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What to know about Margo

I, Margo Seuss, was conceived by two brilliant people. As a youngster, I had very little hair and a large purple homangioma on my forehead; it some what resembled a third eye. At 18 months, I began to recite the names of all the different kinds of leafy greens. "Arugula, bok choi, iceburg, romain..." grocery shoppers thought I was possessed!

When I was 13, I decided I wanted to be a funeral director. I came to this conclusion while learning about Canadian history. My class was going to reenact a war. Each one of us was a soldier with a fake name and occupation that we got to choose. I figured the occupation of funeral director would be most conveinant. Someone had to take care of the casualties!

Now I am happily working in the funeral industry and have been inspired to write stories surrounding this profession. Enjoy!


art, reading, writing, eating, exercise, cats, and finger puppets


Funeral Director

Powerful men have a way of avoiding consequences.
— Dr. Harrison Wells, The Flash