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Ms Fowell's school of witchcraft and mayhem (s1,ep3)

by foxmaster

Ms. Fowell's school for good and kind magic

Open shot

Sylvie and Beatrice are sitting in two benches inside the police station. Sylvie is staring at the ground sullenly, while Beatrice fiddles with her umbrella and glares at Sylvie chilingly. Sylvie then stares at the wall and sighs, trying to process all of what happened in the last three hours.

Sylvie: I still didnt' get my answer, you know.

Beatrice: shut the #$%&% up, Sylvie.

Sylvie: I don' shut up, I grow up, and when I see YOU, I want to throw up.

Beatrice: this is not the time for second grade-level comebacks, cousin.

Sylvie: excuse me? Are you calling me stupid?

Beatrice: So you admit it?

Sylvie stands up and is about to punch Beatrice in the face when an inspector walks in and stares at them.

Random inspector dude person: What are you crazy kids doing? You are WANTED inside.

Sylvie: NOT MY FAULT, sir.

Beatrice: who brought the pumpkins into the graveyard?

Sylvie: I know what YOU are, but what am I?

Beatrice: I concur.

In the inspector's room, it it dimly it and Sylvie is staring at the deputy and the inspector.

Deputy Hodgins: child, you better explain what you did, now. A bunch of people are going to come and it'll be witch hunts all over again. You're a Dark Witch, and now trying to contact vampires? What the hell were you thinking, kid? You'll get yourself killed, did you know that? Huh? You have two minutes to explain before you get arrested, so get STARTED NOOOOOOOOOOOOW.

Sylvie: I am soooo lost, sir. What's a dark witch, first of all, and what did I have to do with vampires?

Random Inspector dude: clueless kids these days.

Inspector dude slams his head on his desk and says, "I need a coffee."

Sylvie: I need answers, like right now... really.

Deputy Hodgins: Listen, this is grownup stuff and not kids stuff so keep yourself out of it. Just explain what you were doing, and you'll be fine.

Sylvie: I can't explain.

Deputy Hodgins: Why not?

Sylvie: because I don't know what to explain.

Deputy grabs a phone and begins calling an unknown number. 

Deputy puts down phone and says: we got you a lawyer. Court date five days from now. Be there... or else.

Back at the house

Beatrice is looking through an old, old book. She finally takes one out: Dark Witches

Beatrice: Reading aloud: Dark Witches are like normal witches, but are made of literal darkness. They usually have an opposite to keep them in line, until one of them dies... Dark Witches have the power of normal witches but have the ability to undo their power to become something else. Dark witches should be killed immediately, as they usually are connected to some kind of Vampire. Beware: Approach with caution.

Beatrice drops book.

Beatrice: Dang.

Sylvie's house. Her and her whole family are seated at the dinner table in the kitchen. Sylvie's parents are holding an important document.

Sylvie's Father: What have you gotten into? A court date? You? A dark witch? Never. GROUNDED YOUNG LADY.

Sylvie: What's a dark witch, even?

Sylvie's mother: You don't need to know.

Sylvie sits up and says angrily: I need to know! Tell me! I want to know what a dark witch is! Why is no one telling me?

Sylvie's mother: You don't need to know. 


Sylvie stands up and stomps to her room, before slamming the door. Family winces.

Now, Sylvie's mother, father, and Sylvie are sitting in a comfortable room with a therapist and a lawyer. both look very official.

Therapist: This is hard, dear, but we have it al worked out. 

Therapist withers under Sylvie's scalding glare.

Lawyer: we think we have a solution... there is a school in the mountains right by the town of Breckenridge, called "Mrs. Fowell's school or good and kind magic." I believe it will work for our problem here. 

Sylvie: angrily: I. am. not. a problem.

Therapist: We'll need to bring a companion with her... for the Dlarko Witcho- that's the closest I can get to you-know-what in Piglatin.

Suddenly, Beatrice races through door, with her family glaring at her from outside.

Beatrice: Me. I'm the companion.

When nobody is looking, she gives Sylvie a paper that explains what a Dark Witch is. Sylvie reads it, her face going completely pale. She starts hyperventilating, and says: I think-- I uh think that'll work, uhh...

Sylvie breaks down into sobs and her voice over says: I am not evil, I am not I can't be.

Therapist: great idea.

Lawyer gets up and runs out of the room in a panicked manner.

Sylvie's Father: where are you going?

Lawyer: I am really thirsty... sorry, it's time to take my  medicine. It's a very specific time, you know.

Everyone nods. Show shot of Lawyer walking out of the room, and you can get a glimpse of fangs coming out of her lip.


Sylvie is sitting in a courtroom with her parents and the lawyer.

Judge: And, Jeanie?

Lawyer: I have found a suitable school, called "Mrs. Fowell's school of Good and kind magic." Shall it work? 

Judge: Yes, I suppose (Judge bangs gavel on table loudly): this shall continue four years from now. You are dismissed. 

Show shot of Sylvie putting her bags into the car. She sits down, and it begins to rain. She stares out the window sadly.

Now, they arrive at a dirt road. Sylvie takes out her bags, hugs her parents. They cry a bit, and she walks down the path. She arrives a wrought-iron fence that shows a gigantic mansion shrouded in fog. She gulps. A sign above the sharp-looking fence says,

Mrs. Fowell's School of Good and kind magic.

It does not look good and kind magic, not at all. Finally:

Beatrice: Boo,

Sylvie jumps, screams a little, and Beatrice smiles. 

Beatrice: Glad to be dark witch? 

Sylvie: Shut up, while I grow up and you throw up.

Beatrice: You're terrible at making things up.

Sylvie nods. Beatrice is holding her umbrella, a creepy cat, and a small suitcase.  

Beatrice: my luggage has already arrived.

Sylvie: uh-huh, (Sarcastic)

The girls walk into the gates, which creak open ominously. 

Show shot of the title, right after they walk in. The letters wiggle, before saying instead:

Mrs. Fowell's School of Witchcraft and Mayhem

Sylvie Vo/: well, my life is about to get really interesting.

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Wed Jun 07, 2023 1:55 am
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cookiesandcream123 wrote a review...

Heyo, foxmaster! Here to leave a review!

First impression: This was a very fun read. I love the humor at the start, and the investigator dude had me cracking up XD- Poor guy needs a raise to buy his coffee, and a vacation!

Beatrice: shut the #$%&% up, Sylvie.

Sylvie: I don' shut up, I grow up, and when I see YOU, I want to throw up.

Those comebacks are amazing lol-

You have two minutes to explain before you get arrested, so get STARTED NOOOOOOOOOOOOW.

This is another funny part. I appreciate that there's a lot of light-heartedness sprinkled throughout! Now, hmm, we just need to figure out what Sylvie's family secret is, and why the name of the school doesn't quite seem to be what we'd thought. Very sus.

In this chapter/episode, you did great at building the characters and setting up the conflict. Things are moving along quickly! The comedy's very fun too. My only suggestion is that you can keep the formatting a bit more consistent (Eg: at one part, you switched the dialogue from script format back to the "'________,' ____ says" format); and there are a few places in the dialogue where you forget to capitalize the first letter.

But that's the only constructive criticism I have, and it's not super important. Other than that, I loved the chaos in this chapter! >:D Great job!

foxmaster says...

thank you! :)

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172 Reviews

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Fri Jun 02, 2023 8:45 pm
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Roxanne wrote a review...

Aloha 'one and only' @foxmaster!


I am very happy to read another episode of your show, it is absolutely incredible! So here I am with another review for this show!

Okido!! LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTEDDD!!!!!!! (throws candy and marshmallows around)

Firstly, mostly secondly, why is Sylvie's family reluctant to tell her the truth about Dark Witches? Do they have something to hide? (gets out a magnifying glass and detective notebook) Do they know something about the creepy vampires?

And then firstly, what happend to 'Ms Fowell's school of witchcraft and mayhem'? It magically turned into 'Ms. Fowell's school for good and kind magic'. It makes me think of the movie 'School for Good and Evil'.

Not to forget the mysterious question that left me thinking, why is Beatrice acting so helpful and sweet all of a sudden when she was always the black pony on a rainbow of dull colors? Now, now, this is getting really interesting...(rubs hands together mischievously)
There must be something special about the mysterious and strange school that makes Beatrice want to help Sylvie.

Is Sylvie really a dark witch? But I mean really, is she?
From all the movies I've seen and all the books I've read, I'd like to think that Sylvie really is a dark witch, but maybe she doesn't know it yet. (gasps) I just realized that I made a really dangerous theory. Does her family know? My, my, my. This could get very interesting...
But who knows, maybe the author has some other big, scary twists in store. I can just picture you with a face covered by a git's black mask and a very deep, low voice and a dramatically long cloak like Prof. Snape, while you walk into an extremely small, darkly lit room and mix a terrifying potion that later turns into an intriguing twist. (Poof! and later explodes the minds of your readers)

HOLD! Wait a minute! Sylvie her lawyer is a VAMP? (blinks two thousand times). When did this happen? Is she the "From you'll never know" blackmailer? Did she send her to the graveyard? I mean, "if" Sylvie really is a Dark Witch, she could be useful to the 'lawyer'... Maybe?

Talk about cliffhangers! WOW! Your writing is amazing and unique, it really makes the show feel more alive. I enjoyed reading this episode and I am definitely looking forward to more!

Hauntingly goodbye,

Red Riddle Rose

foxmaster says...

thaaaaaaaaaaaaank you!! I am so excited to continue this although to let you know the lawyer is a girl, ha-ha. :o

Roxanne says...

Whoops! Now that's just awkward. My bad, should've added the 's' to the 'he'.
But hey, I was so sucked up in the show that I even forgot that :D. Love the show!

foxmaster says...

thank ya soooo much I look forward to continuign this and you rmidnight chronicles :)

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