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Chapter 4 of The Old Irish: The Gathering of Irish.

by Jonathan

Chapter 3: The Gathering Of Irish.

When Leti came alone to the burned down house where he had spent all his days, he saw 8 crosses in front of the ruins and Leti knew that somehow they were the graves of his family he yelled and cried looking up to the sky...

He heard the anguished yell of one of the men who had come with him, Leti stood up and saw about 70 men walking though the ruined town, All of them had shovels over their shoulders and Leti recognized George among them Leti ran toward them and George upon seeing that he was his friend ran toward him when they came close to each other they hugged and asked each other questions, but it turned out that George did not remember anything after being knocked off and being carried away by his kinsmen who had survived.

After a few hours night was falling fast and the Redcoats would come looking for Leti and his friends who had escaped soon so they all went off into the woods were the survivors had set up a camp.

Leti talked to the man who seemed to be the leader he said as follows “We were fighting them hard for almost 7 hours but then one of the traitors we know not who opened the gates for them they came running in and defeated us.” This mad Leti very mad for some reason he counseled that they should go through the lands recruit men along their way and attack the British for what they had done.

The man in charge said that they had no chance at all but on the other hand they had nothing to loose.

So in the mourning they set out after making their way back to where Leti had escaped from the British they went up toward the besieged town which also was smoking like their own.

They recruited about a hundred men and some woman and children had survived but they were not going to fight.

They crossed 1 more town until they got to the next seeing along their way hundreds of dead redcoats and when they got the British army they had about 350 men with them.

They circled the army then the Irish banned camped near the army of the British they also sent out sentinel lines these men caught about 50 men who fled from the fight.

Then they went into the town which instead of being burnt to the ground was left intact they filed in and were met by 400 men facing them with muskets and weapons of different assortments.

After they had claimed that they were Irish they were invited in they did not stay long sadly only about 200 men decided to join their cause.

They moved out the next day they found that George had gone ahead as a scout and was captured by the British. Leti and his friends surrounded the enemy.

As they moved in they saw that there was some kind of torture area.

warning the next chapter is a littel blood and gutsy.

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Wed Jun 19, 2013 12:09 am
Wonder wrote a review...

Okay, so really nice chapter. ;) I liked it a LOT!!! :D

However, remember to spell out all numbers less than ten, like writing 'one' or 'seven' instead of 1 or 7. Be careful about run on sentences too -- I see a lot of them. Try breaking them up, and adding commas, maybe?

For example:
"After they had claimed that they were Irish they were invited in they did not stay long sadly only about 200 men decided to join their cause."

You should probably change that to:
"After they had claimed that they were Irish, they were invited inside. However, they did not stay long, as sadly only about 200 men had decided to join their cause."


See what I mean?

Anyways, bye! Thanks for writing that really awesome chapter!! :D

-- Wonder <3

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Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:11 am
Andrea2676Marie wrote a review...

Ahh the next chapter was posted! I'm excited for the next chapter, as it sounds like it's going to be quite interesting. Packed full of great emotion and ideas. It can be very difficult to write about these kind of topics, but you are doing an awesome job! I really like how well you are able to describe what is going on, making me feel like I am really there! Good luck to you and your writing, I can't wait to keep reading.

jordin says...

Thanks for the Review.

here is the deepest secret nobody knows (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a treee called life; which grows higher than the soul can home or mind can hide) and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)
— e.e. cummings