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Hidden Heir Ch.3

by Raelyn

Chapter 3

Asterin woke with tears on her face, and the smell of embers in her nose. Her heavy limbs lay on a cott. A crouched over figure that was hard to see in the dark sat next to her. Most might have a hard time telling who it was. Asterin however already knew that scent like the back of her hand.

Evergreen, spearmint, and tarragon. Emerson.

“Good your awake, now drink,” he commanded with no room for argument.

Pressing the canteen in her hand, his hand brushed the sides of her. The sheer warmth felt like a spark of lighting threw her hand. She snapped her head up to him. He glared at her. So she glared back. Breaking of the glare stare she looked around, tarron was nowhere to be seen.

“Don’t worry he is not here he was foolish to overwhelm you with all that at once. I sent him to scope out our path for tomorrow. He forgets your human mind needs to process,” said emerson.

Too tired to say any retourt she had, she sat up drained. Slowly she sipped what was in the canteen. It felt like she was drinking silk, much too sweet to be water.

“I infused with light magic it will help you adjust to our world,”

“You don’t consider me apart of this world do you,”

“Once you belong here yes but now it will take time for you to settle in again,”

As his princess she should have been mad, but she wasn’t because he was honest. She wanted no such title that she hadn’t earned. He thought the same at least they could agree on that.

“What is my third flair?”

“It is not wise…”

“Please,” she asked helplessly meeting his eyes.

She hated how weak and vulnerable she was being.

“Protection. The warriors gift of protection,” he said giving in.

“What are your flairs?”

He didn’t respond. “I see how it is you know everyones of my flair but I can’t know that one little thing about you. Hell you know everything about me.”

Emerson rose abruptly. “Careful. Don’t forget who you are talking to. I am not tarron. I don't feel like going around and telling all of my innermost parts of myself.”

“Your right you aren’t tarron by mistake… your a coward.”

“Oh yeah because you know tarron so well. No Asterin you barely know him at all,``he spat.

“COngratulations you are right, but you know what is worse than being told to much.”

“Enlighten me, Asterin,” he growled.

“Not be told at all.”

“You want to know everything sooo badly. Then go ask tarron yourself, but you won’t believe it. Because you are stubborn as hell and need proof of everything. Even when it is right in front of your face you still won’t wont believe it,” he said at a low angry whisper.

He was utterly right but Asterin would not let him have that kind of power over her. She grabbed his cloak off of her body and threw it in his. She felt exposed and freezing but she didn’t falter in every step that she took.

Tarron perfectly on cue came out from the trees. Reading their faces he stepped back and gave his biggest brightest smile.

“I got you some berries just in case you didn’t like roasted meat.” tarron handed her a basket.

She had never seen them before. She examined it before popping it into her mouth. It was the best berry she had ever eaten. And oh she was very very hungry. She realized how utterly famished she was . She devoured the basket and handed it back to tarron.

“Its okay I didn’t want any,” he said.

“Good, Asterin said. “Now where was that meat you spoke of.”

Tarron chuckled walking off to grab it. Walking over he said “Its hot if I give it to you will you eat careful so you don’t burn your mouth. Or must I treat you like an elfling and make you wait till it has cooled?”

Asterin didn’t respond, she just devoured the piece of meat.

“Wow there you're gonna hurl your guts if you don’t slow down. Watch and learn,” said tarron. Despite not having a fork he ate in the most elegant way.

“Whos the princess tarron, because you sure eat like one,” Asterin said.

Emerson coughed, she was pretty sure it was a laugh.

Asterin just glared at him.

“Tell me more about your kind,” Asterin said.

“Elves were created by sitara and Inanna. Inanna the goddess of fulgor creatures. And Sitara is the goddess of night and purity. Inanna was the core creator of all fulgor creatures. Some creatures other gods assisted creating them. Elfs have always been magic bearers. Elf magic started as only light magic, from the elements of fire, ice, wind, thunder, and nature. All creatures lived in peace, on one massive piece of land. The land of the unified…”

“We all know that can’t last…” Asterin interrupted.

“Yes. Aderlam Inanna’s cousin get jealous of her fulgor creatures and stated turning them dark to sinster creatures. Creatures that feed off of the darkest, most sorrow ful parts of you. Creatures so disguisting they are an abmoniation to the dirt under your shoes,” Tarron continued, in his words were pure disgust. “The breaking point was when he captured a light elf and poisned them with darkeness. That was the begining of the war of the divisions.”

“The war of divisions?” Asterin asked.

“Yes you see once we all lived in a massive stretch of land, all creatures lived together. In the war of divison draya the godess of the sea pushed all the lands apart. So there was ocean in between them. Then all creatures were giving kingdoms or queendoms along with the border.”

“What is the borders for?”

“Not borders just border. It is the border dividing the fulgor and sinster creatures. It was magically warded by all the gods. Aderlam agreed to this border and promised to keep his creatures on there side. He also can never transform another light creature with out there constent to do so. There are more rules, they were written on the treaty of divsion.”

“What happens if it is broken or someone goes past the border that shouldn’t.”

“No one knows, or has tried.”

“And the dark elf that started the war?”

“She was cured by love, and has been living in tala the kingdom of light elfs for millenuims.”

“Wait, Millenuims.”

“Oh yes another bonus to being an elf, we are imotal.”

“Oh so what is so great about tala anyway?”

“Careful there the king and queen of tala are your parents.”

“Ew I am a princess in this different world.”

“Oh not just that you are the missing heir to the throne of tala,” said tarron.

“Wait I am not missing, also why would I be on earth then?” She challenged.

“Tarron she said she wanted to explain,” emerson spoke.

“Sorry princess I am afraid emerson speaks the truth.”

Asterin shivered.

Tarron stepped towards here peeling of her cloak and wrapped it around her.

“As soon as we get to tala we will get you suitable clothes.” she just shivered in response.

Tarrons cloak smelled like thick colone from earth and cinnamon. It didn’t smell bad but it didn’t allure her like emerson scent did. Despite his repolsive personality. She clutched his cloak.

“We must rest we hace a long journey tommorow,” emerson said.

“I lead the lady to her tent,” said tarron.

“Ofcourse you will,” said emerson.

Ignoring his snide comment tarron lead Asterin to a tent, inside it had a good size cot and a massive bundle of blankets. Tarron helped her into bed, despite her usual stuborn indpent ways she let him. As she lay down he stayed there making sure she was comftorable.

“Thank you tarron,” Asterin said.

“Sleep well Asterin,” taron said.

It sent chills down her spine the way he said her name. Then he left leaving her alone in the dark of the tent. As she lay there with her eyes clothes she thought back to four days ago when she was just a normal sophmore student. Then she laughed out loud.


She woke in the middle of the night her teeth chattering. It was so cold. Like a tundra had hit there camp sight. She shivered harder. A minute later Tarron apeared. How he knew she was awake was beyond her.


“I am freezing,” she said inbetween clattering teeth.

He just nodded, then seconds later came back with his blanket. And wasn’t until he was leaning over her tucking her in like a child that she realized tarron was raddating with heat. Just having him there beside her was like a built in furnace.

“You want me to stay?”

Before she could logical think of the pros cons she just nodded. Stupid, she was utterly stupid. Some how he known she was awake. But when he layed next to her she inticly gravated to him. Cuddle to him like a child, her head just barely lay on his bare shoulder. Oh! Ofcourse he did not have a shirt on. Grounded her eyes to the top of the tent, refusing to look at his musclular abdomen she couldn’t help but feel embarssed.

Just because you are curled up to a shirtless attractive elf warrior does not mean anything more then survial. She was this close for survial. Asterin told herself.

“I am not a dark elf, it is not a sin to use my body heat to keep you human body warm. Silus forest espically at night is not meant for your kind.”

Again he knew her thoughts.

“Why not? Are my kind so inferior to you that we can’t enjoy some nature?”

“Night time is not only the time for all night creatures. It is also when silus turns to winter for all the cold creatures.”

“Wait it transtion ever night?”

“Yes,” he said as if it where simple.

“Right,” she said then yawned.

“Sleep or tommorows travel will be terrible.”

“Dont tell me what to do.”

Then promplty fell asleep.

He was there. In her dreams.

“Why are you here?” Asked asterin.

“It’s your dream you tell me,” Tarron said.

“I just met you.”

“Is that some kind of excuse or a fact you just telling me?” He asked.

“You still too me from my home,” she continued.

“And I am taking you to your real home,” He argued.

“I should be scared of you?”

“And are you Asterin?” He asked her.

“No I am not.”

He stepped closer to her. His heat radiating around her. A warmth she loved and drunk in. Another step, he looked up at her with those wicked blue eyes.

“Don’t look at me like that.” She snapped. Her eyes falshed open.

“Don’t look at you like what?” Asked tarron, reality real tarron. Real tarron whom in the night she had fully wrapped herself in. She lifted her head and retracked her various body parts that had been glued to him. His bare chest she also might metion. She scooted away nearly falling off the cott to leaving a respectable space between them.

“Nothing,” said asterin.

“Why are you embarssed?” he asked.

“I said nothing tarron. Drop it I am not embarssed.”

Ofcourse her burning cheeks said a different story.

“Liar,” he said.

“Get out,” Asterin snapped.

“Hmmm but last night you begged me to stay.”

“Ahh don’t flatter yourself you offered.”

He lightly chuckled. “You may be elf by birth but it many ways you are so human,” then he left.

She rolled he eyes. She had no idea what he meant but she assumed it to be a shallow insutl.

“Morning emerson,” said tarron to cheerfully.

Oh shit! She thought.

Emerson saw a shirtless tarron leaving her tent. She barried her head in her hands.

“Morning tarron,” said Emrson bluntly and bored.

“Don’t worry while you slept like the dead I made sure the princes didn’t shiver to death.”

“Oh i am sure you did more then that. I am just glad you left her tent with your pants on.”

Asterin was mortfied and groaned. Her cheeks were a flame. And so was her temper.

Tarron howolled with laugher. Repulsed asterin tore off his cloak, then she realized she only wore her thing cotton shorts and a tank top. Her out fit that had orginall felt concealing, felt like it was as good as naked.

So she grabbed the blanket, her blanket and before leaving took a deep breath.

“Emerson I need a knid and something to bind cloth, and I need it now,” she said.

“Well goodmorning, sleep well?” he asked with a glare.


“Good, ther id a tent sewing kit. And I have a dagger. Will you try and kill me with it or can I trust you?”

She glared belittling her, she wouldn’t shrink for him. She stood shoulders tall.

“Give me the dagger at your own risk, we both know you don’t trust.”

He walked up to her towering over her. Looking her right in the eye, he pulled out the blade from his pant and gave it to her.

“The kit is on Taron’s hourse, since your so close go ask him yourself.”

She walked to tarrons tent.


“One minute princess I am changing.”

She was instantly upset. SHe tapped her foot, no pounded her foot into the ground.

Then he emerged in new atire.

“Changing? As in you have spare clothes.”

“Yes obviously that is what that means.”

“Then why didn’t you offer them to me!!?”

“You didn’t ask and that is weird.”

“Do you have a long sleeve!?”


She was gonna scream.

“Oh please don’t wake all the animals.”

“Where. Is. It.”

He lead her into his tent, which had a neat pile of clothes.

Massive clothes but that was fine.

“Now sewing kit,” she demanded.

“So demanding…”

She death glared at him.

He took her to his horse. And he pulled out the sewing kit.

She snatched it. And turned on her to her tent.

“Your welcome,” he called after her.

She huffed in response. Once she got to her tent she took of her shirt and replaced it with the other. She didn;t care that she was drowing it would keep her warm . She started to buthcher the blanket and maje some terrible sewn pants. She had taken a few sewing lessons but she wasn’t great.

“Nice atire,” said tarron.

She didn’t respond. She just walked over to pick up some fruit and was about to put it in her moth.

“DON’T EAT THAT!” said tarron and emerson in union.

“Or what?” she challenged wide eyed.

“You tell her,” said tarron.

“Nope that is all yours,” said emerson.

“It will make you tell us all of your deepest attractions and intrest.”

She threw the fruit.

“What the hell is wrong with this place.”

Tarron laughed, she threw the fruit at him and it splattered on his shirt.

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159 Reviews

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Mon Jan 27, 2020 5:39 pm
Honora wrote a review...

Hey Rae! So since it's been so long, I'll just leave you a little review! ;)

Ok so the main thing I see again is just spelling, some grammar and unnecessarily small sentences.

She snatched it. And turned on her to her tent.
Example: She snatched it and turned towards her tent.
There were several like this one. They are just unnecessary and really make the flow choppy. I still love the story tho ;)

Honestly I love Taron and Emerson. They are both so different that it's hard to choose which one I love more.
Taron is just so flirty and annoyingly hot but Emerson is so unreadable and mysterious. I don't know why I even waited this long to review because I love this so much!

Please please please keep writing!

Your friend,

Raelyn says...


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Wed Dec 04, 2019 2:21 am
shieldmaiden says...

This was a funny chapter. Good job for lightening things up. Though something about Emerson makes me trust him and I don't trust Taron. Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

Raelyn says...

I have 13 ch. written I just need to type them.

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Fri Nov 29, 2019 4:30 am
EverLight wrote a review...

EverLight here with a review! This review is not intended to offend or hurt you or make your novel or poem seem bad, but be warned you may feel offended anyway.

First Impression
That. Was. Brilliant <3

Nitpicks and Grammar
Alright! On to the review.

First off you may have misspelled a word in this sentence, and I had the feeling there was a different way you could have said a few things here-

“Good your awake, now drink,” he commanded with no room for argument.

I'd spell your as you're. That's just me. And the ''commanded with no room for argument'' bit I felt would sound better this way-
Good you're awake, now drink.'' he commanded without room for argument.

Again, I feel like you could have written this in a better way-
Pressing the canteen in her hand, his hand brushed the sides of her.

That would sound better if you wrote it this way-
Pressing the canteen in her hand, he brushed her sides

And this sentence I'll edit as I read-
Breaking off I(In this context the word of, is spelled off) the glare stare she looked around, t (All names should be capitalized)arron was nowhere to be seen.

Here you missed spelled a word-
Too tired to say any retourt (The word retourt is spelled retort) she had, she sat up drained.

Here you missed a comma-
As his princess she should have been mad,...

You need a comma after the word princess.

Now I don't think this sounds right-
She wanted no such title that she hadn’t earned. He thought the same at least they could agree on that.

That would sound better if you wrote it this way-

She wanted no title that she hadn't earned. He thought the same. At least they could agree on that

And that's all I can cover for now. I'm a bit tired right now, so I'll be back for a more comprehensive review later <3

Style & Grammar
Nothing to complain about here!

Overall you did a brilliant job!

Raelyn says...

Thanks, don't you just love taron:)

EverLight says...

Taron? Whose Taron? (;

Raelyn says...

A buffonic male

EverLight says...

Oh. I thought you meant one Peter Quills. (;

Raelyn says...

Ahaha no

EverLight says...

Got you.

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