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  • My body is a machine that turns cats into kissed cats

  • chrysanthemumcentury
    6 hours ago

    you look like
    taylor swift

    farq4d I’m on a desperate taylor swift cleanse 😭🙏
    6 hours ago

  • so i tried to write a poem, i have to turn in a prose poem for my class, so feedback would be appreciated hehe


    prayers without answer • Young Writers Society

  • do you think Shakespeare thought in iambic pentameter

  • starling by sarah kinsley

  • Quillfeather Finally someone who gets this reference I have made this joke many times such as when I got glitter all over my face and no one I know understands
    Jul 16, 2024

    farq4d it’s iconic
    Jul 16, 2024

  • Bruh just thought of a good cat name, slinky. Next cat for sure

  • chrysanthemumcentury
    Jul 15, 2024

    howdy farq4d

    farq4d howdy Chappell
    Jul 16, 2024

  • Leaving to go watch long legs and I’m scared bc I already don’t like horror movies

  • I forgot how good Frankenstein is

  • why did my parents choose thought daughter

  • chrysanthemumcentury
    Jul 7, 2024

    ... how do you pronounce your username? like far-cod, or farquad? or smth else

    farq4d the latter !
    Jul 7, 2024

    chrysanthemumcentury i see
    Jul 7, 2024

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  • Some quotes from the books I read this past month :)

    The Illiad by Homer


    Hektor smiled in silence as he looked on his son, but she,
    Andromache, stood close beside him, letting her tears fall,
    and clung to his hand and called him by name and spoke to him: 'Dearest
    your own great strength will be your death, and you have no pity
    on your little son, nor on me, ill-starred, who soon must be your widow,
    for presently the Achaians, gathering together,
    will set upon you and kill you; and for me it would be far better
    to sink into the earth when I have lost you, for there is no other
    consolation for me after you have gone to your destiny--
    only grief;

    'Poor Andromache! Why does your heart sorrow so much for me?
    No man is going to hurl me into Hades, unless it is fated,
    but as for fate, I think that no man yet has escaped it
    once it has taken its first form, neither brave man nor coward

    As for the Achaians,
    they will not hold, if the bonds of death are fastened upon them.

    But you can no longer in honor give way to your fighting valour
    being all the best men along the host.

    [...] for my way
    is not to fight my battles standing far away from my enemies.

    Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare


    Marcus: Why dost thou laugh? It fits not with this hour.

    Titus: Why, I have not another tear to shed;
    Besides, this sorrow is an enemy,
    And would Usurp upon my wat'ry eyes
    And make them blind with tributary tears.

    When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

    Page 145:

    "What are you most afraid or sad about?" she asked me one night as we were lying in bed.

    "Leaving you," I told her.

    Page 162:

    And now, finally, maybe I had arrived at denial. Maybe total denial. Maybe, in the absence of any certainty, we should just assume that we're going to live a long time. Maybe that's the only way forward.

    Page 179:

    "You know, I've been having this recurring nightmare that this day was coming," she said.

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Remember: no stress allowed. Have fun, and learn from your fellow writers - that's what storybooks are all about.
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