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Dirty Town - Song

by 4revgreen

(A/N This is the lyrics to the other song I had to make for my music GCSE. It's worth 15% of my overall grade and I would really appreciate it if you could give it a listen! I created all the music and words and provided the backing vocals in verses 1 & 3 and chorus' 2 & 4 . My friend did the main vocals for me)      

                                             CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE SONG

                                                         INSTRUMENTAL VERSION

Dirty town

If a dirty town will get you down

Then I should be six feet underground

There's nothing I love in this dirty town


Want to leave but I can't get out of here

Want to stay but I can't face all my fears

If I leave then I will never come back


I look around this place I call home

But it's all deserted and I'm on my own

don't think it's safe to be out alone

Can't ever let the children roam


I try to get to the door

But I can't see any more

How could I be so blind?

This dirty town that's on my mind


She tries to get to the door

But she can't see any more

How could she be so blind?

This dirty town that's on her mind


I need to leave this god damn slum

Full of guns

And full of shame

she wants the same


You don't know what goes on here

All the children live in constant fear

Families broken, shattered like panes of glass

Before it cuts me, I gotta get out fast


On the bright side I grew up here

All of my memories they were made here

All of my friends now how could I forget?

Maybe it's not so bad?


All the people in the town are going mad

They laugh when I say it's all bad

They grabbed me by the wrists and they wont

They wont let me leave


I try to get to the door

But I can't see any more

The whole town's gone blind

Oh God they're getting into my mind


Gotta get out of here and I

Gotta get out of here

I need to leave

now I can't breathe


now I can't breathe

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Fri Apr 05, 2019 3:35 am
EdelDove wrote a review...

Hey 4evergreen,
Wow this is really impressive, fantastic job!
This is powerful song the lyrics are kinda mellow which I like, it's amazing how you wrote the everything you're very talented! I play the keyboard so I know anything music involved isn't easy.
Since I have no negatives two thumbs up! I hope to see and listen to more from you soon!
Happy writing!

4revgreen says...

Thank you so much! It really means a lot :-)

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Thu Apr 04, 2019 7:39 pm
papillote says...

I don't think it would be my kind of music, normally, but I really enjoyed the song. Your friend sings very well. I also found the experience you describe very relatable.

I grew up in a pretty bad neighborhood and, as much as all you want is to get out, it's home.

The strangest, spookiest thing is that the people who starts out wanting to get out, same as you, just disappear one after the other. They drop out.

4revgreen says...

Thank you so much! And I completely get what you mean about people wanting to get out just disappearing..

papillote says...

Right? Good luck with the teachers, anyway. I hope they'll like it as much as we do. :)

4revgreen says...

ahh thank you!

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Thu Apr 04, 2019 7:30 pm
Anma wrote a review...

Hey 4revgreen!

Not bad!!
It's not really my type of music though but it's good.

All i have to say is when you guys sing project your voice a little more.
I could understand most of it but when i tried to read the lyrics while you guys sang i got lost..

Either than that it's great!

Also tell your friend there really good at singing for me!

Good luck!
Sincerely Anma

4revgreen says...

Thank you :-) And I will tell her :-)
We tried to be loud but we didn't want to drown out the music

Anma says...

Ya lol, don't do that either. But don't let the music drowned out you either!

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Thu Apr 04, 2019 6:35 pm
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Honora says...

Wow...this was really good. I listened to it and it gave me chills! You sounds REALLY good! I am totally blown away! :D :D

4revgreen says...

Thank you so much!! It means a lot :-) I worked my ass of for months on this, but I must give credit to my friend who sang most of it too lol!

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