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Seeing You

by Snoweary

© 2012 JJW All Right Reserved
I've submitted this poem on deviantArt as well. I just wanted to know what fellow YWS think about it :D
I'm aware if there are so many errors and it caused confusion to readers. Please forgive..

I see you in darkness,

It's not because I have superhuman sight.

It is just your awe-inspiring light-



I see you through your masks,

It’s not their faults for revealing you.

But blame yourself for being-


Not anyone but your own self.

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Tue Apr 03, 2012 1:19 pm
GeorginaMay wrote a review...

The first time I read this, yes, I was a little confused! But *don't* dumb it down, without the complexity of the layout and content, it wouldn't give so many meanings. I especially love the the phrases:

"But blame yourself for being-

It's so original and very loving. It is genuinely a pleasure to read and really very interesting, please write more!! :D

Hope this helps :)

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