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by Kelisot

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for language.

As mentioned before, a reward to the one who decrypts the Lyrical Stanzas. All Stanzas are encrypted in English. Solve it however you want, only one (or a few) way(s) will have the solution to this cryptic song. yes, this is canon to the KP Universe. This song might not be suitable for all ages.

Lore: The Narrator, also known as Grigori, is on a pilgrimage to the Mythical Land of Tears, and this song recites the journey, filled with secrets and forbidden information. Although this song is not a music video, there will be descriptive information about it below.

And good luck solving, lmao.

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I (Verse 1)
Yaf gbu fqj qtknjl lf eolm, qa rbcbogim jot?
Rkyj'v kblt tyhvugu tngpi fqj zqiunu?
Yuh cam tjj girf ifyp cumksk agj
Nbrokmnjl ayy njqj pyw pb oqskbb mmtu cqbit?

Yaiv yh eju zqyse vb luffz g ittgsm,
Vb okr nj ifyed bs pp zbgcob
Pywb embs marh jq wokpyuet fqf
Itb cnkuu yi cnkvu iey kcgff kh yer'h sgvo.

Vbp eq njvrfnwce pk cuctnknrkb, woaoi
Ejnjoysk K'l i jofpkskbb bn gs iequo
Vamtrzytu U cyhebs eq dam rfiarfg qz xqbiich
Rq kbl vauea N cqjoh vb ejre vg pyw?

IV (pre-chorus)
Pyw efia nj pk xivamhbro ibn pk ympngb
Osr abl uop ejre kp znqse qw hlfa i lgy?
Pcrgrxuxkug agj tgkm uebwbs,
Tqi yy abl vxnjo N'oc rrgkvf igfkkkm agj?

V (chorus)
U'cv obokm vauu ibncy, U'cs fle rcgk
Sy qsm joh eju iwdaytnea db ueimtbjzv lf ryvktnxgqu.
U'cv obokm vauu ibncy, U'cs fle rcgk
Mta yy agj gvnoc sbyo zyt nu.

VI (Verse 2)
Fqj'nb os uhnyv, cb U'cv ebsv fqj ilonj
K rx cyem vam yysr, ksbkcnpcu
Fqf xie'i ktohz pu yt cum pu
Pwd pyw'vo gsmiah wegm U fblcv hmb pywb xnklmu.

Iaf gfm agj qtpueq lf erxb, ga rbhycoim jrk?
Hyyj'v pywb tyhymuc tngse agj zqmmtc?
Yuh htb bjj gmia wfyp hmbysk abl
Trrokqueq itgi fqf mmtu i iyvejp gkpsmt?

VIII (pre-chorus)
Pywb wogxw vgskwu uu vfmextbv muva gwua skvej,
Y itksw uxu zcrjery eq rpgpyye pyw ys eju skbhe rvifr!
Cmtairc, itkh cgc itb cnkuu sqf luffzksk pk ittbjb
Osr pp nbirnh rg vxu nkttv anjl mtq pb oqskbb flcug.

IX (chorus)
K'sv obrbb dauu mytsy, U'cv nwp rcgp
Jq gsm jrg vxu iwitqbnea iy kpimtflrd lf rnolbnxgtm.
K'sv obrbb dauu mytsy, U'cv nwp rcgp
Cjk yy abl udnoc vyqa zyt lm.

( (Instrumental Break) )

X (bridge)
Ug yye'i oqge sqf xb, Y'l sqfmxrf kqsm.
Qpvf vanqftt vuitc rjh ynbolg abl'cs ujfbledun pu
Gq vbj'v vyqa zyt lm, K'n zytubbb tyeu.
Cjrs ckvo agjn frnfohgbh gwuxlpw eq pbejnjlpugu, mtqbu?

XI (final chorus)
U'cv obokm vauu ibncy, U'cs fle rcgk
Lf vbjlfu uu tuxrs eq r Zgbrrktx, pop tb xltcu fqj.
U'cs vmgkm vxng ybncv, N'oc fle omia
Lf dgsmu rnb spnbh, ejrp oglmed lm ebc.


Beginning Instrumental

The MV's instrumental depicts a lyre, crown, and teardrop. These three frames repeatedly show again until the vocals play. Viewers may also notice the fact that black dots appear on the screen they are watching while the MV is playing.

Stanza 1

Stanza 1 of the MV shows Grigori in a Formal Cathedral Uniform as he is smiling. he is in some cathedral, although a statue of where Virgin Mary should is depicted with a similar portrait of Inanna, except replacing the owls are harpy-like creatures. After Stanza 1 finishes, the interval between Stanza 1 and 2, the message "K rx Lyfkqfu, vxu sgvobp rjluo."

Stanza 2

Note: There was a typo in the lyrics when it was released, but it made sense with the typo. The fact that there originally was a typo should be ignored, viewers.

A golden throne is depicted, with a mural of a woman, who's face is shown to be beautiful, and in bits and moments of the MV's frames, her face is scribbled. Some murals are doodled, such as drawing horns, tails, or even mustaches on the beautiful mural. Words such as "usurper" "tyrant" "liar" can be found.

Between Stanza 2 and Stanza 3 shows the last line of Stanza 2 very quickly.

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Wed Sep 08, 2021 12:20 am
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whatchamacallit wrote a review...

Hi there Kelisot! I'm here for a review for you, in the spirit of RevMo! Quick disclaimer, I didn't decode your lyrics, I used the solution @neinty came up with so that I could leave a review for you! So no points needed here ^^

I'm going to put the decoded version in a spoiler, just so I can reference it easily.

Spoiler! :
I (Verse 1)
Why are you crying my name, oh desolate hag?
Didn't your goddess grant you powers?
Did she run away from seeing you
Realizing how much you no longer were worth?

What is the point to usurp a throne,
To lie in front of my people
Your keen eyes no blinding you
The price of pride and glory is one's fall.

Try to interrupt my pilgrimage, blyat
Thinking I'm a harbinger or an angel
Therefore I listen to the prayers of mortals
Do you think I would do that to you?

IV (Pre-chorus)
You pray in my cathedral for my demise
And you say that in front of such a god?
Blasphemies you have spoken,
How do you think I'll easily forgive you?

V (chorus)
I'll leave this world, I'll run away
No one has the authority to interrupt my pilgrimage.
I'll leave this world, I'll run away
Why do you still look for me.

VI (Verse 2)
You're an idiot, so I'll tell you again
I am like the wind, invisible
You can't grasp me or see me
But you'll always know I could see your crimes.

Why are you crying my name, oh desolate hag?
Didn't your goddess grant you powers?
Did she run away from seeing you
Realizing that you were a filthy sinner?

VIII (Pre-chorus)
Your black tongue is drenched with such filth,
I think she planned to abandon you in the first place!
Perhaps, this was the price for usurping my throne
And my reward as the right king who no longer rules.

IX (Chorus)
I'll leave this world, I'll run away
No one has the authority to interrupt my pilgrimage.
I'll leave this world, I'll run away
Why do you still look for me.

X (Bridge)
So don't look for me, I'm forever gone.
Only through tears and dreams you'll encounter me
So don't look for me, I'm forever gone.
When will your carcasses succumb to nothingness, whore?

XI (Final chorus)
I'll leave this world, I'll run away
My tongue is given to a Paradigm, may he curse you.
I'll leave this world, I'll run away
My bones are lyres, they lament me now.

All right, on to the meat of the review! The first thing I noticed while I began reading is that the tone is very formal and a bit archaic. Typically, I'm not a fan of this style, as I find it less emotive, but since this song is meant to be understood in the context of a medieval setting, I can see why you chose to use this tone. I think you do a great job of creating that tone with vocabulary and sentence structure, while not making it so extreme that it's overwhelming -- so a perfect balance there! And the tone stays quite consistent throughout; words like "lyres", "pilgrimage", "harbringer", "blasphemies", etc., help to keep it constant! The only word I'm unsure of is "blyat"? I've never heard it used before, and the only result it turns up on Google is that it's a Russian curse word.

You've got some intense imagery going on in this poem -- some of my favourites:
Your black tongue is drenched with such filth,

^describing a tongue as "black" is such a severe image, it portrays the narrator's hatred for this person really well!
I am like the wind, invisible
You can't grasp me or see me

^this is a really solid simile, and it adds a certain aspect of confidence/perhaps even arrogance to the narrator that I find really interesting!
My bones are lyres, they lament me now.

^I love the subtle alliteration of "lyres" and "lament" here! And the concept of bones lamenting with a melody is so poetic!

There are just a couple lines that I find a bit clunky:
No one has the authority to interrupt my pilgrimage.

^I think it's the combination of "authority", "interrupt", and "pilgrimage", but this sentence has a lot of very syllabic words that don't flow the best together. I think swapping out a couple words, maybe "authority" -> "power"/"right"/"strength"; "interrupt" -> "break"/"pause", that kind of thing!
Only through tears and dreams you'll encounter me

^Similarly here, I'd suggest exchanging "encounter" for a monosyllabic word like "find" or something!

Those are just some super small nitpicks though ^^

One thing I noticed is that you make use of a lot of rhetorical questions in this song; personally, I always suggest using those sparingly for maximum effect, so I might consider at least only use 1 rhetorical question max per stanza. I view them similarly to how I view ellipses -- used once in a while, they can be really impactful to convey an effect, but use them too much and they lose their meaning.

Overall, I had fun decoding and reading these lyrics! I enjoyed how you used tone and vocabulary to transport the reader to a different setting, and I liked how you used very dark images to convey the narrator's contempt for the "hag". I hope this review proves useful for you, and if you have any questions about stuff I brought up, don't hesitate to ask! c:

Keep writing!


Banner courtesy of @ShadowVyper <3

Kelisot says...

Thanks for the review!! But to be correct, the English version doesn't really matter, since one would actually sing the Encrypted version. As long as it's insulting and in a cipher, everything is fine.
But for future poems and songs, I'll take your advice.

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Fri Aug 27, 2021 3:11 pm
neinty says...


Solution: Quagmire 3 with key ANGEL and indicator GRIGORI

whyareyoucryingmynameohdesolatehagdidntyourgoddessgrantyoupowersdidsherunawayfromseeingyourealizinghowmuchyounolongerwereworthwhatisthepointtousurpathronetolieinfrontofmypeopleyourkeeneyesnoblindingyouthepriceofprideandgloryisonesfalltrytointerruptmypilgrimageblyatthinkingimaharbingeroranangelthereforeilistentotheprayersofmortalsdoyouthinkiwoulddothattoyouyouprayinmycathedralformydemiseandyousaythatinfrontofsuchagodblasphemiesyouhavespokenhowdoyouthinkilleasilyforgiveyouillleavethisworldillrunawaynoonehastheauthoritytointerruptmypilgrimageillleavethisworldillrunawaywhydoyoustilllookformeyoureanidiotsoilltellyouagainiamlikethewindinvisibleyoucantgraspmeorseemebutyoullalwaysknowicouldseeyourcrimeswhyareyoucryingmynameohdesolatehagdidntyourgoddessgrantyoupowersdidsherunawayfromseeingyourealizingthatyouwereafilthysinneryourblacktongueisdrenchedwithsuchfilthithinksheplannedtoabandonyouinthefirstplaceperhapsthiswasthepriceforusurpingmythroneandmyrewardastherightkingwhonolongerrulesillleavethisworldillrunawaynoonehastheauthoritytointerruptmypilgrimageillleavethisworldillrunawaywhydoyoustilllookformesodontlookformeimforevergoneonlythroughtearsanddreamsyoullencountermesodontlookformeimforevergonewhenwillyourcarcassessuccumbtonothingnesswhoreillleavethisworldillrunawaymytongueisgiventoaparadigmmayhecurseyouillleavethisworldillrunawaymybonesarelyrestheylamentmenow (cba to format)

If you would like to contact me, message me on discord @neinty#0652 [I seek my reward lol ;) ]

Kelisot says...

pffft yes
i'll give you 100 points for that @neinty :)
But please put the way you decoded in spoilers, please.

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Wed Aug 25, 2021 1:01 am
mordax says...

Does each letter stand for another or is it a different kind of encryption?

Kelisot says...

Like stanza-wise? It represents the stanzas of the song.
All of them were encrypted with the same type of cipher.

Kelisot says...

Good luck solving too.
Compared to others I'm planning to release, it's an easy one.

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