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Home sweet home (kinda: pt2 Adventures five!

by Sunflowerdemon3712

So before the story starts I will put out a trigger warning for: panic attacks (I'm not sure what other triggers could be here but I do want to put out a warning for panic attacks cause that will be included) also I am not an expert of panic attacks I have had one, I just based it off what my family members/other people on yws/the internet so I am very sorry if I get anything wrong and if I do let me know. 

So don't forget if you comment a quest you would like to see these characters go on please let me know and I will try but until then I will have other stories for them. I suggest you go back and read my last one or this one won't make much sense, and lastly reviews welcome and I hope you have a great day/night! bye! :) 


My chest starts to feel tight and my heart feels like it’s going a mile a minute.

“I-i need to sit,” I mumble and I try to take a step only for my knee to buckle. I catch myself on the counter. Jonathan holds his arm out and he guides me outside and onto a bench. I stumble multiple times before even getting to it and I probably would have fallen on my face if Jonathan hadn’t helped. I sat there thoughts rummaging through my brain, my tried to get my hair out of my face but I couldn't stop my shaking hands. I think maybe people were talking but I couldn’t tell things felt loud, but so quiet. I sat there, my vision getting blurry and dark. I felt like I was gonna pass out or throw up but instead I just sat there all my thoughts of what could happen in one place. It would have been better if I passed out then I wouldn’t have to deal with thoughts just sleep and when I woke up maybe I would be better but instead.

“Jolene,” I hear a voice say calmly. I tried to say something but my tongue felt heavy in my mouth.

After a while of just sitting there and my friends helping me calm down I was finally ready to get up and go back in and talk about the quest.

“I’m very sorry about my um…,” he just shakes his head

“Don’t worry about it, I know this might be a stressful time for you,” he says lowering his voice

“S-so we can take that quest sir,” I say still trying not to trip on my words,

“Okay well that’s good but take you time,” he smiles and I just nod.

“Have great day,” Lena smiles, we all walk out and I start heading fo the ship, I was not staying in this damn place any longer then I ha to.

“Jolene where are you going?” Amir asks, I spin around anger and fear filling me.

“I need to start that quest as soon as possible,” I wanted to leave land and not come back until my brother was back in prison.

“Jolene, we need to take a break,”Morgan insisted, “and so do you,” she explains putting a hand on my shoulder that I quickly shrug off.

“I don’t want to be on land unless I have to, you don’t have to come but I’m leaving.” I explain heading towards the ship but Jonathan steps in front of me

“Jolene your upset I know, but you need to calm down before you make any decisions,” he insists

“I am calm and I want to leave like I said you can stay!” I hiss trying to shove past Jonathan who didn’t budge.

“Jolene, please just take a day and then decide if you want go,” Morgan says softly “we won’t stop you if you do, okay?” Morgan steps in front of Jonathan and forces me to meet her calm but steady eyes, we stare at each other intently for a few second before I sigh.  

“Fine but I swear I’m leaving tomorrow!” I insists and Morgan nods.

“Okay, come on you should go home and get some rest,” I look at her and she bites her lip, she scans my face as if she was reading me like one of her books “you know what why don’t you come stay with me and Eleanor, would that be a better?” she asks, I didn’t really want to go with her I wanted to leave but I sure as hell was not going back to my house, alone and no one around but the people below me.

“Sure that's...fine,” I mumble, she set's another hand on my shoulder and my nerves seem to calm. she probably used magic but at least I felt better.

We say are goodbyes to Amir and Jonathan who left to go back to their house, soon after Lena met up with her boyfriend so it was only me and Morgan left.

“Just a warning Daisy might jump on you,” Morgan warns, I had only met Daisy once but that was months ago and she could fit on your hands then, so I wasn’t sure what she looked like now. 

We walked through town more people eyed me and some apologized, someone even gave me a loaf of bread which was kind but I felt bad taking.

We arrived at Morgan's house which was huge, elves always seem to be completely loaded Morgan's parents were no different, Morgan, George and her sister lived alone but their parents had bought them a huge house with even more land, which Eleanor used for growing vegetables,herbs and a huge garden with a maze of hedges. I wasn't sure how Eleanor did it I assumed a mix of magic and help from George their friend. 

We walk into the house and almost immediately I was knocked to the floor by a shiny light blue and purple dragon the size of a great dane.

“Daisy!” Morgan yells, the dragon steps off of me but she keeps trying to lick my face. I sit up and let out a small laugh, I pat the dragon's head as it runs away bringing me back a huge log. 

Morgan throws the log for the dragon helping me up, just then a girl appears on the stairs. She has long curly white hair, pale almost white eyes and a grin on her face.

“Morgan your home!” she smiles even waider, Morgan rushes over and brings her sister into an embrace.

“Hi Eleanor,” I say waving even though she can’t see it.

“Jolene is that you?” she asks letting go of her sister, Morgan walks with her sister over to me.

“Yep it’s great to see you Eleanor,” I smile and she feels my arm and then brings me into a hug.

“I haven’t seen you in ages what has it been a year? Maybe longer,” she smiles letting go but holding my hands in hers “well no matter it’s been too long nonetheless!” that’s when Morgan frowns.

“Hey where's George?” Morgan asks, she turns around.

“Oh he’s lying down,” she explains.

“Why he’s supposed to be helping you?” Mogan asks.

“Well he said he didn’t feel well so I told him to take a break and that Daisy would just help me, she knows how,” Eleanor insists.

“I know I just worry about you,” Morgan sighs, and just laughs nerves creeping into it.

“I’m your older sister yet you're worrying about me,” she just laughs “Morgan I’ve been dealing with this since I was six I know what I’m doing,” Eleanor laughs and pat’s Morgans shoulder, I didn’t even know Eleanor could ever see but then again I guess you don’t go running around talking about how you lost your sight.

“I know but still I just want you to be safe,” Morgan insists

“Say’s the one who is going on crazy quests!” Eleanor laughs. “Anyway Jolene what are you doing here?” she asks

“I’m um...staying here for a little while,” I explain and she claps.

“Yay now we have enough people to play cards!” Eleanor cheers and I laugh “but why are you staying here?” she asks.

“She just doesn’t feel comfortable going home,” Morgan explains and Eleanor just nods.

“Well me and Daisy can find you a room,” Eleanor says as Daisy runs over to her.

“No, no I’ll find her a room why don’t you go get out cards and some water,” Morgan suggests and Eleanor shrugs.

“Eh okay,” she turns around and walks off.

“Come on,” Morgan waves for me to follow her.

The upstairs was as grand as the down stairs we walked past three rooms before we found one for me it was large with a four poster bed, a bathroom and all that good stuff.

I was getting settled when a door opens up, a boy walks out yawning. Morgan stratins up and stomps out, I peak my head out the door, just enough so they don’t see me.

“Oh hey Morgan I didn’t think you’d be here yet,” he was a handsome, tall with pink fading into purple hair, dark brown eyes and honey colored skin.

“Yeah I bet you didn’t!” Morgan fumes folding her arms.

“What’s got your ears in a twist?” he asks rubbing his eyes.

“You just fell asleep and let my sister wander around,” she huffs

“Well she said she’d be fine and told me to trust her, is she not okay?” he asks fear flaming in his eyes.

“She’s fine but what if she wasn’t, George I just am worried for her you know,” he shakes his head “I understand, but really Morgan she’s been blind for pretty much her whole life she knows what she’s doing,” Morgan sighs and shakes her head.

“I know,” I then stepped out into the hall cause Morgan seemed to be a bit more calm.

“Oh hey Jolene,” George’s eyes light up when I walk out.

“Hello George,” I had only met George a couple times before now he was friends with Eleanor and Morgan but other than that I didn’t really know him.

“So how are you?” he asks leaning against the door frame.

“I’m okay how are you?” I ask, looking around at the beautiful paintings that were on every wall of this house.

“I’m doing well. It's great to see you, I know we’ve never really met formally but Morgan has told me about you,” he explains with a smile.

“Oh well that’s kind of her,” I met his eyes and he was looking at my wings, I stretched them out ever so slightly as to not knock anything over.

“Staring much,”Morgan notes as she swings into my room with a small box. He goes bright pink and I just laugh.

“Sorry I didn’,” he stutters, I just shrug and smirk

“Eh it’s fine I’m used to it,” there weren’t many people with wings like more around here, or anywhere really so people usually stared.

“Your wings are really cool,” he note’s.

“Thank you,” I mumble.

“So do they actually work or?” I nod and he smiles.

“Yep I can fly and all that,” I explain a smile tugging at my lips.

“Could you show me?” he asks, everyone always wanted to see whether it be because they don’t believe me or because they just thought it would look cool.

“Maybe later,” I say and he smiles.

“You know you're really pretty,” he says pink in his cheeks.

“Oh uh thank you,” I don’t meet his eyes. We make small conversation for a little while before Morgan comes back and leads us down stairs, we walk through a couple hallways before we come up to a huge sitting room. Eleanor was sitting on one of the three couches surrounding a huge fireplace that was lit and warming the room.

“I’ve set up the cards for everyone,” she says waving us over. I take a seat next to her and pick up my cards.

“Wait Eleanor how do you know which cards are which?” I ask turning to her

“Well see Morgan made them in braille the numbers and shapes have the little dot's so I can feel it,” I examined my cards and it did have a small dots with the numbers.

We play a couple games of cards before there’s a knock on the door,

“Gimme a minute probably just post,” Morgan says, walking away. I started fiddling with my hair. The silence was too awkward and I didn’t feel like the one to break it.

“Your hairs pretty Jolene,” George smiles.

“Your’s is really cool too, is it your natural color?” I ask and he nods.

“Well not the purple but the pink yes,” he explains picking at the tips.

“What color is your hair Jolene?” she asks,

“Um I have auburn or I guess red hair,” I explain and she nods.

“When I was I think four my mom was trying to make her hair blue but she did the spell wrong and she ended up with auburn hair,” Eleanor giggles “I think it looked pretty but she did ended up making it a blue purple color,” she explains with a smile.

“So Eleanor, if it’s not too upsetting how did you lose your sight?” I ask and she just waves her hand

“It doesn’t bother me at all,” she just smile and turns to me “when I was five I got pretty sick I had bad headaches and pain in my eyes and soon enough about a year later when we thought I was getting better I lost my sight, I’m not sick anymore thankfully but as you can tell I never got my sight back,” she explains with a small sigh “my parents have searched high and low for things to help but nothing, now I’m used to it and I think I’m doing pretty well,” she smiles and I nod “although I do miss getting to see people, I think they were to most interesting looking along with flowers each one different and unique,” she smiles dreamily.

“I’m sorry Eleanor,” she just shakes her head.

“Don’t be sorry I’m living a good life and I still have music and great people around me,” she smiles and pat’s my arm, just then Morgan walks in holding some letters and the news paper.

“Just some advertising, a letter from victoria and her husband and then the paper,”Morgan throws the advertising into the fire and sets the other two onto the table making her cards fly everywhere. I don’t dare glance at the news paper knowing what could be the front page story.

Morgan leave to apparently go read the letter from Victoria (who is her younger sister) but she doesn’t come back.

“Jolene how was the last adventure Morgan told me that you had to sail past two siren dens,” Eleanor says as she cleans up the cards.

“Yeah we had to go past another one coming home,”I say as I hand her the ones from the ground.

“Dang that must be horrifying,” George laughs handing me his cards (he had a whole stack he wasn’t very good at the game).

“Eh not really I’ve sailed past them a bunch of times,” I shrug and he raises his eyebrows

“How I thought you had to like tie yourself up or something?” he says turning to me and I just laugh.

“Nope sirens don’t work on me,” I shrug, and he looks at me funny.

“What, why?” George asks

“Just a thing with my family,”


We spent the rest of the day gardening, talking and we had dinner. outside on their balcony. By the time it was time to go to sleep I was feeling better and my head was more clear.

Morgan knocked and walked into my room.

“Hey Jolene,” she says walking over and setting some clothes on my bed “how are you feeling?” she asks, I sigh and turn around. She was standing there smiling softly.

“I’ll admit I was being stupid," I take a deep breath "and I need a break, I'll take a week or two,” she nods and walks over to me. I tie off my braid and she brings me into a hug. “I’m sorry about yelling at you earlier,” I say as I let go of her.

“It’s okay I know you were just panicked,” Morgan gives a small smile, and I nod.

“Thank you Morgan, for letting me stay here and the clothes and you know everything, I really appreciate it,” I say and she nods

“It’s no problem you can stay for as long as you like, and we can go pick up stuff from your house tomorrow if you want” she smiles and I do too, I nod and she grins “then I’ll see you tomorrow morning,” she gives me one last hug before walking out closing the door behind her.

I sit down on my bed, the sheets were velvet they felt cold against my skin which was warm despite the cold weather, I slip into bed and it almost felt like slipping into water. But despite the sheets I couldn’t get comfortable, I tossed and turned for an hour maybe longer before throwing the sheets off.

I stand up and crack my neck trying to get rid of the stiffness that had built already. I tip toe out my door quietly, I planned to walk the house either till morning comes or I get tired. I shut my door and before I even make it to the stairs I hear a door creak open, I turn around and George walked out rubbing his eyes.

“Jolene what are you doing up?” he asks, and I shrug not really sure what to tell him.

“Couldn't sleep,” He nods and looks me up and down as if he would learn my life story from doing so.

“You wanna go for a walk?” I kinda wanted to go alone but I didn’t want to seem rude so just I nod.

We wander the house going down its beautiful corridors each with painting and windows with splendid curtains and flowers.

“Hey do you want to see really pretty view?” he asks halfway down yet another hall.

“Of course,” I was always up for small adventures they just always gave me little burst of adrenaline.

He then leads me down another hallway and there's a small trap door, he climbs through it me after him and we arrive on the roof.

He smiles and holds his hand out and I take it, he leads me to another part of the roof it over looks the mountains and the stars seemed to shine extra bright just for this view.

“This is beautiful George,” I smile and look behind me where he stood

“Not as beautiful as you though,” he smiles but my heart rate picks up and nerves creep into me like something had crawled into my head to make me worry.

“Hey you said you wanted to see me fly right?” I ask trying to change the subject.

“Yeah that would be quite amazing,” I nod and walk over to the edge of the roof. I stretch my wings out to their full length and I hear a small yelp. I then leap off I hear a yell just before I catch myself and shoot up and George gasps.

“Wow your wings are amazing!” he walks closer to the edge

“Yeah, I love them a lot,” 

I laugh and shoot up in the air again doing a flip on my way up. The wind whips my face and the small lose hair fly in front of me but I couldn’t care because flying just felt so good. I fly back down closer to George and he just laughs

“That is amazing I’ve never seen wings like yours!” I just shrug and land next to him stretching my wings a bit more before flapping enough to hover.

“Yeah not a lot of people like me anymore,” I explain and he nods.

We talk for little longer  George was super nice and it turns out he liked astrology so he talked to me about constellations and signs. He also worked at the town pub so he's met some interesting people

“And so then I was finally like back off dude I've had the book for a month,”

I bust out laughing George was telling me a story about encounters he’s had with customers and some of them are so ridiculous but with the amount of people I’ve dealt with I can believe it.

“Oh I can’t!” I laughs and he just smiles. A few seconds of silence pass between us before George breaks it

“Jolene,” I turn to him and he has a strange look on his face “would you want to continue tonight in my room?” he asks with a smirk, my heart sinks and to think I thought this was going well.

“Um...sorry George but I’m gonna have to say no to that offer,” I look over at him again and his eyebrows are raised

“Why, I thought we were getting on great,” he insists and I just shake my head

“No we are but-,” I take a deep breath to stop from letting out a laugh “George I’m asexual,” I stare at him as his face contorts into confusion and then shock.

“Wait, you... your? Are you sure?” he asks and I just roll my eyes, why was this everyone’s initial reaction?

“Yes George am now and I have been for all the twenty four of my life,” I sigh and his face just falls

“Oh okay,” he sighs and we sit in silence

“We can still be friends you know, just because we wouldn't work out ike that doesn't mean we have to stop talking,” I say with a smile, he just shrugs. 

I had kinda expected her would take it better but I guess I was wrong.

We walk back to are rooms neither of us saying anything, he says goodnight before disappearing into his room but it was so empty I was surprised he even said anything. Thankfully now I was tired so I drift off into a peaceful sleep.

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6 Reviews

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Fri Apr 09, 2021 3:42 pm
Nicole136 wrote a review...

Hey, Nicole here for a quick review. First of all I want to say that I really liked the premise, the plot was good, the flow was nice, And I think it could be a great book.But I did notice a few grammar mistakes. Near the beginning, you said ''my tried to get my hair out of my face but I couldn't stop my shaking hand. '' you might want to say, I tried to get my hair out of my face.
And close to there you. Said ''I think maybe people were talking but I couldn’t tell things felt loud but so quiet.'' You may want to put a comma between ''I couldn't tell'' and. Things felt loud. Also much later on you said ''Oh I can’t!” I laughs and he just smiles. '' . you may want to take off the s in laughs. And you may be a little long for a short story you may want to turn it into a book .But don't worry these are just small typos. Like I said I still really enjoyed this book
Keep up the good work!

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6 Reviews

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Reviews: 6

Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:35 pm
TrulyDeviousAngel wrote a review...

Hey there, Angel here for a quick review,

Honestly, I loved this story! The only complaint that I really have is that it is a little too long for a short story, but other than that, I think it is amazing! Might I suggest moving this to Novels/Books? Since, from what I see, there is more than one part, and it would work great as a short book! As a separate short story, it's long... Anyway, that's really all I gotta say about this! It's really good!

Thank you for having such an amazing story for me to read and have a great day,


Oh okay your right, thank you for the advice!

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