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Paralyzed Collective - A series of art I don’t remember doing, part 2

by lillianna

so this happened the other night

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Mon Nov 30, 2020 6:01 pm
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Soccer23 says...

Love it!!! The cracks in the ice are so perfect just like the rest of it!

lillianna says...


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Sat May 02, 2020 11:29 pm
Icon wrote a review...

I just wanted to say that I love this series. You're a super talented artist, and I do the exact same thing where I forget that I drew something XD. I appreciate that you do traditional art as well. I really enjoy working traditionally, but I make a lot of mistakes and I'm a coward without my precious ctrl+z.

Stay hydrated via your creative juices! -Icon

lillianna says...

thanks so much! you%u2019re super talented as well!!

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Sat May 02, 2020 6:11 pm
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whatchamacallit wrote a review...

Hello harperlouise06! I've returned for yet another art review!

I love it that you tried out a Bob Ross inspired painting - the guy was such a legend!

I'm curious about what medium you used, did you go authentic with oil paints or try out some acrylic and just mimic his style?

I really like the colours you've used here, they evoke a winter scene very well. The slate blue in the sky feels very cold and wintry. I would say the colour palette is definitely a strength in this painting! One thing I would suggest adding a bit more colour to is the snow. The picture may have lost some of its shades when you took a photo, but right now the snow feels like you just left an empty patch on the canvas. I would recommend that you add some grey or blue shadows to the snow, to give it more depth. (Again, it could be that the real picture actually has shadows there, we just can't see them in this photo)

My main critique here, other than the snow, is that everything feels a little unrefined. It looks a little like you used one size of brush for everything, and as a result, it seems to be missing details. There's nothing wrong with the painting, it just feels a bit plain. I think adding shadows to the snow would definitely help, but maybe add something else to the picture, too? Like a pond to the side, or a cabin, or something like that. It would give the painting more of a focus.

But overall, this is quite well done and enjoyable to look at. I hope this was helpful, and I hope to see more of your art in the future!

Keep painting!


lillianna says...

thanks for coming back again! a lot of the shadows got lost in the scanning process. i actually don%u2019t know how many brushes were used to paint this. it was about 5 in the morning so i couldn%u2019t tell you that. but i think you%u2019re right that maybe only one or two brushes were used. i think if i have time as i%u2019m working on some world building and creating and drawing yet another character, as well as school art class and a series of fashion designs that is in process, i will try to add a cabin or something in there. i love reading your reviews and thank you for being so supportive of art.

No problem! It's always a pleasure to review your art, you're very talented!

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