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Alas, Poor Carter

by SirenCymbaline

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for language.

Alas, poor Carter, I knew him well, thank gods the cunt fin'lly lies in Hell
A jig we dance upon his dirt, to console where his guts bespoil the earth
A toast we drink to poor Purgatory, who held his soul for but seconds before 'e
Plunged fast into the Abyss, Abyss! The bubbling and broiling Abyss!

Alas, poor Carter, I knew his stench, that millenniums may never quench
A song we sing for the tainted air, liberated at last from his fetid sneer
A blessing bequeath to the metal befouled, the metal by which he was disembowelled
And ne'er again was it used, it used! It was melted to make a spittoon!

Alas, poor Carter, I knew his nose, raised higher than weathervanes ever rose
A prayer we pray for his stone belaid
Pierced through by that nose to this very day
A prayer for the gravedigger on the fen, who will have to bury his corpse again

A prayer for the flies, a prayer for the crows, a prayer for the poor worms that feast

A dirge for the cows that eat the grass that grows from the sycophant beast

A blessing for you and a blessing for all of us poor souls who knew him in life

A blessing on children who now never will but may spit in what's left of the knife

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Tue Jan 07, 2020 8:03 pm
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LZPianoGirl wrote a review...

**My Thoughts**

Hello! LZ here with a review! I really liked this poem! It was funny and I enjoyed the wording!

**Formatting and Grammar**

The formatting was good, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary! Same with grammar. I did really enjoy how you worded the poem, it is very unique! Even though you worded it differently, it was still easy to read.

**Punctuation and Capitalization**

Your punctuation was fine, I did not notice anything wrong! You only used commas, apostrophes, and exclamation points, which is perfect for this poem.


Carter: It seems like Carter was a complete douche. I think @soundofmind said "I'm glad Carter was a good inspiration", so I'm assuming it's a real person you based this off of.

Keep on writing, and have a good 2020!

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Mon Nov 18, 2019 11:18 pm
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soundofmind says...

This is ART and I'm amazed at how quickly you wrote this up. I'm so glad Carter was an inspiration :,)

— BlueAfrica