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Review Rampage Q&A

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Thu Jan 03, 2019 6:17 am
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ShadowVyper says...

Review Rampage

Hi! Hello! Welcome to the Review Rampage.

What is a Review Rampage? I'm glad you asked!

The Review Rampage is a competition against yourself to boost your review count, get more points, and help propel you on to that next star that's hoovering just outside your reach. Sound interesting? Then read on!

How It Works

Spoiler! :
This is going to be a competition against yourself, so you get to set the terms that you want to compete under. Basically you decide: "I want to do X number of reviews in X amount of time and I bet X points that I'm going to follow through with that."

So, for example, you can say: "I want to do 5 reviews by January 5th, and I bet 200 points that I'm going to follow through with that."

You then donate 200 points to @ReviewRampage with a message that includes your entry form below, and get started on your reviews. If, by the deadline you chose, you do the number of reviews that you said you would do, then ReviewRampage will donate back to you twice the points that you put on the line. So, if you bet 200 points, then we will give you 400 points if you succeed. If not, then your points go in the pot, for someone else to win on their Rampage.


Spoiler! :
- Each Rampage, the maximum number of points you can put on the line is 1000.

- You must have at least 1 review per 100 points bet. For example, if you say that you'd like to complete 2 reviews, then you may bet up to 200 points. If you bet 10 reviews, then you may bet up to the 1000 point max. However, you may also alter this ratio, and make bets for like 5 reviews at 200 points, if you don't want to bet the maximum amount that you're allowed. Totally okay!

- You can enter the Rampage as many times as you'd like, but you may only have one entry at a time. So, for example, you can't have one Rampage going specifically for poetry and another for novels simultaneously. But once your Rampage ends, win or lose, then you are immediately eligible to re-enter with whatever new terms you'd like

- Your Rampage, by default, ends at midnight in whatever timezone you are located on the date that you choose.

- Each Rampage may only last for 30 consecutive days. This is meant to be a fairly short term challenge against yourself. You may, however, make this a shorter challenge, if you would like. For example, you could set your own deadline for two, seven, or eleven days from now! Whatever you'd like, just no more than 30 days from the date you enter.

To Enter

Spoiler! :
Want to enter the competition? Of course you do!

To enter, post in the Review Rampage thread using the entry form provided below, filling it out completely. I need all of the information I ask for, to be sure we can moderate this fairly. Once you've submitted this form, donate the number of points you chose to ReviewRampage immediately, using the same entry form as a memo on the message to your point donation.


You are officially considered entered in the Rampage once the points are donated, not simply when you make this post. That will ensure that everyone competing is complying with the risk associated with a competition of this nature.

Standard Entry Form

Spoiler! :
Code: Select all
[b]Number of Reviews Bet:[/b]

[b]Number of Points Bet:[/b]

[b]Date Reviews Will Be Done By [mm/dd/yyyy]:[/b]

[b]Your Time Zone:[/b]

[b]Current Number of Reviews Completed:[/b]


Add-On Challenge For Overachievers

Does this challenge sound a little too tame for you? Do you prefer beating other people instead of just keeping yourself accountable? Then you can also enter into a Bonus Rampage Round.

How It Works

Spoiler! :
First, decide on the terms of your Rampage using the standard entry form provided above. Then you may choose to identify another Rampager that you'd like to enter into a duel with for the duration of your Rampage, for an added bonus and some more motivation to complete your challenge!

Terms of the Duel

Spoiler! :
- Identify your dueler before both of you post to the entry thread. Don't clog up this thread trying to find someone to duel with you.

- You must both post an entry in the forum and donate your points.

- You must both have an identical Rampage itinerary. Same number of points, same number of reviews, same end date (though it ends at midnight in your own timezone).

- All rules of the Rampage also apply to your duel (see above).

- This entry counts as your Rampage. You may not have both a Solo Rampage and a Duel running simultaneously. However, you may switch your mode of entry at the end of your Rampage, if you so choose.


Spoiler! :
This challenge is meant to add on a bit of urgency to your Rampage, while still having motivation to continue competing even if you aren't quite as fast in your reviews. So, if you complete your Rampage, you will get the double number of points, but you're also able to win an additional number of points that you put up for the challenge as an extra reward for reviewing faster than another Rampager.

For this reason, I strongly recommend that you Duel with someone that is a similarly matched reviewer to yourself, so that one of you doesn't absolutely crush the other.

Point Dispersal

Spoiler! :
The point of this duel is to give you a chance to win extra points for a Rampage well-run, not to force you into an unnecessary double-or-nothing sort of situation. For this reason, if both competitors complete their Rampage as stated in their terms, then they will each receive the double number of points they entered, just like in a standard Rampage Entry.

However, the person who completed the Rampage first will also be eligible to receive an additional prize in the amount that was initially wagered. Example:

- I enter against Kirkiln

- We both deposit 1000 points on the terms of doing 10 reviews in 30 days

- I complete my 10 reviews in one day and post my victory to this thread

- I win my 2000 points for completing my Rampage, and also an additional 1000 points for doing it before he does, for a total of 3000 points

- He completes his 10 reviews in 29 days and posts his completion to this thread

- He will also get his 2000 points for completing his Rampage, but not the additional 1000 points for the duel, keeping his total at 2000 points.


Spoiler! :
If you wish to participate then fill out the standard entry form, and then also include the username of the person you will be battling with the following format:

I will be dueling: @[username]


This challenge is going to be run by myself and @Kirkiln

Special Thanks

To @Kirkiln and @Oxara for giving me the idea to create this challenge!

And to @ScarlettFire, @alliyah, @Holysocks, and @Kirkiln for being generous point donors to help me subsidize this awesome Rampage!

Get Your Rampage On!

Now, go ahead and get your Rampage started! Feel free to reply below if you have any questions about the terms of this competition!

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Tue Jan 08, 2019 10:06 pm
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ReviewRampage says...

Rampage Hall Of Fame

@ScarlettFire - won her Duel and Rampage on 1/8/19 with 8 reviews completed!
@MJTucker - Finished her Rampage on 1/9/19 with 5 reviews completed!
@EternalRain - Finished her Rampage on 1/10/19 with 6 reviews completed!
@Kirkiln - lost his duel but still finished his Rampage on 1/11/19 with 8 reviews completed!

You could be next...

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