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E - Everyone

We are the same.

by corgisrock22

Some say we are different,

Some think it's insane,

But if you look closely, 

We are all the same.

We all are living,

We breath the same air.

We all have feelings,

We all care.

We all have visions,

Hopes and dreams,

Look past Religions,

Its easier than it seems.

Look in the mirror,

What do you see?

I see someone who is equal to me.

No matter your color,




Or brown,

No matter your gender,

Male or Female, 

How does that sound?

No matter your lover,

We are related to each other.

No matter where you are from,

No matter where you are,

No matter your faith, 

We all have scars.

We all bleed, 

We all cry,

We all dream,

We all die.

So my friend,

Take my hand,

Look through my eyes

do you understand?

We are no different,

Though you may think it is lame,

We all are one,

We are the same.

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Fri Feb 03, 2017 11:42 pm
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dogsrule5 wrote a review...

Hey, Dogs here for a review!

Overall you have an amazing piece, and I really, really love it!

Everything you said is very true, but most of the time people don't realize this.

Okay, let's get really into this review, now I'm going to be that friend who like points out all your errors (which by the way, you don't have a lot of them)

Sorry if I sound rude, I'm only trying to help!

1)Rhyme Scheme: Only in some areas the third line didn't rhyme, but that's okay, it's hard to make every other line rhyme right? It's totally okay, but I just wanted to point that out.

2) There really wasn't any grammatical errors, so we don't need to spend to long on that. In poetry, certain rules that apply to novels and stories, don't apply here.

That's pretty much it for errors. Let's move on to things that you did well!

1)Flow ~ The poems flow was amazing. The flow stuck together, and it didn't fall apart, like I've seen in many poems.

2) The title ~ (Even though you sent this to me) I would've read it anyway because the title would've drawn me in.

3)Word Choice ~ I love the words you choose to use. It's an easy read (which helps many) but at the same time it brings out the message/meaning that the poem has to say.

4)Lines ~ This kind of goes along with word choice, but I loved the lines that you choose as well. For example.

We all are one,
We are the same.

To me this was one of the most important parts of the poem, because this brought out so much meaning and emotion.

5)The Overall Meaning/Message ~ The message of this poem told me that we are all one and we should all be equal. This also goes with the fact that nobody should judge each other because they're different, because we are all actually the same.

I really enjoyed reading this piece, and I hope to see more inspirational, motivational, amazing pieces like this from you in the future!

Tell me when you write a new poem/novel/story/work/etc.

Keep up the great writing,

P.S. Feel better soon (I know you're sick right now)

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Fri Feb 03, 2017 3:31 pm
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alexblackwell wrote a review...

Hey there corgisrock22!
I really loved this poem. It is easy to read and without the use of complicated words, has been able to capture my heart. I really love the simplicity of the poem.
The poem rhymes decently. Reading it was effortless.

Looking forward to reading more of your works.
Hope you have a nice day!
Alex Blackwell.

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Fri Feb 03, 2017 1:45 pm
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dalisay wrote a review...

Personally, I absolutely loved reading this poem! The message is so powerful and reading it in the middle of all that is going on allows many to relate and understand the message you are trying to portray. The imagery was stunning, however I do feel like you could have used some stronger word choice for some of the words. Diction is important but I do feel like you did include fair variety. I also liked the way the rhyme scheme flowed through the poem and gave it a good sense of rhythm. My favorite part of the whole piece was the part about looking in the mirror. This was moving to me and I really enjoyed reading this!

~Galaxy <3

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Fri Feb 03, 2017 3:33 am
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Pruthvi wrote a review...

I enjoyed reading your poem. It is been constructed very well I loved the flow and was deep in the poem and that's the most important part of the poem, to take the reader into the illusionary world. Your poemail did do that.
On a contrary note, I personally felt in the poem many words are been repeated. But in total I loved the concept and the flow of the poem.

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