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Didn't Happen; Who Am I

by Sunflowerdemon3712

I stare down at the date on my paper with the date written on it

It feels as if three years have been stolen

Like they continue to be stolen

Things are normal

That's what people keep telling me

Yet those empty years stare back as a void

Am I even three years older than I was before?

I feel as if I haven't grown

Yet I'm also no where near the girl I was before

Years of my life taken by something so utterly out of my control

I've always hated when things are out of my control

This just cemented this burning hatred 

It didn't happen

This thing 

That poked at all the deep fears I push down



And lack of control

But everyone says things are fine now

But what about those three years?

I guess they didn't happen...


Got sad, wrote stuff, tell me what you think but just know this was done on a whim lol. (when in doubt laugh it out)

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Sun Mar 26, 2023 7:52 pm
Nini wrote a review...

Heyy!! Here's a review
To be honest, this relates to my thoughts so perfectly.. i'd been thinking such for real. I always thought that i am still that kid before pandemic cuz how nothing seems to change day by day but whole as a year or two a lot has. This poem is something most people could relate to, how fast the years have went by, without much realisation, how fast we've grown up

The worst part of this which you stated is factually really true that how powerless we are to this, it's more like fighting with inevitable but it's draining that most things are out of our control.. the deep fears

And lastly where you mentioned that things have got fine now but still when the thought goes, you think about those year, that is my fav part of this poem

It was such a relatable poem for me, felt like someone intangled my overthinking head and wrote which i wasn't able to frame.. a really Nice one. Loved it >>

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Sat Mar 04, 2023 3:57 am
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VintageGirl wrote a review...

Hey, VintageGirl here!

Wow, this hit me like a sack of bricks. I’m assuming, as did the other commenter, that this poem was about Covid. I agree, it really feels as though we stopped aging when everything shut down. Everything stopped, like the world continues to move around you, apocalyptic, but you’re stuck. I was just thinking about this today, how people younger than me feel the same age because they’ve continued to grow, but I feel like I haven’t. I also love how you talked about the lack of control that came along with Covid. There was no control during the unknown, and even now I’m watching everyone moving on like it never even happened. It’s the weirdest feeling, and I’m glad you put it into words in such a lovely way. Thank you.

Keep writing!

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