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Live Slow, Die Whenever

wow. someone came to check my profile. *fumbles with index cards* well, hmm, let's see what they can know about me - *drops cards and frantically tries to sort them on the floor* my name is Em and I'm the rebellious 15-year-old who's "too mature for her age" as people say *internally screams in frustration as I mess up the cards even more* I'm a socially anxious depressed potato who fights every day for people to understand the meanings of mental disorders and how they are nOT funny jokes. *sorts cards as I recite from memory* I also have writing goals such as to finally finish novels that I've been putting off/working on fOR THREE YEARS, to write more beautiful poetry like @marms does; and to write like how music makes me feel. *sorts index cards and reads from them* I'm not going to judge y'all because I'm pretty messed up but I'm trying to make something out of myself, and I just wanna make friends on this awesome site. *pauses for a breath as my ears turn red from embarrassment* I love eating goldfish crackers. *eats goldfish crackers while reading* I love British accents and spellings of words - they're so much more colourful *speaks with a British accent* I have a galaxy fidget spinner and it's so much fun I use it for stress and anxiety and it helps *spins my fidget spinner while eating goldfish crackers and talking with a British accent* and friend, if you aren't sick of me or confused by all this already, then follow me, send me a pm, review a poem I've done. I love making new friends! *gasps* but nobody could replace my best friend on this site. @Snazzy is the twin sister I never had so go follow her and read her writing *thinks of more to say* Also, I love to post artwork on my wall so I'll be doing that more often. And come check out the YWS Band Club page. *finishes goldfish crackers and stops speaking in a Brit accent as my fidget spinner flies to the floor* and that's the gist of me and my life you can see my interests and my wall posts just be careful when reading because I make a lot of sad, depressing stuff and I hope I don't offend anyone with it but anyways if you're struggling just please keep in mind this below:

Adolescent Suicide Hotline

Child Abuse Hotline

Domestic Violence Hotline

Eating Disorders Center

Gay & Lesbian National Hotline
1-888-THE-GLNH (1-888-843-4564)

Help Finding a Therapist
1-800-THERAPIST (1-800-843-7274)

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
1-800-950-NAMI (6264)

Panic Disorder Information Hotline
800- 64-PANIC

Self-Injury (Information only)
(NOT a crisis line. Info and referrals only)
1-800-DONT CUT (1-800-366-8288)

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Suicide & Crisis Hotline

Be strong, if any of you need this. I'm here if you need to talk.


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