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*formerly screamingsloth and pizzaroll*

i'm em.

i'm just your average unloveable girl who just keeps to herself and puts everyone else first.

i love post malone, leo dicaprio, and that's really it. i also love that thing where pianists sway from side to side as they fiercely punch keys and softly stroke keys all in one song.

MY SQUADLINGS (i'm sorry i forgot about you loves, i miss you all): @DemonGoddess @Snazzy @DarkPandemonium @Love

rough hood girl, hides emotions, tough, sarcastic, rebellious, soulless, roasts people, swears a lot, jealous, wants hella tattoos, runs my mouth

poet, fearless writer, artist, loyal, creative, semi sensitive, strong, genuinely cares about other people's happiness over my own, lets emotions flow, will sacrifice things in my life to better someone else's, soft, shrinks from the world, sweet

in sum: i cuss like a sailor & refuse to act like a lady, yet i will put you first and fix your problems in a jiffy if you need me to. that's the gist of me and my life.

if any of y'all wanna talk, vent, make friends - let me know. i'll be your friend when others let you down, i'll listen to your problems when people say that yours don't matter enough, i'll pick you back up when your self confidence and esteem are destroyed.

if and when any lost soul, wandering stranger, or charismatic friend stumbles upon my page, hit me up in my DMs and don't forget to stay strong.

*hoe out*


third wheeling // poetry // sleeping 12 consecutive hours // existential pain // starting novels that i will never finish, like, ever // POSTIE'S RAP MUSIC


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Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open.
— Sir James Dewar, Scientist