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The Truth Behind Adventure Time

by fallenoutofgrace


A/N please ignore any lower case I's. I know they are there. But, sadly auto correct won this battle and I gave up trying to defeat Auto correct. 

We all know the cartoon called Adventure Time. The cartoon about is an American animated television series created by Pendleton Ward for Cartoon Network. The series follows the adventures of Finn (voiced by Jeremy Shada), a human boy, and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake (voiced by John DiMaggio), a dog with magical powers to change shape and grow and shrink at will. Finn and Jake live in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo. Along the way, they interact with the other main characters of the show: Princess Bubblegum (voiced by Hynden Walch), The Ice King (voiced by Tom Kenny), and Marceline the Vampire Queen (voiced by Olivia Olson).(www.wiki.com)

As we know the cartoon is based after a nuclear explosion goes off creating the land of Ooo as you see it today. After watching this series my mind ran rampant with ideas and theories here are these theories and ideas I've been coming up with. 

If you haven't seen the show the opening theme song shows the world after the nuclear war. There you see remnants of the world before. involving a few cassette players, old headphones, and a old walker revealing that most likely the time period was around the time of the cold war ( 1953-1962). During this time of age nations of all sizes but mainly the nations of Russia and The United States of America were in a race to build the first nuclear bombs. What is to be presumed was that the war as a whole then began engaged in war using nuclear warfare to aid them. 

To back up this claim is look at the ice king's kingdom a band of snowy mountains around the boarder of Ooo, the same mountain range located just below Germany and into the Asian boundaries. A military base with armed missiles lies just below this range. This leads to the claim that the world was Waring with one another.  

It always shows that before the ice king was the ice king his name was Samuel who was together with a women called Betty to whom the ice king referred to as  ' his princess'. In the period where his mind is taken that reference of his princess Betty still haunts him as he searches for his lost princess in Ooo. 

Now moving on to Jake the dog as this will retain to the other parts of the world of Ooo. As you all know Jake is a dog with the ability to stretch into any form. But in the cartoon Jake was born from his father with the mix of demon blood. A mutation that caused these physical changes which can lead that the radiation which in our life time has been known to mutate fish and other animals is possible. Jake though, is not the only mutation. All of candy kingdom is including Princess Bubblegum or PB who took on the forms of humans and as the show goes on plays god in creating her kingdom through mutation and radiation. The same that created her.

Now onto Finn,  He is known to be the only human up till the end of season one where he finds more humans hiding underground. In the real world this would be the few that had bunkers to avoid the bombs coming down. And seeming an explosion this colossal the radiation on the surface would be uninhabitable for humans for many years to come. Resulting in generation after generation living in these bunkers or underground. 

Now Finn I refer to differently as an insight on the human mind through the different levels of depression and other emotions. One emotion in particular was the last season where he meets his dead beat father for the first time. Realizing, that his father abandoned him before he was born leaving him to take care of himself. Not only that, but loosing his arm because of his father. Sending him into the spiral tendrils of depression. Now we can inference that the flower is a symbol of himself losing the petals of who he was once before. It is mention a few signs of him losing the battle of his depression and finding no way to conquer it he resorts to crazy situations that may kill him. But as we move on through the stages of his depression we find that he has once resurfaced and once again became a version of his once happy self, yet never returning to his original state. 

Another emotion that is the desire to know the truth as demonstrated by flame princess when she overthrows her dad. Because of this desire for truth it inadvertently destroyed the relationships of Flame princess and Finn as a couple for his lies and still devotion to Princess Bubble gum.

Another emotion is Wrath and hatred shown to you by the lynch the cause of the wars and the in  away creation of Ooo. The lynch symbolizes the negitive aspects of humans that leads us to fight and destroy one another in an almost animistic way. The lynch feeds off the sins growing more and more powerful with each hateful, loathsome blow. But where there is evil and hate there is love and kindness displayed by Finn and Jake as they defeated the lynch stimulating that with love and kindness there is hope for a changed and better world where it is almost like a Utopian. This idea that is demonstrated throughout the series as friendship, working together, and love defeat the monsters that feast on the negatives we as humans all possess.  

Thank you, If you wish to hear more theories on this cartoon or others. Please leave the name of the cartoon. All comments are welcomed and I hope this piece has Blown your mind

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Thu Jan 08, 2015 1:58 pm
Tay01 wrote a review...

Hey, Tay01, Lover and Number 1 Greatest Fan of the old animated film, Finding Nemo. Here with a review about your piece that was suppose to blow my mind, and it did not. I do not feel any explosions or hear any sounds that go "BANG!!!!!!" I did not feel any dust from the explosion. (Laugh out loud) Just kidding, yes, it really shocked me when Jake was from demons. But I believe you could improve your writing in a little way.

Now all you must do is separate your paragraphs even more. That way, people will read your story, thinking it is short as there are so many gaps and spaces, but there are actually a whole lot more than you think. Some people, like me, before we read, we look at how long this writing is and how long it will take us just sitting there.

Well that's it. Great point of the film though. That's it!


fallenoutofgrace says...

What are you talking about? What film?

Tay01 says...


fallenoutofgrace says...

Sorry wasnt useto someone calling a cartoon a film

Tay01 says...

hah. Never mind. You got it.

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Sun Sep 28, 2014 6:12 am
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DreamWork wrote a review...

Hi there, Dream with review!
I love any theory raised where everyone has their own opinion about it. But this time it is based on an animated film/series. You really interest in, or just throwing ideas alone? At the beginning of the first part of your essay, based on the wiki, I think it started off a little stiff. Event was better, you try to write with your own writing style to attract people to read your essay. Or instead if it is known, it does not need to be so detailed.

As we know the cartoon is based after a nuclear explosion goes off creating the land of Ooo as you see it today. After watching this series my mind ran rampant with ideas and theories[.] <New sentence>here are these theories and ideas I've been coming up with.

It is shorter than the other paragraphs. Consider making it balanced. The language used is also a little bewildering me :( Again, it does not provide a proper appeal.
As you all know Jake is a dog with the ability to stretch into...

This verse already mentioned on first paragraph.

Anyway, I really like the paragraphs in which you submit your review or opinions about the characters there. It is really interesting to read :D . Since I have not fully watch the animation, I can only comment on your writing style. But sharing what is implied in a story is an interesting thing to do. It has many elements or symbols to be implied. I like the way you think. It was awesome!
Keep it up ;)

fallenoutofgrace says...

Thanks your thoughts mean a lot :)

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Sun Sep 21, 2014 7:37 pm
Charizard821 wrote a review...

Yes, yes, YES! This is what I like to see! The speculation, the unconfirmed truths and lies. The myths the legends, they're all here! I myself, personally do not watch the show Adventure Time, but I am ALWAYS there when there are conspiracy theories flying around. Despite never seeing the show, I can tell that you know a lot about this, and put a lot of thought into it as well. This is what I look for in writers! The ability to see past the obvious and attempt to unearth some dark secrets that were never to be known by the public! I know it sounds deep for a cartoon, but it's true. You have begun something. A rumour. A theory. And when theories become popular, they ROCK social media everywhere. Keep doing what you're doing. Speculation truly IS something I live and breathe. I hope that the next one you do will involve something I know more about. One example would be the Luigi Suicide Easter Egg Theory from the video game Luigi's Mansion. That one is one of my favourites.

fallenoutofgrace says...

all take look further into it. Thanks :)

Charizard821 says...

You're welcome! And thanks for the follow!

fallenoutofgrace says...

Anytime, working on the Luigi suicide Easter egg right now

Charizard821 says...

NO WAY! That's awesome! Thank you so much!

Charizard821 says...

It might be a little bit much to ask... But could you possibly give me a shout out for thinking of discussing this? If not that's alright. The theory will be enough.

fallenoutofgrace says...

i was already going to do that bro

Charizard821 says...

Wow you're the best! Thanks so much!

fallenoutofgrace says...


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