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Love Gone Missing

by iEuphoria

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb. But it wasn’t that easy. The two wouldn’t have known each other if Jake hadn’t been running through the blue school doors and crashed into Melissa. The simple bump had made Melissa drop her books and fall to her knees to retrieve them. Jake had only glimpsed back with his soft green eyes and continued running.

Jake had been on the track team for 3 years but quit his senior year in high school to practice with his new colleges’ team. He had the nickname of “Lion” because of how fast he ran. Melissa watched Jake keep running, figuring that he was late to something. With a tear in her eye she slowly stood up and began to walk gracefully, with her head sulking. Melissa was always the shy, elegant one. Even in ballet she would stand at the back of the class although she was the only one to ever truly know the steps. She had been going to ballet ever since her Dad died a week before her fourth birthday. Her mother was too busy to drive her across town lately and there was no one else who was willing to drive her. Her teachers used to call her a lamb, for her innocent, graceful and yet majestic ways.

She became frazzled as she heard a car horn and a man cursing because of a traffic jam. She looked up and raised her hand daintly in the air, mid-drift and ran to the sidewalk. Thinking about the look in Jake’s eyes, she lost sight of her motion and walked straight into a stop sign. She fell on the pavement for what could have been the last time. Rushing over to her side with a petrified look on his face was Jake and his squeaky black Nikes. Frozen on the ground with pale skin and wavy brown hair surrounding her, was not the way he wanted to see his classmate. It reminded him of the way his mother had left his life. He stroked her hair and reached within his gray and black plaid Jan sport backpack and furiously searched around for a water bottle. He placed his right hand under her head and lifted it upward. With his left hand he began to unscrew the cap on the Poland Spring bottle.

He pursed her lips and poured a slight amount of cold, crisp water into the tiny slit in her maroon lips. Her head began to rise off his hand and he heard her choking and saw her heart racing through the thin shirt she wore. He patted her on the back and smiled. Her sparkling brown eyes began to open and a twinkle appeared and she bit her lip, tasting the blood from her chapped lips. He took her textbooks to ease her. He jumped up on his Nike clad feet and held her hand tightly. He pulled her up gently to help stand her up. Smiling widely, he walked her home holding her hand the whole way.

When they finally approached the cracked cement porch steps of her condo, they unlocked their fingers. She looked at him and muttered, “You saved my life, how can I repay you with my gratitude?” He smiled and said, “Friday at 8? You pick the movie.” She blew him a kiss as she unlocked the old white door to number 139. As he dialed the number of his best friend, David, to drive him home to his mansion, he thought about how he came from a rich family and compared it the rusty bike and falling bricks at the side of the house. He then noticed that the bushes were overgrown and hadn’t been tended to for what seemed like years. He thought of it as Romeo and Juliette’s forbidden love then back to reality. The way she looked at him made it very hard to not go after her. At that thought, David’s black BMW pulled up with the stereo blaring and Jake hopped in.

Friday night at 7:30 PM Melissa was on the phone talking to her best friend, Jessie. Jessie was the only person who had talked to Melissa since she came as a freshman, one month late. Melissa had decided to dress cute but casual with flats and a cardigan, jeans and a Miami Ink tank top. with her hair braided in two. She twirled in front of the mirror and smiled, satisfied with her choice. She asked Jessie while spraying DKNY Delicious Green, “Do you think it was a prank?” Melissa smeared on lip-gloss as Jessie reassured her that she was beautiful and that he liked her for her. She looked at the clock, 8:01 PM, and sighed. The doorbell rang and she hung up on Jessie, darting down the carpeted staircase.

She opened up the door, and Jake’s eyes flickered. Melissa smiled and looked at his plaid open dress shirt and narrow jeans. He swung his arm from his back, and extended it towards her, holding a fresh rose. She blushed and sniffed the rose, and set it down in the vase on the counter next to the door. He took her hand and led her to his black BMW and held the door open for her. They stepped in and were off.

Jake and Melissa pulled up in the first available parking space that Jake found, and stepped out of the vehicle. Melissa took a reassuring breath and texted Jessie, “I’m here. Wish me luck. EEP.” She slipped her phone into her back pocket as Jake appeared in front of her. He held her hand and they began walking towards the theatre. “What movie are we going to see, Bro?” came a familiar voice from behind them. No… it couldn’t be …. Melissa thought but as she turned and saw David standing there she realized that they wouldn’t be alone on their first date.

As the line moved forward, they decided to see The Blind Side. When they purchased their tickets, they stepped inside and Melissa immediately went towards the snack line. Behind her was Jake and David, in only ear shot distance. She looked down at the Twizzlers as she approached the counter. She heard David say “But Jake this is serious! It’s in the newspapers! My lawyer even said he is unable to help with the Minerva Margaritz and Wendy Adams kidnapping.” Melissa began coughing and asked Jake to take her home. She muffled into her cardigan and ran toward the doors to get away from David. Melissa dialed Jessie’s number. Jake followed Melissa to the doors, but Melissa told him to go spend some time with David, because she just needed some fresh air.

Jessie answered the phone frantically. “Hello? Melissa! Is something wrong?!” “Come get me. Now!” Melissa replied. Without another word, Melissa heard Jessie’s engine start and car door slam shut, the click of Jessie’s seatbelt, and the beeps on her phone telling her that the phone call has ended.

Both girls sat cross-legged on Jessie’s bed waiting for her Red Inspiron to boot up. “So, tell me exactly what happened!” Jessie said eagerly with her chin resting on her palms, and her elbows balanced on her knees. “Well, it was all going well until we were about to get our tickets and David showed up and..”. Jessie groaned at the mention of David. “Anyway, I heard him say something about a kidnapping of two girls. Their names were Minerva Margaritz and umm… Wendy Adams I think.” Melissa told her. Jessie rolled her eyes. “So you made me get you from your date, over a Law and Order conversation?” Jessie gave her a puzzled look with a hidden laughter in her voice. “No, Jess really! David said that his lawyer was unable to help them!” At this point, the laptop had finished loading and the wallpaper was beginning to appear. “I’ll prove you wrong Mel” Jessie said, moving her arms out of her fascinated position and placed the laptop on her thighs.

Jessie opened up an internet tab and began typing as soon as Google loaded. “Who are the girls?” Jessie asked. “Wendy Adams and Minerva Margaritz.” Melissa replied. Jessie began typing into Google “W-E-N-D-Y A-D-A-M-S” and hit the enter key. Two results appeared on the screen. One was her Facebook link and the other was a police search site. Jessie’s eyes widened as she double clicked the police search site’s link. Melissa scooted closer to Jessie so she could also see the screen. They became eager as the spinning aqua circle turned into a white arrow and the page finished loading.

“Young Wendy Adams went missing after a date with the Sophomore, Jake Summerhaze at the movies on November 23rd 2009. She was last seen inside of a young boy’s black BMW.” Jessie and Melissa’s eyes both met in shock. “That was exactly two month’s ago..” Melissa said slowly. Jessie replied worried “You were right”. “I wouldn’t lie. And umm.. Jake has a black BMW…” Melissa said quietly. “So does David” Jessie replied. Melissa frantically pulled the laptop onto her lap and clicked the “History” tab, returning to Google. She began darting her fingers across the keyboard. “Minerva Margaritz” was written in the search bar. Once again, she hit enter and 3 website links appeared. A Facebook, a Myspace, and another police search site.

Melissa double clicked the police site. The page loaded and she began reading it aloud to Jessie. “Minerva Margaritz was a 17 year old cheerleader, until she went missing after a date with a Sophomore at her school, named Jake Summerhaze. Minerva was last seen in a young boy’s black BMW, back in January of 2010.” The two girls locked eyes in shock. They agreed to look at the girl’s Facebook to try and find out more about them. They hit the backwards arrow and clicked on Minerva’s Facebook link. “Wow” They said in unison as they looked at her default picture. “She’s… beautiful” Jessie spoke slowly, mesmerized by Minerva’s beauty. “Very” Melissa said in awe.

“In a relationship with Jake Summerhaze.” and “Last Status Update: January 9th ‘Heading to my first date at the movies with Jakey!’ ” is what stopped Melissa from smiling, and caused a tear to drip down her cheek. Jessie hugged Melissa tightly and both girls smiled at the embrace. They let go and Jessie shut off the laptop as Melissa went thru Jessie’s closet for pajamas. She grabbed a pair of basketball shorts and a tank-top. Jessie laughed at her choice, and went to go get two sleeping bags as Melissa went to go get dressed.

The movie had just ended and both boys strolled to their identical cars and thought what they were planning on doing next. “Dinner or my house?” David asked when Jake picked up the phone. “Well although I’m full of popcorn, I still want a home cooked meal” Jake replied laughing as both car doors slammed shut. “Same, but my Nana is on a date” David said sighing. He didn’t like when she was on dates. He felt that she was too old to be on dates. “Well my maid Katherine is a pretty good cook if you want to come over my house” Jake said thinking. David replied, “Ok I’ll race you there bro!” as he drove off and shut the phone.

As soon as the girls woke up, they began getting ready to go investigate. It was 11:06AM, when they were finally ready to go. They decided that they would go around town and ask if anyone has seen either of the girls lately. They darted down the wooden staircase and grabbed a raw bagel. They stuck it between their teeth, and ran out of the door. They heard Jessie’s mom yell “Where are you two going?!”, but they decided not to turn back. They ran down a few blocks and arrived infront of their school. Over the weekend, students would go and hang out on the school steps or at the park across the street. A bunch of cheerleaders were seated in the middle, with the football team. Most of the cheerleaders were seated on a football player’s lap. Melissa ran straight up to them and Jessie followed behind. The football players slid away from the two girls. They were “unknown” to the football team and cheerleading squad, because they were very into their schoolwork and very out of sports.

The cheerleaders rolled their eyes and snickered. Jessie whispered to Melissa “Come on we can do this” and Melissa smiled and coughed. She began to speak nervously, “ Excuse me umm guys. Can I have your attention?” The jocks began laughing at her and Jessie whistled. “Yo! Give her your attention for 2 minutes!” Jessie yelled. “Thanks” Melissa smiled. They all murmured and nodded as Melissa asked. “When was the last time you guys spoke to or saw Minerva Margaritz or Wendy Adams?” By the looks on their faces, Melissa and Jessie knew that they had gotten their attention. “Well I haven’t seen them since they went missing on the first date” A red head spoke slowly. A shadow appeared from behind Jessie and a voice said “I saw her in David’s basement this morning.” But as the girls turned around to look to see who it was, the strange figure had left.

David looked at the flyer sitting on his door step. It was bright green and said “Parents are out of town, come party!” That was enough to get David’s attention. It was tonight at the quarterback Mark’s house. He called Jake and told him to meet him there at 6 oclock.

The girls crawled into Jessie’s dad’s mini van holding eachothers hands with vigorous strength. They were planning on sneaking over to David’s house to investigate. As Jessie’s seatbelt clicked and locked in, she pressed her foot carefully on the gas pedal, and set one hand on the suade stearing wheel. She looked into the rear veiw mirror, and they were on their way.

They pulled up into the stone driveway, in which there was no sign of David or his parents. They slowly eased out of the car, and Jessie ran to the doorway. She knelt down, and felt underneath the mat placed infront of the door. Melissa looked at her puzzled, and Jessie pulled out a key and smiled at it, then to Melissa, then at the door. “Incase he lost his key, this is the spare” Jessie said as she slid it into the key slot. She turned it to the right 90 degrees. Melissa appeared behind her, as she rubbed her arms worried, looking back towards the street.

Jessie pressed on the handle and pushed the door open and smiled. “ Apre’s avoir ” Jessie said in French as she guided her hand through the doorway and led it into the house. “You know I don’t pay attention to French class!” Melissa said jokingly. Melissa was the top student in their class. She slowly walked in through the doorway, and looked around. “Nice place” Melissa smiled. “Thanks” said a manly voice behind her. Melissa froze and began shaking as she slowly turned around. Jessie began laughing, curving her finger above her lips, as if to refer to a mustache. “I’m David and I’ve caught you in my house! Oh no! Whatever will you do?” Melissa hit her arm and laughed and looked around the house a bit more, leaning from side to side, to get a veiw without actually moving.

Jessie entered the house, and froze as her eyes widened, hearing a crash from downstairs. She hit Melissa’s arm as she pointed at the carpeted floor, as a faint shreak seemed to echo thru the house, as if from a scared girl who’s mouth was being muffled. Melissa and Jessie ran toward a doorway in the back of the house, guided by the shreaks. Melissa slammed her foot on the floor. “Crap!” She yelled seeing a voice box set where the handle of the door should have been placed. “Hello. Please click your name on the screen” Spoke a very mechanical female voice. Both girls eyes widened. Melissa leaned closer to the screen and read “David. Stephan. Bridget.” She slammed her feet down on the floor again three times. “Crap! Crap! Crap!” Jessie clicked “David” and Melissa hit her arm. “Why” She said looking annoyed. Jessie dialed David’s cell phone number, which she saw set upon the table. Jessie let it go to it’s voicemail, then put her phone on speaker. “Hey it’s David. I can’t get to the phone right now, probably out with my buds! Well I’ll call you back if I ever get the chance!” The box spoke “Access Granted” and the door opened. Jessie and Melissa grabbed eachother’s hands with vigorous strength, even more then they had in the car before they left.

The two both slowly tiptoed down the stairs, afraid of what they were about to witness. The room was dark, and was covered in cobwebs, Melissa gripped Jessie’s arm as she heard a clang from the drumset she had just knocked into. There were cardboard boxes all over, which had seemed full and dented, toppling over eachother. In two separate corners of the dark room, were two girls wrapped in chains, with torn clothing, and tape over their mouths. The girls looked as if they were barely fed. The two girls were also known by the familiar names, of Minerva Margaritz and Wendy Adams.

Melissa and Jessie darted down the creeky wooden staircases and Jessie ran to Wendy, as Melissa ran to Minerva. Jessie smiled and laughed “M and M!” But Melissa only shrugged her off as she pried Minerva free of the chains, and gently eased the thick duct tape off of her mouth. “It isn’t the time for jokes and

you know that Jessica!” She said helping Minerva struggle up onto her feet. “Well gee! I’m sorry Queen Angres!” Jessie said snippingly as she struggled to undo the lock with her nail that had been on Wendy’s chain. She gripped Wendy’s fragile, boney hand and helped her stand up, so the chains would slide off. She grabbed the very tip of the tape, and pulled it off of Wendy’s mouth. “SHHHRRRRTTT!” was followed by a whimper, as Wendy’s cracked lips began to bleed.

All four girls had a weak group hug, as they held hands and walked up the creeky staircase. Minerva and Wendy struggled, as their legs shook at each step they took upwards closer to the door. Jessie pushed on the door, and her eyes widened as if she had just seen a ghost. Melissa let go of both girls hands, as they stumbled backward a stair. She pushed hard against the door, but it didn’t budge. Jessie called David’s phone, in attempt to unlock the door again with his voice, but it didn’t reach his voicemail. Somehow had answered the phone. “Hello” said a male voice.

“Hey” Jessie said slowly. “You sound mighty close, this is David’s father, who might this be” said Stephan. “I’m David’s friend. Im in the basement, left something down here” Jessie said frantically searching her brain for words to say. “Ah, Well David said we are forbidden to go down there, weird how he lets you in and he isn’t even home.” Stephan said pondering what was wrong with the image in his mind. He set David’s cellphone down on the counter, as he approached the doorway cautiously, He clicked his name and tapped his chin, he spoke loudly “I am the chief commander Stephan and I came from the planet of Ukrantisel”. He let out a chuckle as he stroked the stubble on his chin.

At that disturbing moment, Jessie grabbed the door handle and turned it, as Melissa pushed hard on it, they leaned backwards, grabbing Minerva and Wendy’s hands. The door swung open and had smashed right into Stephan, pushing him backwards and knocking him onto the floor. The girls ran to the front of the house and opened the front door, pushing one another towards freedom. They ran towards Jessie’s father’s car and Jessie and Melissa helped Minerva and Wendy climb into the back leather seats. Jessie and Melissa hopped into the hot front seats and smiled widely.

It was quite some time since Minerva or Wendy were in their own homes, but all four girls were starving, and since they were in Jessie’s dad’d car, there were credit cards and dollar bills all over the car, so they gathered some bills, and a credit card that expired the following year, and pulled up to a diner. Minerva and Wendy stumbled out of the car as Melissa went to go make a reservation. They opened up the doors, and felt the cool breeze fill their lungs, as they followed the lady to their table.

Each of the girls piled into the red booths and gazed at the menus longingly. “Your server will be right with you” she said as the bus boy placed pickles, coleslaw and bread sticks on the table infront of them. Minerva and Wendy’s eyes brightened as they slowly reached up and squished the bread between their weak fingertips. “Hi! How are you today? My name is Steph and I will be your waitress this evening. Do you know what you would like to eat or drink or do you girls need some time?” They were all so hungry that they opened up the menu and picked the first thing that made them want to scream.

After twenty minutes of talking about how school has been since they’ve went missing, Steph was back with four steaming hot plates. A 12 ounce steak with a side order of salad for..” She hesitated, and three hugry fingers pointed to Minerva. “A yummy plate of cocunut shrimp and a side order of salad goes to..” She waited for the cold shaking fingers as they pointed to Wendy. “Chicken nuggets and golden french fries?” Jessie raised her hand happily. “And last but not least we have a nice and greasy Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger!” Steph said placing it infront of Melissa. Each girl smiled down at her own dish, and looked up disaprovingly at the dish across from her. “That sure is a lot of calories!” Wendy said glaring at Melissa’s burger. “And that sure is a lot of boring fancy old people food” Melissa said laughing at the limp shrimp on her dish. “That is for little overweight kids Jessie” Minerva said snarling at the chicken nuggets.

“And that’s for overweight grandmother’s!” Jessie replied as she highfived Melissa. “And were paying!” Jessie and Melissa said in unison licking their lips.

Minerva and Wendy replied with a shrug and a meaningless apoligy. Minerva pressed her drenched tongue to the roof of her mouth. The saliva came dripping down as she swallowed it hard, and took a large gulp of water. “Thank you two so much for saving our lifes and then bringing us here to get some cooked food and water into our systems.” Minerva said jamming her fork into the medium-cooked steak. “Yeah same here, really” Wendy said sucking the shirmp out of it’s shell. Jessie and Melissa took a bite, and wiped their hands on their tattered jeans, and nodded their heads. “Don’t worry. It means the world of us to save your lifes, knowing it could have happened to me if Jessie didn’t pick me up from my date after David muttered something about you two and a law suit case” Melissa said swallowing the thick meat. “True” Jessie said sticking a salty french fry in her mouth.

“So, tell us all about your stay at the David Whatever-His-Face Inn!” Melissa said looking at them. The four girls sat their speaking, for just about three hours when Jessie and Melissa’s phone’s began ringing. Melissa hit “Ignore” to the call coming in for her mother as she glanced at Jessie. “David.” Jessie said slowly. She shut off her phone as she got up from the booth and began looking for the waitress. Melissa looked around frantically and waved her hands in a in a ‘Hurry Up’ kind of way, as she swallowed. “He found out you guys are missing! We need to head to the police station and tell your story, and bring you to our house now!” Melissa stood up and grabbed the box from the waitress, dumping her plate into it and handed her $47 and ran to the car. The other 3 did the same, and ran after her, jumping in and just closing the door as Melissa stepped on the gas peg hard.

They pulled up into the parking lot, and darted out of the car and into the station. They looked around the dingy room. Each wall was stacked high with filers, which were filled with paperwork and files of cases they prosumed. They noticed a cop sitting at a desk in the back of the room in a dark blue jacket over his uniform. His hat was on the floor, next to the wheel of the spinning chair he was seated at. The four girls ran toward him. “Sir! Are you aware of the two missing girls from two to three months ago named Minerva Margaritz and Wendy Adams?” Melissa panted, out of breath from hypervenalating on the way there. “Yes I do ma’am, why?” the cop replied turning towards them and picking up his hat, placing it on his curled black hair. “We found them, see?” Jessie pointed to both of the girls, to go along with Melissa’s statement. “Howdy mightey flying do! How’d you make that discovery?” Said the police officer with fake interest hidden in his voice. “Well, after my date with Jake, David showed up and said that he would drive me home, and Jake said it was ok, so David locked me in the backseat, then tied me tightly with rope, and put tape on my mouth. He then carried me into his house and literally threw me into his basement! I saw Wendy and tried screaming for help, but he put more duct tape across my lips and whipped me with a

black suede belt that was on the ledge of a counter. It was pretty worn out. And for the past two months that’s how my life has been. Crucial!” said Minerva. Wendy nodded her head and said in agreement “Same story but for three months”. Another police officer had entered the room at the time and approached the cluster. “Officer Stephanie, what seems to be the problem?” she spoke firmly. “Weve been missing for 3 months and these two kind girls found us and saved us, but our kidnapper knows were gone! He goes to our school, and so do these girls! We don’t know what to do!” Wendy said frantically shaking.

At that very moment, the door creaked open and a shadow appeared standing in the middle. The figure slowly drew closer to them, causing each of the four girls heart’s to begin racing. The cop spun around them and grabbed the figure by it’s shoulders. “Not so fast David.” The cop pulled David past them and walked towards the door where the cells were located. Minerva pushed the officer’s arm of his shoulder and stepped infront of him. “Just let him free, were not holding chargers against a class mate.” As the words came out of her crisp mouth, her parents came barging through the doors of the police . “Oh yes we are!” Officer Stephanie grabbed David, and pulled him to her first destination, to the newest free cell. “Hope you like sweaty, beefy men for six months with peanut butter and jelly!” Wendy called after him sarcastically.

Jake bursted through the door and darted his eyes from face to face, and then smiled at Melissa. She stared at him with a cold hard look in her brown eyes, which had lost their twinkle. “Did you know?” “He told me he sent them away” Jake gave each girl a once-over. “To his basement” Wendy said bitterly. “It’s over. Go rot!” Melissa growled. She then turned around on her heel abruptly and ran towards Jessie’s father car outside. Jessie, Minerva and Wendy followed, crashing elbows into Jake and snarling. He turned around stunned, and ran outside to try and explain to Melissa. “I didn’t know what happened!” he yelled. “I could have been next!” Melissa said angered, as she slammed the front door of the car. The rest of the girls climbed into the back and locked the doors. Minerva’s parents followed out and got in their car slamming the door. Minerva re-opened the door, oulling Wendy with her to her parents car. Jessie climbed out, and went to the passanger seat. “Gas.” She said flatly, as Melissa held up her fist to Jake, letting her middle finger rise alone, and the wheels rolled off. It seems like the Romeo and Juliet image Jake had pictured in his head, wound up with shattered hearts too.

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