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Lovely Assassin Letters (3)

by WishIHadASword

Blake Thornton


London, England


To my Lovely Assassin:

Well isn't the envelope you sent back so classy! I still think mine is better though, and the kiss added a little extra flair! I know you actually liked it Blake, your Assassin Brain is just making you act like you have a stone heart (:

And you TOTALLY look adorable! No denying it! You're even SMILING! Awww I miss seeing those rare little smiles. If it makes you feel better though, I give you permission to track down a picture of me and mail it to me--just to make me squirm a bit. See? Awesome friend. Also, it made me so so happy to get a response from you! I'm super sorry I didn't write earlier, I just didn't know if that would be appropriate while you're on an assassin mission.

Which, speaking of assassins, you never actually thanked me for not freaking out when you told me, you doofus! I still remember it like it was looked so vulnerable and worried and I had no idea why. Then your face got all super red and you just blurted it out--you just said, "Amanada, I'm an assassin and I kill wanted criminals." Then I remember feeling shocked...but I didn't freak out. Because I had always known something was off about you, I just didn't know what until that exact moment. But, you know...I was scared for a while. I didn't sleep well. I tried so hard not to make you mad. But now I know, you would never hurt me. You only get rid of criminals.

And I am not a chatter box, Blake Thornton! Maybe I'm not always silent as a rock like you, but I don't talk ALL the time! Also, my voice isn't annoying! Remember that one time you slipped and accidentally said that hearing my voice made you happy??? Yeahh, I'm just gonna embarrass you about that now! You're face turned so tomato red after I thought it was gonna explode, but I just laughed! You really are just a big fluffy bunny Blake, I hope you know that!

I really am so excited that we can write to each other now though. I hope your mission isn't messing with your mind too much, and I hope you're being treated well. But I have one last question.....any cute female assassins? *winkety wink wink*


P.S- I'm SO in for the junk food thing

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Wed Apr 07, 2021 4:04 pm
MailicedeNamedy wrote a review...

Hi WishIHadASword,

Mailice here for a third time to give a review! :D

I can only repeat what I wrote in the previous parts: very good distinction between Amanda and Blake. You keep the writing style constant, you just add smileys to Amanda and write more about the outside world in her text than Blake. Also, her sentence structure is very different, which I like (and it helps to read the letter much faster). She writes as if she's talking, as if she's constantly in a rush, completely frantic, as if a thousand things are coming into her head that she needs to write down to tell Blake.

I could almost quote sentence after sentence here to give a brief comment, but that would drag out the review. What stands out the most for me are the way Amanda writes and inserts expressions that are actually said than written. The insertion of multiple punctuation marks (like question marks) is very good and the way she writes about things and makes a brief comment herself. Keep this up!

One criticism from the first chapter is that maybe you could put the date and address in the letters to come. This might be just a tiny little thing, but it would definitely add the finishing touches to the letters!

Keep this style going. The letters are well written, and I don't think you need to expand on them much to give more content.

[quote] (P.S- I'm SO in for the junk food thing). [quote]

So junk food for Blake after all? :D (I don't think you'd have to put brackets in a P.S. since it´s already some sort of additional comment.)

Still have fun with the writing!


Thanks so much, I'm planning on making a few adjustments that will hopefully make this a bit better! Your reviews are amazing!

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Wed Apr 07, 2021 12:54 pm
NivedaJames22 wrote a review...


For starters, lemme just say that I really liked this letter.

I like how Amanda trusts Blake enough to believe that he would never hurt her. Now that's a sign of good friendship!

I usually am not a fan of double exclamation marks, but here, I think you've used them to good effect. I feel like they really add to the slightly girlish and adorable character of Amanda.

I also loved the post-script note. That was hilarious!

Can't wait to read Blake's reply!

Keep writing.

Gracias amiga! I really appreciate it!

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