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An Apology Letter

by silverlady99

An Apology Letter

My feelings, I can't fathom into words,

My thoughts, I can't frame into sentences.

Yet here I am, writing this rhyme,

Trying to apologize for all those times.

For all the times I hurt you,

For all the times I made you cry.

For all those times, I know,

A single " I'm sorry " will never suffice.

Feeling so helpless, I wish I could show you,

How sorry I am, and just how much I love you.

But right now, these words are all I've got,

To express my love for you, these words are my only shot.

I don't know what else to say,

Because " I'm sorry " is starting to seem so lame.

So I'll end this rhyme with " I love you " 

And a kiss that will find it's way to you.

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Tue Jan 13, 2015 12:13 am
EmeraldLinks wrote a review...

Thanks for apologi- No JK this inst for me :P


First off... I just want to point out that (I have said this before) I don't really read allot of poetry, but when I do I always find a little gem like this. I also just love how this is for someone that you hurt, that's really kind <3

I cant find any nitpicks so everything in this story I think is just fine :D
I think my favorite lines are the last few.

I hope who this was for gets the chance to read this, If there is ANY chance I can help to get this to the person your trying to apologize to, EMAIL ME AT linkmyers@ymail.com

silverlady99 says...

Hey!... thank you so much for the nice review :P .... well, the person whom this was meant for.... that person knows about it .. n well, I was forgiven :P ... it was after a fight that I'd had with that person... So, yeahh... it doesn't really matter anymore, though ... still, THANKS A LOT for offering. That was VERY sweet of you xD

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Mon Jan 12, 2015 7:59 pm
BiancaLU wrote a review...

Hi there, silverlady99. To start off, your poem is good. It's a general idea we're all used to: love. Therefore, it's easy to understand the feelings described and all that. I would say if you used rhyme throughout the whole poem it would have made it much better. And the ending:
"So I'll end this rhyme with 'I love you'
And a kiss that will find its way to you."
Well, how can I put this? It doesn't seem to fit so well. Try better word usage perhaps. And just a heads-up; it should be "its" and no apostrophe. ;)


silverlady99 says...

Thanks for the review!.. and DAMN!... I don't know how i could make that stupid mistake!!

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Sun Jan 11, 2015 9:03 am
Shubham wrote a review...

Poetry is a way to say many more things with the help of few words or sentences and you done it perfectly. Through this poetry you catch the actual emotion and felling of a loving body. It is dedicated to those people who felt in love with someone special but due to some misunderstanding they got slam. That’s why it is vary closer to my heart. Thanks for writing this kind of poetry. I heartily appreciate your writing skill, Keep it up.

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Sun Jan 11, 2015 8:57 am
Shubham says...

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Sun Jan 11, 2015 8:55 am
Shubham says...

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Sat Jan 10, 2015 3:45 pm
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ladcat13 wrote a review...

BOOM *Appears in a dramatic flash of smoke*

I hope that whoever this poem was dedicated to gets to read it, because wow! If I were them, I'd say apology accepted. I can see the effort and the care and the emotion you put into this. The rhyme scheme and meter are consistent, which means this poem has perfect flow and rhythm. That's hard to achieve, and I appreciate it. It's short but eloquent. It expresses a lot in a few words, and even taken out-of-context I can feel the raw emotion you put into this. If it's hard to achieve a perfect rhythm, it's even harder to get so much across in so little length. Bravo, my friend, bravo! And your last stanza was the best of all, I have to say.

Keep smiling, forgive yourself, and as always, keep writing.

silverlady99 says...

Thank you soo much!! .. I feel..well, HONOURED! xD

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Sat Jan 10, 2015 3:14 pm
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Lenora742 wrote a review...

"I don't know what else to say,
Because " I'm sorry " is starting to seem so lame."
That line, oh my gosh. So many love poems (*cough* like mine *cough*) are so sappy and cheesy. But you turned a sappy love poem into something worth reading. That line, in particular caught my eye.
Anyways, just thought I'd say, I really love your poem! :D


silverlady99 says...

Hey!... your poem was NOT sappy!..so shut up!! It was CUTE ...like soo endearing.. n thanks xP ...

— whatchamacallit