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Joker Missed - Taken Away - Chapter 7

by Archangel

Last time

Joker POV

'She's... Marring... Deadshot?' I curl my hands into fists. Then I exhale. She was right. I wanted to hurt them. Both of them. Deadshot for taking her away from me, and Harley for leaving me for him, I guy she barely knew! I made her who she is! I wonder if I'll ever be able to be around them without wanting to ruin their lives.

'So, what is next for me?'



Playing Champion with the boys last night was fun as usual and very tiring. Val ended up carrying back to my apartment and putting me to bed. When I woke up Storm, my wolf was curled up at the end of the bed. I smile and watch her for a little while before getting up and getting ready for the day. Even though the day goes on uneventfully, I had a nagging feeling that Something was brewing. And when it hit - It was going to hit hard.

(TIME SKIP (I'm lazy. Get over it.))

~Two mouths later~

"Hey, (Y/N)!" Val waves at me as I approach him with my lunch in hand, Storm at my heels. I jog the rest of the way, a smile on my face.

"Hay is for horses. What's up?"

"One: Wrong type of hey. I meant the greeting and yes I know you know that but just wanted to tease me. Two: the boss thinks it's finally safe for you to leave. Of course, you shouldn't go to Gotham. And still keep a low profile, just in case." I nod along. And ask,

"You think they'll let me back in? Work for the Company again?" I look at Val who shrugs.

"No clue, honestly. But if they don't welcome you back keep in touch." I dig into my food and secretly put a cupcake saying 'it's a boy!' on his head. As people pass the, see it and snicker. Val looks at them like they're crazy until he notices me trying to hold in a laugh myself. He narrows his eyes till they are barely slits.

"What. Did. You. Do." His voice drops, so it's a deadly octave, giving no room for argument from any ordinary person. But I'm not ordinary. I smile at him innocently.

"Whatever are you talking about?" right then the cupcake goes flying because an explosion went off. Val pulls me to a hidden underground bunker made for just this reason. We stay in there for a long time waiting and listening for people trying to get in. I was half sleep and hidden behind some old blankets, waiting for Val to give me the all clear. I faintly hear a scuffle going on as I huddle in my hiding place. I close my eyes and listen as the fight comes to a close, slowly drifting to sleep. I hear groaning and feel cold air against my back, and I shiver. My body is wrapped in a warm blanket and gently picked up. I figure that Val wanted me to sleep, so he was going to carry me to a safe place to rest. I rest my head on his shoulder and let him take me away. I hear a car door open, and I'm placed in a car seat, stretched across what seems to be the back seat. The door shuts, and another opens. Once again comes the slam of a car door and then the quiet purr of the engine as it's brought to life. Sleep overtakes me, and I don't wake up till much later. When I did, however, I woke to a big surprise.

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