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Blind desire!

by Keshavthakuri

He realized his visions were blind when he turned 5. Disappointment hit him , when his mother's desperately delicate lies, revealed itself as a birthday gift packed in an alarm clock , which led him past 12, into his awaited longer then life desire to explode into the colours of life , as a failure. . He did not see anything except his blindness which was stuck in front of him since the time he could remember.

His mother loved him too much to bring the disappointment into an early expectation . So she answered his questions with a hope, to keep a light burning in the form of imagination inside his innocent mind blinded by vision . He believed in her for she had been there as a guide , a support and a mother whom he searched for , everytime he felt vulnerable to the stronger by sight creatures around . All he could lean to , was her guarantee, measured in the cosy comfort of her reassuring hugs .

He believed that his eyes were weak and needed time to grow stronger before it could capture the shapes , in it's real form and ,transmit them into his brain , to be transformed into a clearer picture .She did not leave the room earlier that night after the bedtime story was over . She awaited the moment with thoughtful patience . The delayed truth had aged old enough to be revealed as a lie . She wanted to be there when her young son went into the world of darkness forever.

He woke up to the Disappointment, which crushed his expectation , built over years for this particular moment where he could finally see .Heart broken he heard another heartbeat present in his room . "mother " he whispered . She answered him back in a softer voice then his whisper . His dysfunctional eyes was consolated with the gift of hearing , which was in it's perfect form . She sat beside him and said " son ! I heard from the gods yesterday . You are his favorite and the world is filled with bad things that harm ur mind through ur eyes so he gave u the gift of hearing because he wanted u to hear out ur vision . And an imagination so vast that u could build your own world . '' He listened to it confused but everything he heard was carved in the form of available memory inside his brain .He replied " mother , please don't ever leave me alone ".His mother held him tighter and provided enough warmth to get him with over the drama and return him to his discontinued sleep again .

As he lost himself deeper into the world without any form , his mind seeked answers , and more reasoned out explanations with it. He would sit near the window and hear the other children play outside . His conditions bounded him till the house , which was his perfect hiding place . He never had any friends with whom he could bond . The knowledge he possessed was limited to the bed time stories . There were so many things around him that remained as an alien .

His father , Mr Carter was an ordinary man who worked in the day shift as an assistant manager in a shipping industry . His busy schedule restrained him from spending time with his son . It was felt as an ignorance to the boy and he was well aware to the guilt which compelled him to take necessary steps to make it fair for his son who was dear to him . A Sunday evening when the guests had left and the nights had come out . A middle aged man appeared at the door .

"Hello ! Mr Thomas , we had been expecting you " the father greeted the man inside the house . The boy could hear the conversation in the other room but it was not clear enough to understand because of the disturbance caused by the high volume of the tv .

After some time he was accompanied by his mother into the living room . "How are you today Eric ?" the man asked in the most polite way that his gruff voice could offer . He hid himself behind his mother for he was shy and was pretty much a mute to any strangers . His mother comforted him " Eric , don't be scared , he is ur teacher from now . Greet mr Thomas a good evening ! ' she concluded .He did not say a word or ever came out from his favorite hiding place . His father talked with mr thomas over an hour before he left to reach home for dinner .

Next morning when he woke up . He heard the same voice which was present yesterday , he could not make a mistake in recognizing it for he had heard him long enough .Like every day he cried out for his mother , but instead of his mother the stranger walked in the room with much heavier footsteps . "good morning , I hope u had a good night sleep " , the The stranger spoke . "Mother! " The boy cried out again but this time with tons of fear in his voice .The moment had come when he had to let go of his hiding place and come out to prepare himself for the world outside . He hesitated a while before he finally lay his trust on the stranger. Mr thomas , had been teaching the kids like Eric his whole life so earning the interest of his students was his speciality .

He taught his students patiently , and had a character which reflected enthusiasm as his primary understanding towards the students . His patience lasted long enough to teach everything he knew . Eric , never stopped asking about everything that laid beyond his visions . He seeked the description of white . Mr Thomas would related it in a different manner that said the colour white was the symbolized as the colour of peace . Others were just undefined .He asked how the sky looked . Mr Thomas composed his answer in a way that Eric had an idea of it as the limit to everyones vision . Similar to his darkness . All his questions were worded into a description that gave him the idea of every basic thing that revolved around him .

Everyday as his colours got darker , his mind lightened itself with patience to give an imaginary form into being . Everything he felt was shaped differently into something else he could only imagine .Seasons passed and returned . For 9 years he listened to his teacher, his temporary eyes . He understood the world and the way it functioned . The day had come when mr Thomas would graduate Eric . " This is the furtherest I can lead u . From here u have to learn yourself . But always remember your unfair fate has blessed u with a beautiful mind . So don't ever let yourself seek any sympathy or consider yourself weaker to anyone . " Mr Thomas left after he spoke to Eric for the last time as a teacher.

Eric could read peoples thought though his fingers in the form of words which was a constant remedy to the unanswered mind . His room was filled with books that emerged from the writers all over the world . He read about history , he knew about science . Music rested as a comfort in his ears . And the voices as an identity .

Finally his steps led him outside with confidence into the busy world . The wasted effort of everyday finally gave him enough courage to walk out and feel everything that he missed out inside his fear .The sunlight was low, the winds were pacing into another direction , angry . The weather simplified itself into a an early autumn for Eric . He felt the winds which blow different then his back yard air . The sound of birds , pierced his thoughts and seeked it's attention . His attempt to walk into the real world alone was calmed by the creation of nature that did not snob it's admirer .

His Conscious steps lost it's count in the middle of the same street some yards back . The horror of unseen lingered right before him like a landmark without directions . He walked without any destination . Crippled by fear his nerves had frozen as his brain took some time to figure out the most reasonable direction forward into the exploration of his blind desires . 'Do you need help ? ' . A soft voice , followed from the left . It resembled of something that he knew all his life . A voice of assurance . His mother. Her voice always reached him whenever he needed her. The image of his mother's care reflected in the voice of this stranger . She walked in as a remedy and changed the reality of fear into a comfort of help .

' I'm lost !' he replied . She smiled bright enough to reach inside him and said ' Don't worry ! I will help you reach where you are going . ' He did not hesitate to bargain her help any more . He recited the address which Mr Thomas had taught him as his 3rd class . ' 5th street , second house'. She said 'Thats not so far from here . ' and held his arms around hers and walked . This feeling was all new . He never felt something so intriguing to have him wonder about everything she looked like .......

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