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More Modern Love Poems

by beccalicious94

Breaking My Own Rules

I'm breaking my own rules

And I'm starting with you

I'm turning into one of those

Relationship people

Well I guess we are

Note to self:

You are a part of this too.

We're breaking our own rules

It started with the salads

we said we wouldn't order

(Salads are a facade for health)

We said we wouldn't be that type

That stereotypical couple type

The one everyone hates

Because they wish they were them

The repulsively cute in public type.

I think about you all the time

And yet

The thought of being a girlfriend

Is physiologically problematic for me

It's not you it's me

But really

If this is both our first times

Why do I feel like I'm the only scared one.

We said we'd be honest

The ball is in your court.

Another rule broken.

In the Lion's Den

You are in the lion's den

Sent by the king

Committed to faith

Where is the King?

The odyssey of theodicy


I am in the lion's den

Sent by a king as well

I eat faith at meal time

Who is this King you speak of?

Surviving because I am the king


We don't choose life

Life chooses us

Life chose us--not us

You are not eating

I am the starving one


What is this Dream, nay, nightmare

When will it end

You can see the Writing on the Wall

You are Daniel

I am the lion

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Sun Nov 24, 2013 5:17 am
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Archer wrote a review...

Like Alfonso, I enjoyed your second poem more than the first. I like the use of Biblical allusion as it gives the poem an added gravitas that it would not have otherwise. Your choice of capitalization in certain areas is also interesting as well (e.g., king vs King, which I assume refers to an Earthly king vs the Heavenly King).

However, the second poem is also quite choppy and uneven whereas the first flows much more smoothly. For example, lines like this in the second caused me to do a double-take:
I eat faith at meal time ...
Life chose us--not us

I still don't understand what you're trying to say in these lines, although that in and of itself is not necessarily an issue (you're always going to have confused readers, who may or may not simply be a trite dumb!). What is more of an issue is that they don't belong -- they seem hacked on to the poem in a very clumsy way.

The first, on the other hand, tends to flow pretty well. My only issue with it is that it's not a particularly new subject, and more importantly, I didn't get any feel for the narrator. With love poetry, you need conflict and you need to expose your true thoughts.

Overall, both poems were actually good in my opinion. With the first, tap into your raw emotion. With the second, try to get more into the mind of Daniel, who is a fascinating person to read about.

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Sun Nov 24, 2013 3:04 am
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AlfonsoFernandez wrote a review...

Hello there, here to review.

I liked both your poems, but I find that the second one is better.

I will start by reviewing the first.

It is a good poem, but it is also a bit confusing, probably partly because you didn't punctuate everything. You wrote some periods but most of the story had no punctuation, so I think you should add some commas and periods.

It started with the salads

we said we wouldn't order

(Salads are a facade for health)

I think that the parentheses in the poem aren't necessary in this poem. In fact, they seem more as a distraction than an addition to it. I suggest that you could still keep that verse but take off the parentheses. It could be something like this:

It started with the salads

We said we wouldn't order,

Since salads are a facade for health

I think that taking off the parentheses would improve the flow of the poem. And again, if you added commas and periods I think the story would be much better.

As for the second poem.

I liked this poem more, like I said before. I think that the reason is that you divided it into stanzas, and it seemed to have a better flow, almost like a melody at first even. And although you didn't rhyme the verses, there are some things that make it feel good to say it.

The odyssey of theodicy

I love this line. "Odyssey" and "theodicy" really do go very well together.

I didn't really find any mistakes, except this one line that seemed confusing:

Life chose us--not us

This line doesn't really make any sense to me.

Then the ending was really good.

I am the lion

This is a perfect close. It isn't something one would expect, but when you go look back and reread the poem, it makes sense.

That is all I've got to say. Very nice poems, keep writing!

-AlfonsoF, member of the Apple Dumpling Gang

Hail Hydra
— Stan Lee