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E - Everyone


by MargoSeuss

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Sun May 31, 2015 1:37 pm
erilea wrote a review...

Hey Margo! Wise here for Team Wizards!
I know this is comic, so I'll try not to judge you too harshly. And I suck at reviewing art, so be prepared not to take my advice. :D

The woman to the very left looks like her arm that's crossed on top is sticking out kind of weird. Her thumb is pointing off in whichever direction and her hand is too far up for that to be a comfortable position. I am horrible at drawing, so forgive me if this advice is wrong.

What is the woman at the bottom holding? Some type of chihuahua that's been possessed by Satan? Animals don't really have red eyes, but this being a comic I'm not sure if that(I'm not sure if that's a dog or what?) thing is supposed to have an evil look to it, especially if the woman is looking off to the side like, "I'm extremely bored because this animal hybrid is possessed by Satan and I'm holding it".

The rest is fine! Sorry if my advice makes it look horrible but I tried! Happy drawing...


MargoSeuss says...

It's a Sphinx Cat. A naked cat. It's eyes are yellow, not red. Thanks for your review.

erilea says...

Oh. Well, it appears red here...and you're welcome!

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Sat May 23, 2015 3:40 am
Yellowsunwave wrote a review...

Wow! Love the cover.

Your cover definitely attracts a persons attention. The front 3 characters look troubled although the reason is not necessarily shown on your cover, although it may be linked towards the impending characters behind the unknown man in the white coat, or the man himself. Perhaps it is even both. Your cover leaves a lot of questions towards the characters for the reader which I see as a good thing.

I also like how each of the characters seems to express a different emotion as this starts building the character before the story has started.

MargoSeuss says...

I'm glad you like the cover. I have the first comic up so you can check it out if you want.

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Sat May 23, 2015 3:00 am
SoundsOfLife wrote a review...


I was wondering if this will become the front cover of your upcoming novel?
The colors are nice and the faces looking at the mad looking doctor makes me wonder why, why are they looking at him as if they have to put up with his evil doings.
The naked cat looks like his front legs are gone, is that what it is?
I like the colors that you used, and ghost figures look really cool!
I can't wait to read the story thats to come!

MargoSeuss says...

Yes! It is a naked cat. This is the cover for a comic I'm working on. I have the first one up so you can check it out when you get a chance.

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— Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey