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About scarlettvee

Hello and thank you for checking out my profile! I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my work.

I'm a young, christian author currently working on my first original novel, The Mysteries of Llyrak: Dark Crown. I also have many other short stories, two of which have plans to be published later this year. I write mainly in the science fiction or fantasy genre but I also enjoy stepping out of the box from time to time and dabbling in other genres as well.

If you're new to my profile and don't know me, you can call me K.S. Valentine or Vee or scarlettvee or really anything else. I don't care. Also, feel free to send me a message and follow my social media accounts below so that we might get to know each other!

Wattpad: @scarlettvee
Instagram: @ksvalentineauthor
Twitter: @kvals28
Pinterest: @ksvalentine

"The adventures I enjoy are usually of the literary nature."




But what about second breakfast?
— Peregrin Took