't a school for good and kind magic- I can tell you that. It's a school for witchcraft and mayhem, obviously. You're going to be evil Sylvie.

With that, Beatrice walks down to the fence, nd the gate opens. She smiles, and Sylvie groans yet again. She races up to follow her cousin.

After a bit of walking, the girls get to a ginormous clearing. In that clearing, is a castle. It's very gothic, gargoyles at every turn, everything black and grey and ominous balconies. A sign:

                                      Mrs. Fowell's school for Witchcraft and mayhem

Sylvie: this place is waaaaaaaaay different than I thought.

Sylvie walks over to a giant door and grabs a brass knocker. She walks inside without waiting for someone to walk in. She stares at the large entry hall. It has a lot of antiques, that's for sure. Doesn't look that evil. 

Scene shift

Sylvie and Beatrice are in an antique-filled office. There's a woman behind an antique desk. She's covered in multicolored lace things. She's Mrs. Fowell, the headmistress.

Mrs. Fowell: New kids I suppose.

Sylvie: yup.

Mrs. Fowell: well, due to... concerns, lately, we have no time to add new students to our school, I'm afraid.

Sylvie: why?

Mrs. Fowell: ...let's begin with the murders.

to be continued...

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Thu Jun 29, 2023 2:16 pm
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IcyFlame wrote a review...

Hey foxmaster, I'm just dropping by for a quick afternoon review!

I loved the dynamic and the drama in this chapter - Beatrice and Sylvie were really fun to read and I could definitely picture the two of them in all of this chaos. I'd love to see this acted out because I think the timing between the lines would be really fun to watch.

I would like to see some more direction on how the characters might be speaking the lines sometimes. It's sometimes hard to tell if they're scared or completely deadpan, and a note in brackets after their name and before the line might give me a bit more of an indication as to how the scene is playing out beyond just the words they're saying.

I also couldn't quite work out how more students would solve the problem of murders, or is it simply that they're replacing the people who've been murdered? xD

Definitely enjoyed this episode - thanks for sharing!


foxmaster says...

Thank you!!!%uD83D%uDE01

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Fri Jun 23, 2023 1:10 am
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cookiesandcream123 wrote a review...

Heyo, foxmaster! Dropping by to leave a quick review!

This episode/chapter had a LOT of drama and action and was very fun to read, hehe. :D I can't believe a vampire just showed up so casually! Well, it did say that Sylvie summoned it though, which is.. huh.. o_O mysterious. Also, I love that Sylvie and Beatrice still had so much sass the whole time. They spoke many genius lines again in this episode lol.

All in all, awesome chapter! The imagery and action are written very clearly, and I was able to picture it in my head. Now.. ooh boy.. there were murders?!

foxmaster says...


We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
— T.S. Eliot