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  • KateHardy submitted a new review to the literary work Elephant Days
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  • i can’t count the reasons i should stay
    one by one they all just fade away

    IcyFlame ahh now I want to watch Community again
    3 hours ago

    Apricity sameeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    1 hour ago

  • Skyscraper is like the best friend. TW: for disordered eating tendencies
    Spoiler! :
    I've been going through a lil relapse phase. In history, we were given Hershey's Kisses bc my teacher is the best. And I was seriously debating on whether or not to eat it. So I go to flip a coin and Skyscraper is like "Wut you doing?" and I explain it to him. So I flip the coin and it landed on tails, which I put as "not eat." But he wouldn't have it. He kept flipping the coin till it landed on a face that he put as "can eat" and oh my gosh I do no deserve him ;-;

  • dragonfphoenix
    10 hours ago

    I have also learned how we got the word "mausoleum."

  • #songoftheday <3 one of those songs that's spoken to me recently
    phpBB [media]

  • Sometimes mythology makes no sense, and you shouldn't look at it too closely. For example, Achilles' companion, Patroclus, was said to have killed another child in a fit of rage during a game, and yet in the same breath that Patroclus served as a role model for Achillles because he was "kinder."


  • Ghazghkull posted a new literary work: Behemoth, Chapter 1
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  • dang imma bout to pop off tomorrow

  • soundofmind likes the literary work, i will never make it back to the midwest
  • My audition slot for The Importance of Being Earnest is BOOKED.

    February 20th, 7pm! The director is "encouraging" British accents, so you know what, I'm going to learn one within the next two and a half weeks, and if I get cast I can always refine it. The main thing is I just want to be confident enough with the lines.

    Also they are doing an audition where everyone shows up and he pulls people to read, rather than an individual slot which I actually prefer.

    I'm just a trifle bit nervous because it looks like this play is already attracting a lot of attention/interest. I'm kind of expecting that this theater is going to tire of me after some point, but well see how this goes! And this play has two parts for women in my age range, when the past ones have only had one. (Though, I can only see myself playing one of them, not the other, but I still submitted for both and we'll se what happens)

    If I'm being honest, 2023 has been off to a rough start. I don't need to get into it right now but today has been especially shit. I've for sure had better days in my life... so, not off to a great start.

    I just....want to be on stage again and I think this play would be a lot of fun... it's fun that I very much need right now.

    (Oh, we're also filming the first scene of Under the Apple Tree on February 25th!) So there are reasons to look up.

  • Plume wrote:Truth: Least favorite character you've ever created?

    Dare: Draw a picture of your favorite car without a reference image.

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    ...i forgot mirrors


    looseleaf 1951 Frazer Manhattan Four-Door Convertible

    11 hours ago

    Plume Aaaa that’s incredible!! Who needs mirrors anyway tbh
    26 minutes ago

  • ... please tell me not to make AITA posts for my characters and their dumb decisions. Please.

    Carlito um. do it.
    10 hours ago

    IcyFlame I will never tell you not to do this because I want it
    3 hours ago

  • 4revgreen likes the literary work, I am small and insignificant
  • 5 Reasons Why Hot Chocolate Is Better Than Tea: An Argument That I Totally Did Not Make Up On The Spot
    by silver, on the occasion of @Euphory's #truthordare

    1. hot chocolate doesn't fill up two entire drawers of my pantry because there aren't a bajillion types that i feel the need to own, unlike somebody *cough* tea *cough*. i should charge my tea rent because it easily takes up 15% of my food space.
    2. hot chocolate is better because chocolate is the best thing on earth and so until Chocolate 2.0 or something is released* it remains undefeated.
    3. no one's elitist about hot chocolate. things heat up and boil over (ahahaha wasn't that funny) in the tea fandom because of arguments over things like whether or not tea should have sugar, or milk, or if it's okay for some teas to have those but not others, or what type of tea is the best. hot chocolate is just hot chocolate and all hot chocolate is a vibe.
    4. also, tea and coffee enthusiasts are always hashing out which drink is better and hot chocolate is chilling there in the other corner of the cafe, unproblematic and vibin'. caffeinated beverage quarrels? never heard of her.
    5. for the moment, it's socially acceptable to put marshmallows in your hot chocolate but not in your tea. if anyone wants to add marshmallows to their tea after reading this, i encourage you to (in the spirit of chaos), but under this current social norm, hot chocolate is certainly winning because it's the one with the marshmallows. thank you.

    *if any of you secretly have magic or powers, i am begging you, please. make Chocolate 2.0 happen.

    BluesClues yes to everything about this, the best argument that has ever been made
    11 hours ago

    Snoink Legit.
    11 hours ago

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  • Lovestrike likes the literary work, I am small and insignificant
  • Lovestrike likes the literary work, i will never make it back to the midwest
  • Ok so like I’ve only read 3 harry potter books and I’m not really interested in it but like.. there’s gotta be other wizard prisons besides Azkaban, right? Like do they just send people to maximum security prison over small crimes too or do they have other smaller wizard jails?

    GengarIsBestBoy Also why are there only like 3 illegal spells? There are a *lot* more spells that should be illegal. You can literally make someone grow a slug out of their mouth but that’s perfectly legal apparently
    12 hours ago

    IcyFlame I think that there's definitely other wizarding prisons - Nurmengard was used to hold Grindelwald for example. Azkaban is just known as the official prison for holding British Wizards.

    On the curses, I think there are only 3 that are 'unforgivable' so have like immediate sentences but others could probably be punished too!

    3 hours ago

  • spatula posted a new literary work: i will never make it back to the midwest
  • Ah I'm so indecisive!

    Lately, I've been reading a lot of Danez Smith's poetry! I think they have such a unique voice, and I like how they talk about their experiences with race and identity! It's painful, but I can't stop reading.

    not an elegy for Mike Brown is a good poem! =D
    @Plume wrote:Truth: What/who is your favorite poem/poet?

    Dare: Write a poem about whatever object you get in this generator.

    Link to original comment

    Plume oh that poem’s a great choice—super powerful work. I’d never heard of Danez Smith before, but I’ll have to go check them out now!
    21 minutes ago

  • spatula likes the literary work, I am small and insignificant
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  • 4revgreen posted a new literary work: I am small and insignificant
  • foxmaster submitted a new review to the literary work Darkness rising. (Ash's encounter with the evil king of dragons)

  • are you ready for...

  • i love monkeys so much that i just had to draw one in ms paint


    SilverNight @soundofmind i'm not sure this is even a monkey but here you are
    14 hours ago

    foxmaster that is way better than what I can do
    13 hours ago

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  • i am so already done with my work training. like, you're teaching me how to use Task Manager??? And spending an hour on it....

  • This has been my first week at work and I am sorry to say that I was falling asleep while watching some really dry training videos. Conditioned response from college video lectures, no doubt :P

    @Euphory @BluesClues @starchild314

    BluesClues wait where I do not see the joke

    or am I missing the joke

    I am old 😭

    13 hours ago

    FireEyes It was the "Are you less than 90 degrees? Bc you acute" thing that you responded to on my wall a few days ago
    13 hours ago

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  • i wonder if i can take advantage of the #truthordare and make as many people as possible have a taco related pfp 🤔

  • Paroxysm Effect is celebrating their cake day! Click here to go to their wall and wish them a Happy YWS Anniversary!
  • I find it funny that editing, especially if it's multiple times takes longer than writing the whole story. That could be just me, but it certainly feels like it.

    Ari11 Definitely. Editing is pain. That's why I just start over...and have been working on the same story for 4 years now.
    14 hours ago

    RokitaVivi Jiminy Crickets, 4 years on the same story :O!? I feel your torment, so pain X(.
    12 hours ago

  • WeepingWisteria likes the topic, Social Month 2023
  • okkkayy let’s do it ig

    #socialmonth #truthordare

  • As I said a few days back, I got myself a vintage quill and diary. I wanted to see and feel what writing must have been like hundreds of years ago.


    Contrary to first impressions, I discovered that the physical act of penning something down must have taken more effort and will. Writing with a quill can be somewhat messy.


    A quill, unlike a fountain pen, needs to be constantly dipped in ink. On vintage paper, which tends be raw and porous, writing with ink can be a challenge.

    The need to constantly dip the quill in ink, the spillage, the inkstains on your hands, on the page, the constant blotting, the sudden blobs of ink softening the page and making it teary unless it is allowed to dry well, makes writing even a few words laborious and time-consuming.


    Yet despite these difficulties, people in the past persevered and wrote with a passion, driven by their love for the written word.

    As we comfortably type away our novels and poems on our laptops. Let us also remind ourselves of the labor and love that went into written communication in the past.

    Thanks for coming to my talk, fam.

    Quillfeather The quill is so beautiful

    16 hours ago

I love her dearly, but I can’t live with her for a day without feeling my whole life is wasting away.
— Miss Kenton, The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro