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Conqueror Rising: Chapter 1 - AITA edition

by Snoink

Author's note: AITA is basically short for "Am I the @sshole?" which is a popular Reddit forum for people who want to see if they are jerks for doing things and ask the internet to judge them for their actions. It is usually ridiculous and overdramatic. Anyway! This is me imagining my characters posting in this forum. Enjoy! :)  ~ Snoink


#1. WIBTA if I didn't go to my stepsister's birthday party?

Hi, this is my first time posting so be gentle, lol. So I (14f) have a stepsister (16f) and honestly she is the worst person ever. She is so spoiled but everyone loves her. I can’t stand it. Anyway, she has this huge birthday party for her sixteenth birthday with everyone invited – including family that I absolutely hate – and I just don’t want to go. Knowing her, it’ll probably be some sort of birthday fiasco. I would rather finish my homework, honestly, since I’m a bit behind. But since I’m her stepsister everyone expects me to come. WIBTA if I skipped out this party and did homework instead???


2. AITA for showing people my wish list? 

Hi! I’m pretty sure that I’m completely in the right, but people have been hinting that I might be TA, so I figured that I would come and see what you guys think, lol.

So, I’m (16f) about to have a birthday party and it’s going to be the greatest birthday party ever. Tons of people are going to come, including some guests that I am supposedly related to who are very, very rich. And, not to sound too spoiled, but because of who I am, they are probably going to get me something really nice.

Anyway, these guests don’t know me very well. So, I figured I would give them a wish list of things to get me, since I figured they would want to get me something really nice for my birthday. But now some people are saying that the wish list was in bad taste and maybe I shouldn’t have sent it at all. But I only wanted to make sure that they felt comfortable in selecting a gift for me because, again, they don’t know me very well.



3. AITA for keeping the gift my father gave to me?

Okay, so I can’t believe I’m writing another post so soon, but I went to my (14f) stepsister’s (16f) party and unsurprisingly, it was a fiasco. Just like it knew it would be. Anyway, she got a bunch of gifts that she really didn’t like, but it was only when she opened a gift from my real father that she got really mad. She made a big fuss, threw the gift at my father’s head so that he fell really hard, and insulted him and my real mother. Now, granted, the gift was not really that great – just an old cloak. But she really went kind of crazy at him and honestly it was really embarrassing.

Anyway, here’s where I might be TA.

After my real father yelled at her for insulting him and my mother, he turned to me and gave me the ugly cloak instead. Which I wasn’t very happy about, but whatever, I didn’t want to make any fuss. Then he pulled out a broach from his pocket which was made from one of Diamea’s feathers and — yeah. Basically, it was a priceless gift that he was going to give for my step sister, and he gave it to me instead because he was so mad at her.

Anyway, several people have hinted that perhaps I should give the brooch to my stepsister, since it was clearly a gift intended for my stepsister and she would actually like the brooch… just not the cloak. But, honestly, I don’t really want to give it away. My father hasn’t really given me any gifts, and I don’t really want to give my stepsister anything after everything that she’s made me go through.

FWIW, my stepsister said that it was okay for me to keep the brooch, since my father said it belonged to the cloak. But she was pretty upset when she said that, so idk if she actually means it.

AITA for not giving my stepsister the brooch, even though it was intended for her?


Author's note part 2: 

This piece is honestly just for fun and I don't really want any in-depth reviews for this, but please! If you would like to review anyway, please give me your judgements as to whether my characters are jerks, haha. I need to know!

If you want to read the real work (which is a lot messier and dramatic) you can read it here! Conqueror Rising: Chapter 1.1 • Young Writers Society, Conqueror Rising: Chapter 1.2 • Young Writers Society, and Conqueror Rising: Chapter 1.3 • Young Writers Society

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Sat Feb 04, 2023 2:54 am
Spearmint says...

YES Alainna, YATA >.> But you get better!! yay!! XD

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Fri Feb 03, 2023 3:02 pm
Liminality says...

Just a comment from me, Snoink - but these characters sound way more reasonable and less jerk-like than authors of any AITA posts I've seen floating around! This is such a clever idea :D Def made me smile!

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Fri Feb 03, 2023 2:22 pm
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Saifullah wrote a review...

Hello friend. The story is fascinating and productive because it's grammar is correct and appropriate to grasp the idea 💡, and good sentence structure. The vocabulary is adequate. But, some abreviations are used in this story so it had better to write full form in front of it therefore it can understand well.
Again, I would like to say that the story is productive and creative because the story addresses hot issue of stepsister, stepson and stepbrother. This is a hot button in our societies. Sometime jealousy is found towards stepson or stepsister etc. It devestates our relation and creates many problems like inheritance, marriage and education etc. Hence i enjoyed and feelings were high to thinks about these people.😊 Thanks.

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Thu Feb 02, 2023 11:41 pm
foxmaster wrote a review...

Hello there.
Sooo this is so creative, I would have NEVER thought of that, honestly. Hilarious, really. And no, I do not think that your characters are jerks. They're actually really likable, I probably would have done the same thing, (until I get yelled at, ha-ha.)
Honestly, in shows/movies, it's usually like, "I only need 20 more dollars to be able to buy that thing!" (you having 20 dollars that you were using to buy the video game until your sister ruins it for you) "*sigh* well, you need it more than I do, Lilly, so here you go." Lilly: "Really?" You:"Yeah, I can always make up for that money with more chores..." NO! That would not do. I have no idea if I am a bad person or anything, but I would never do anything like that. OVERALL: these people really seem realistic. Am I a bad person?

foxmaster says...

The fact I read this before reading the actual book makes this sound sooooo wrong.

— Carina